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Peace corps Liberia Welcome Book | December 2009

Peace corps Liberia Welcome Book | December 2009

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Most cultures in Liberia consider homosexuality taboo.

Homosexuality certainly exists in Liberia, but there is no open

homosexual community.

Volunteers who are lesbian, along with female Volunteers who

are heterosexual, will have to deal with constant questions

about boyfriends, marriage, and sex. Some female Volunteers

wear an “engagement ring” to avoid unwanted attention; while

this practice might be helpful, it might also

create complications.

Volunteers may not be able to freely discuss their sexual

orientation with new friends and family; this can obviously be

very difficult. Peace Corps staff is aware of this challenge and

will offer support as you navigate through your new culture.

Possible Religious Issues for Volunteers

Liberia is tolerant of diverse religions, therefore most

Volunteers find Liberia welcoming of their religious



preferences. Volunteers not accustomed to practicing a

religion may be challenged to explain their reluctance and

invited to attend local events. Most Volunteers find ways to

address these issues and feel quite at home in the religious

diversity and tolerance of Liberia.

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