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Hagerman Family Newsletter from Paraguay, Nov '12

Hagerman Family Newsletter from Paraguay, Nov '12

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Published by Ken and Christie
The Nov 2012, newsletter for the Hagerman Family, missionaries in the country of Paraguay.
The Nov 2012, newsletter for the Hagerman Family, missionaries in the country of Paraguay.

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Published by: Ken and Christie on Nov 02, 2012
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The Hagermans 

November, 2012

                                  Ken, Christie,Camille, & Caroline               Encarnación, Paraguay 

**We dedicate this newsletter to the memory of our precious prayer partner, Dan Luff. He consistently contacted us through email to ask about our specific needs, and to remind us he was taking them to the throne. We take comfort in imagining him rejoicing with the Savior he adored and served faithfully, and we know that he is receiving a reward for the important part he played in mission work around the world.

A Stormy Spring!

Greetings from Paraguay, where we are  having  tons  of  springtime  storms  and  lots of excitement.       A couple of weeks ago, hurricane‐force  winds blew through, bringing down signs  and  trees  and  houses,  leaving  several  dead,  many  injured,  and  thousands  of  homes across Paraguay destroyed.        Strong  electrical  storms  have  contin‐ ued  throughout  October,  and  the  locals  tell  us  they  don’t  remember  a  time  when  there  have  been  so  many  fierce  storms, so close together.     Many  here  ask  us  about  Hurricane  Sandy, and they  tell us  they are praying  for those affected by this massive storm.  
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  We  have  been  meeting  more  and  more  young  people  around  town,  and  we  are  thrilled when they drop by the house  (see  picture below, center).      Because of all the rain, everyone seems to  be  very  active  on  the  few  dry  days  falling  between  the  storms.  We’ve  tried  to  take  advantage  of  this  by  being  at  the  plaza  or  the  other  hang‐out  places,  in  order  to  meet  new  teens  or  touch  base  with  those  we’ve begun to get to know.       We are finally getting to the point where  we  are  recognized  when  we  walk  down‐ town,  greeting  and  being  greeted.  It’s  amazing to watch  God open doors to new  relationships and conversations about Him.   
Th e Frisb e make e is a gre at new frien way to ds!

We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us. 1 Thess 2:8
Prayer Focus:
 Guidance in where to focus our ministry efforts in this new city, and that God goes before us preparing hearts.  Healing and pain relief in Christie’s leg and hand.  Good friends for the girls, and strategic contacts for us all.  Financial provision for expenses in this area with a substantially higher cost-ofliving.  God’s intervention in continuing legal battles and paperwork issues.

I can’t share pictures with you from the local prison, but I’ve been going there weekly to meet with a group of young people. There are currently 29 teenagers being held in one section of this prison, and between 5-20 of them meet with a group of us who show up each Friday, for songs, a Bible lesson, and a time of sharing. A door has recently opened for me to go one extra day per week to further disciple those who have made a decision to follow the Lord. I will accompany a music teacher, and after the time set aside for my “spiritual teaching,” she will work with them in whatever instruments we are able to provide for their use. We’re now taking some classes to better equip ourselves to minister to these precious young people who are at a key turning point in their lives. They are very receptive to the Gospel and excited about the next phase of ministry, which should begin with the new school year, in February.

Ita Paso school / soup kitchen

One weekend in October, we had 13 visitors, including a few family members from the US and a couple of guys from our last town, Itaugua. The rains held off long enough for us to walk down to the river and enjoy the cool breezes, but in the fun, I fell and injured my thumb. X-rays and other tests showed that the ligament that holds the base of my thumb in joint with the bone at my wrist, broke in two. A specialist was called in to consult, and I was told that the only way to repair this ligament would be to operate and sew it back together. I called a trusted doctor in the capital for a third opinion, and we all agreed the best place for this was the capital city, Asuncion. 8 hours of driving, 3 doctors, blood work, and several x-rays later, no one could agree on the best course of action. Finally, the doctor we originally called suggested we put my hand and wrist in a cast, in the “thumbs-up” position. So any typos in this newsletter are officially blamed on the cast. :) Every few weeks, I’ll need to go to the capital for a check-up, and if it’s still in place by mid-December, I may be able to avoid the surgery. Since there’s already surgery scheduled for February, to finally remove the hardware store I’m carrying around in my leg, we’d appreciate your prayers that God supernaturally heals this injury that the specialist described as very rare. We know He’s able!!
Thank you again for helping us to minister in this beautiful country, which is only possible through your prayers, support, and giving. We can’t explain how much your messages of encouragement and reminders that you are praying for us, really mean to our family. May God richly bless you for the part you play in the growth of His Kingdom in Paraguay! Your partners in the mission,

tapé (tah PAY), n. a way or path (Guaraní) “Jesus said, ‘I am the way….’”

Ken, Christie, Camille, and Caroline

--John 14:6

God bless you! ¡Dios le bendiga!
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**(If you are receiving this through the US Mail and have an email address, please send it to us so that we can get our newsletter to you in that way.It is much quicker and more efficient. If you don’t have an email address, or if you just prefer the regular mail, don’t worry. We’ll keep sending it to you that way.)

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