Amuleto para proteger contra daños.

Para hacer un amulet de protección, usa una pieza de joyería que te haya dado una persona amada. Apriétala con tu palma y concentrate en ella hasta que sientes un cosquilleo. Conforme las pequeña vibraciones vayan creciendo, visualiza una luz blanca azulada emergiendo del éter. En el centro del brillo, visualiza El Ojo de Horus egipcio. Encantamiento: “Peligro a la vista, que el amor permanezca, así sea” Repite esto una y otra y otra vez hasta que sepas que tu amuleto te advertirá, con un leve cosquilleo, cuando necesites estar alerta.

Love Amulet If you need a good general amulet for attracting love, try this simple spell.

Take a lavender-colored candle, and a piece of rose or plain quartz. Light the candle and sit quietly meditating on the flame. Visualize your heart glowing with a pink light, and let the energy fill your chest cavity. Think of the flame as a representation of your love energy and let it fill the room with your glow. When you feel ready, quickly pass the quartz through the flame three times. Be careful not to burn yourself. Place the quartz in your pocket or purse as an amulet for good luck in attracting love. ~ by Chandra Beal ~

Acorn Protection Chant/TalismanThe acorn especially is well suited for magicks of protection. Obtain an acorn or two (pine cones can substitute in a pinch, be sure though to alter the spell accordingly) and say: "Acorn true, acorn seed Hush and listen to my need: Protection from all harm I ask Fail me not in this task." Bless Acorn and empower as per usual method; Carry acorn in your pocket or purse.

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