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October 2012 Newsletter Blog Edition

October 2012 Newsletter Blog Edition

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Published by GCDApainters
November 2012 Newsletter published monthly by Greater Cincinnati Decorative Artists or GCDA, a chapter member of the national organization, Society of Decorative Painters or SDP.
November 2012 Newsletter published monthly by Greater Cincinnati Decorative Artists or GCDA, a chapter member of the national organization, Society of Decorative Painters or SDP.

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Published by: GCDApainters on Nov 02, 2012
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Greater Cincinnati Decorative Artists


Palette Chatter
October 2012


Happy fall everyone! I have said it before, but my, how this year has flown by. I would like to start off by publically thanking Sandie Tieman and Pat Hull for a fabulous Painting Workshop. It was a fun and relaxing time and we have already received positive feedback. Perhaps we can find a way to make this a money maker for the club. At the September meeting, we brainstormed about several things, including ways to save money. First of all, let me give my definition of brainstorming: brainstorming is putting together ideas. I may be wrong, but it seemed that some actually thought we had already made decisions, and that is not the case. The one thing that everyone seemed to agree on is that we continue to not have a meeting in April and then not have one in August. More information to come later. Please feel free to contact me (or any of the board members) with any ideas or concerns you may have. Happy Painting, Stephanie Hauser

President: Susan Parrett

VP Membership: Linda Kohler Treasurer: Peggy Jessee

Nominating Committee:
3 people will be nominated from the floor. 1 will be assigned by the President. 1 current member will remain.

Painting by Stephanie Hauser

October 14th meeting: Final day to bring NEW art supplies for Children’s Hospital.

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View our web site at


GCDA Monthly Project November 11, 2012
“Sandie’s Christmas Ornament Box”
Class will begin at 1:00 after the GCDA meeting.

TEACHER: Sandie Tieman MEDIUM/SURFACE: Acrylic on Paper Mache Box COST: $10.00 DEADLINE to register: October 2nd CLASS LIMITED to 20 participants. TEACHER WILL PROVIDE: 8” X 8” Paper Mache Box, Instructions, Pattern, Picture, Star Stencil STUDENT TO BRING: Basic painting supplies for acrylics, Old toothbrush or spattering tool, Assorted flats or angular brushes, Good liner brush, 1/2” or 1/4” rake brush, Fine point permanent black marker. ___________________________________________________________________________ Registration Form for Sandie Tieman’s November 11, 2012 Class Cost: $10.00 Name______________________________________ GCDA Member: Y___ No___ Phone ___________________________ Email________________________________ Check payable to GCDA: CK # _____ for $____ , or Cash $____ Pd on______ Mail (or give) registration form with payment to: Sandie Tieman, 687 Candleridge Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45233 Email: stieman28@gmail.com Phone: 513-941-2011


Painting is a Picnic!
The retreat committee has received some great projects for consideration. We have chosen a fantastic and varied selection to offer for our 2013 retreat. Something for everyone! Come to see the actual projects (always better than pictures) and make your selection at the Retreat Preview on Sunday October 28, 12-3pm at Mercy Health West Park. Great refreshments will be served.

More fun, more delicious food, more friends (old and new), better painting skills! Mark your calendar for April 19, 20, 21, 2013.

Sandie Tieman, VP Programs
Hi Ladies, As I write this, I can't believe it is the end of September already. It seems that once October begins, so does all the holiday madness and I'm just not ready for that yet. I am, however, ready for some beautiful fall weather after the summer we had! On Saturday, Sept. 22nd, we had our workshop that proved to be a great success and tons of fun for everyone. I'm hoping we have gained a few new members and that we might just see them at our October meeting. I want to thank Stephanie and Pat for all of their help with this event. I absolutely could not have done everything by myself. Our Chapter is very fortunate to have these two kind and generous ladies. Thanks Steph and Pat for all you do! Here is our program agenda for the remainder of 2012: OCTOBER 14: SERVICE PROJECT Final day to bring NEW art supplies for Children’s Hospital OCTOBER 28: GCDA RETREAT PREVIEW PARTY, 12pm to 3pm (pages 3 & 4) NOVEMBER 11: CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT BOX TAUGHT BY YOURS TRULY (page 2) NOVEMBER 12: SERVICE PROJECT, MATTHEW 25 MINISTRIES 10:00am to-1:00pm DECEMBER 9: CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR GCDA MEMBERS

We are working on a new schedule for next year and will pass on the information to you in the near future. As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments regarding programs. See you in October!

Gallery of art work created at the first GCDA Painting Party Workshop! Some class participants left before this picture was taken.

GREATER CINCINNATI DECORATIVE ARTISTS CHAPTER MEETING –SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 President: Stephanie Hauser called the meeting to order at 12:07 pm. Secretary: There were no corrections to the July minutes. Ann Dick made a motion to accept, and Sherida England seconded. Treasurer: The Treasurer’s report was accepted as written, and will be published in the newsletter. VP Programs: Sandie Tieman reported that Jo Ann Heurich was teaching a Shrinky Dink Fall bracelet after today’s meeting. 18 people are staying. The September Learn to Paint workshop will be held on 9/22 from 9:30 – 2:30. 27 members and guests are signed up and it will be held in the downstairs room because a larger space was needed. A potluck lunch will be served, and a signup sheet was passed around to members for this. October is the service project meeting. Sandie will be teaching a Christmas ornament box in November, and the deadline to sign up is October 2. VP Membership: Melanie Wilmhoff was absent today. There was a reminder that it is time to renew dues/ membership. National dues can be done online. GCDA dues can be mailed to Melanie, or given to her at the October or November meeting. We had 2 guests in attendance today: Cindy, who is Carol Arend’s daughter, and Mary Lou, who came on her own. Ways & Means: Sherida England showed the raffle prizes for today and passed the basket around. Newsletter: Pat Hull was absent. Website: Melanie Wilmhoff was absent. Publicity: Pat Hull was absent. Service: Peggy Hermes reported that she painted a tree mural on a wall at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. She had asked for members to help her do an art project with them, and even though no one in our group volunteered to help out, she went by herself and helped the residents decorate around the mural that she had painted. She also reported that many members have already donated art supplies to our October service project for Children’s Hospital, and they will continue to be collected through the next meeting. Our chapter will be volunteering at Matthew 25 Ministries on Monday, November 12, from 10:00-1:00, and a signup sheet was passed around. 2013 Retreat Chair: Jo Ann Heurich reminded members that the preview party will be on October 28, from 12-3 at West Park. Christmas Raffle: Jo Sharpshair reminded everyone to turn in their 6 ornaments. There is an oval box that is an incentive prize. Members need to help sell tickets for the raffle as this is a moneymaker for our chapter. Each of the 6 prizes that will be raffled off includes an assortment of hand painted ornaments and a tray. Christmas Party Chair: No report at this time. Nominating Committee Chair: No report today Hospitality: Thanks to all who brought food today. The signup sheet for the October meeting was passed around. Sunshine: No report at this time. Historian: No report at this time. Old Business: Alice Goldfuss reported that the bus trip to HOOT on August 16 was very good. There were 29 people who went. The cost to our chapter was $150. New Business: Stephanie asked the members to think about a new way of organizing our chapter meetings. We are required by National to conduct 6 business meetings a year. If we did that, then sometimes on Sunday, we could just paint the whole time the room is rented which is 10:00 to 3:30, but not hold a meeting. We would still have short classes on the days we have the 6 business meetings. We would then be able to have 3 or 4 longer hour classes on the Sundays when we wouldn’t have a business meeting. We would still have the Christmas party, but no meeting in April or August. Stephanie will check into the details before the next meeting. Show & Tell: The items for show and tell were shown. Ways & Means Raffle: Winners of today’s raffle prizes include Linda Kohler, Ann Dick and Jan Bowen Name Tag Drawing: The winner was Mary Ann Slizewski, who received $5, Mary Ann Slizewski made a motion to adjourn and Peggy Hermes seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 12:38 PM. Respectfully submitted, Linda Kohler GCDA Secretary

GCDA Treasurer’s Report for 8/31/12 Jean Sanning, Treasurer
BEGINNING BALANCE…………………..3,358.15 RECEIPTS: Bus Trip ……………………………………….299.00 TOTAL RECEIPTS .…………………………299.00 DISBURSEMENTS Newsletter ……………………………………...10.85 Bus Trip ………………………………………..35.82 Bank Charge ………………………………….....4.00 TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS …………...……..50.67 ENDING BALANCE………………….…....3,606.48 ____________________________________________ SAVINGS ACCOUNT BEGINNING BALANCE………………......9,521.67 Interest thru 8/31/12 ..………………................. 0.40 ENDING BALANCE ………….….……… 9,522.07 Respectfully submitted, Jean Sanning, Treasurer


Jo Sharpshair
October is the last month to receive tickets for the 2 incentive prizes for turning your ornaments in early. One of the prizes is one of the beautiful trays and the other is a painted bentwood box. Please bring your ornaments in – we have ornaments from 16 members and baskets/incentive from 5 members. We will accept ornaments/ baskets in November, but you will not get a chance to win the incentive prizes; however, you will still get credit toward your member in good standing status. Painting 6 ornaments (or a basket/incentive prize in place of ornaments) is one of the requirements for being a member in good standing. As a member in good standing, you will receive 2$15 vouchers good for seminars plus a $15 discount on your retreat package. It is also important to sell the raffle tickets as well. We have raffle tickets available to buy or sell at all meetings or you can call or e-mail me to have them sent if you won’t be at the meeting. There will be a prize for the person selling the most tickets. This is one of our two main fundraisers, so please join in. Remember the ornaments must be painted by you. Please sign and date ornaments. You may turn in ornaments to me or Sherida at any meeting. Jo Sharpshair josharpshair@zoomtown.com

Theresa Morris 10/2 Jean Dettenwanger 10/3 Jean Sanning 10/5 Judy Wolf 10/6

GCDA Service Project Volunteer service day at Matthew 25
Monday, November 12, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. More details will be forthcoming.
Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization helping the poorest of the poor locally, regionally, nationally and internationally regardless of race, creed or political persuasion. By rescuing and reusing products from major corporations and manufacturers, Matthew 25: Ministries provides basic necessities, nutritional supplements, educational materials, micro-enterprise supplies and disaster relief across the US and worldwide. Visit the website at www.m25m.org.

Daisy Masminster 10/7 Sue Freeland 10/9 Ruth Hautman 10/10 Teri Hostettler 10/10 Suzanne Ward 10/23 Suzanne Fairbanks 10/29

News from SDP
Over the last several months, we have been developing a student membership. Student members will receive the magazine online, won't be able to vote, but can join chapters and enjoy all the other benefits of membership. We want this to go even beyond chapters and we want them to be full members of SDP so we can't do it for free, but we will be dropping membership dues, likely to $25. Information on this program will be published in the next issue of The Decorative Painter, and will be voted on at the 2013 Annual Meeting during the Conference in St. Charles. Interestingly, we found during our research for the project that SDP used to have a student membership. The program lasted from 1972 (the inception) to 1995–almost perfectly aligned with the entire growth period of SDP. We do believe that this will bring in new younger members and revitalize the organization. If you have any suggestions or questions about the student membership, please do feel free to get in touch. Thank you, Matthew Clagg Marketing & Communications Coordinator (316) 269-9300 x115


President: Past President: VP of Programs: 2nd VP/Membership: Secretary: Treasurer: Stephanie Hauser Jan Bowen Sandie Tieman Melanie Wilmhoff Linda Kohler Jean Sanning

Ways & Means: Retreat Chair 2013: Blog: Publicity & Newsletter Ed. Service: Sherida England Jo Ann Heurich Pat Hull, gcdapainters.org Pat Hull Peggy Hermes

Hospitality Joan Bruce, Sherida England, and Peggy Faris Christmas Party Chair 2012 Susan Parrett Sunshine Mary Galioto Historian Susan Parrett Greeter Mary Galioto Show & Tell Suzanne Fairbanks Nominating Chair Judy Helmes Facebook Page Admin. Pat Hull, facebook.com/GreaterCincinnatiDecorativeArtists

Jan Bowen, 513-521-0249
Springfield Township area, Ohio. Call for address. Website: www.janbowendesigns.com Ongoing acrylic classes, Beginner thru Advanced Tues. 6:30 pm to-10 pm, Cost $12.00 Wed. 11 am to 3 pm. Pack lunch. Cost $12.00. Thurs. days or evenings: Available for one-day or short term classes to finish any acrylic projects you need help with. Call if any questions. Pack lunch.

Eileen Hanlon 513-791-8424
Newtown area, Ohio. Call for address. Oil, all levels Mondays 11:00 am to 2:00 pm $85.00 for 6 weeks of classes

Emily Stamm 859-816-4270
Ft. Wright area, KY. Call for address. Acrylics, Beginner & Intermediate Call for class information.

Anne Dick 513-941-0760
Delhi area, Ohio. Call for address. Ongoing Acrylic classes: From Beginner to Advanced levels Held at Hobby Lobby Western Hills on Mon. 5:30-to 8 pm and Thurs. 10 am to 1 pm. Held at my home on Rapid Run: Tues. 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. and Wed 7 pm to 10 pm

Peggy Jessee 513-310-4797
Amelia area, Ohio. Call for address. Oils, acrylics, pen & ink on canvas, wood, fabric etc.. Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced levels. Open workshops at student’s pace on projects of their choice. Held on Tues. & Thurs. 9 to 12pm & 6 to 9:30pm. Additional classes as scheduled.

Face Painting for events Calligraphy Services
Theresa Morris
513-702-0346 to schedule Email: theresa@theresastouch.com THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION:
National Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) Website: www.decorativepainters.org AREA SDP-AFFILIATED CHAPTERS: HOOT (Heart of Ohio Tole) Website: www.heartofohiotole.org Diane Eyestone, 614-443-6046 DAGSO (Decorative Artist Guild of SW OH) Dayton Website http://paintindayton.com Cindy Sayeedi, 937-830-3786 TPWR (Tole Painters of the Western Reserve) Wadsworth, OH Kristine Sadlo, ksadlo@cox.net RFDA (Rocky Fork Decorative Artists) Hillsboro, OH Mary Fettro, 937-763-8054 Greater Cincinnati Decorative Artists Chapter gives notice that paints, finishes and solvents will be used during meetings, seminars and conventions. Each participant is responsible for assessing their own potential risk of exposure to these products and their components before electing to participate in any event. Greater Cincinnati Decorative Artists Chapter, its teachers and agents assume no liability for the participant’s use of or exposure to these paints, finishes or solvents; the same being specifically assumed by the participant. Kentuckiana Decorative Artists, Louisville, KY Deborah McQueary, mcq48@yahoo.com Bluegrass Tolers, Versailles, KY Diane McCamish, 270-862-9674 Website: www.bluegrasstolers.com Lake Cumberland Dec. Artists, Somerset, KY Janie Kidd: kiddlola@aol.com Indy Decorative Artists, Indianapolis, IN Frances Bradley, 765-566-3991 Signpost, Wooster, OH Arlene Turney, 330-683-8448

Visit GCDA on Facebook at Facebook.com/GreaterCincinnatiDecorativeArtists And for lots more information, go to


Palette Chatter
Pat Hull, Editor 3447 Cherry Hill Dr. Fairfield, OH 45014

Visit us on Facebook & our Web site!
facebook.com/GreaterCincinnatiDecorativeArtists www.gcdapainters.com

The holiday spirit begins with these great shows! Look for our GCDA member vendors! Mark your calendars!
Lakota West HS Arts & Craft Show, Sat., Oct. 6, 10 to 4; Sun. Oct. 7, 11 to 4, 8940 Union Centre Blvd, West Chester, OH 45069 Hyde Park Square Art Show, Sun., Oct. 7, 10 to 5, Erie at Edwards Rd., Cincinnati 6th Annual Sayler Park Harvest Festival, Oct. 13, 10 to 4, Sayler Park Town Square, Gracely Dr. House of Santa Mouse, Paid admission with wine and food on Thurs., Oct 18, 4 to 9; Free on Fri. Oct. 19, 10 to 9; Sat. Oct. 20, 10 to 3. St. John Newman Church, 12191 Mill Road Cincinnati, 45240 GCDA Retreat Preview Party, Sun., Oct 28, 12 to 3, Mercy Health West Park, West Park Dr., Cincinnati, 45238 Keepsake Christmas Craft Show, Fri., Nov.2, 10 to 9; Sat. Nov. 3, 10 to 5; Sun., Nov. 4, 12 to 5 Edgewood Senior Center, 550 Freedom Park Dr., Edgewood, KY Lakota East HS Craft Show, Sat. Nov. 10, 9 to 5, and Sun., Nov. 11, 12 to 5, 6840 Lakota Lane Liberty Township, OH 45044 Ryle HS Craft Show, Fri. Nov. 16, 7 pm to 10 pm - ($8.00 pre-purchased tickets); Sat., Nov. 17, 9 to 4, ($3.00 admission) 10379 US 42, Union, KY 41091

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