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81959924 AutoCAD VBA Programming Tools and Techniques

81959924 AutoCAD VBA Programming Tools and Techniques

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It is time to give our form a name and a better title. We can do that by changing the properties of the form object.

To view the properties, if they are not already visible on the screen, select anywhere on the form (grid or title bar), then
press the right mouse button. The Properties window option is in the list. Select on the formnot on the
CommandButtonto make sure the properties showing are for the UserForm as in figure 2.7.

In the Properties window, select the (name) property at the start of the list.

Type in the name, ''BlockCount." This is now the name of the form object.

Select the Caption property.

Type in the new caption, "Block Counter."

Figure 2.7
Properties for UserForm

Add a List Box Control

The form for the application we are building requires one more control to be inserteda list box. A list box is a control in
which we can insert a list of text that will be displayed on the screen. List boxes have some interesting properties that
we will explore later in Chapter 12. They are worth investigating with some additional experiments on your own, too.

Select the ListBox icon from the control toolbox as in figure 2.8.

Show a point by locating the upper left corner. You can resize the list box as needed to match the needs of the

Figure 2.8
Selecting a list box control

You can manipulate both control objects in the form using the pointing device. By picking the object (with a single
click), you can

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