Microelectronic Devices

Background • Basic Electronics • VLSI • Field Effect Transistor design • Semiconductors .

VLSI design. crystal Defects 2. Electrical Characterization 7. Oxidation 5. Other devices 9. process. Thin Film 4. Si-wafer growth. MBE growth. BJT) 8. Dopant Diffusion 6.Major Course Contents 1. Crystal. CVD process (CVD. Future Devices and Applications 10. issues and roadmaps . MOCVD) 3. Device design and Fabrication ( MOSFET.

AlN. Mitra Dutta 6. 4. Potential Device Applications and Basic Properties. SiC. Ben G. Sze and Kwok K. BN. 3. InN. Streetman and Sanjay Banerjee Physics of Semiconductor Devices. Silicon VLSI Technology Fundamentals. James D. Delivered notes/ Presentations . Simon M.Recommended Books 1. 2. Practice. 5. SiGe). Michael E Levinshtein Advanced Semiconductor Heterostructures: Novel Devices. Palumar Solid State Electronic Devices. Ng Properties of Advanced Semiconductor Materials (GaN. Michael A Stroscio. and Modeling.

Course Schedule  1 Credit hour/week (3 hour lecture per week)  1-2 Design and simulation Lab  2-3 Assignments (internal session)  1 Oral during session  Final written exam (internal session) .

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