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November 2012 Issue IX

Quarterly: Doug & Mesi

To Proclaim Liberty to the Captives
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To Proclaim Liberty to the Captives Many Thanks Brethren Pray for Us. . .

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Last month we were delighted that we were able to meet ministry needs of a local evangelical church here in Mekele. Our partnership with local churches is mainly in evangelism and outreach, and this helps us to reach an even broader range of Ethiopians for the name of Jesus Christ. Months earlier, we purchased 50 Amharic Bibles for a Bible Study being conducted by ministers to the men of the local prison. Those ministers contacted us again and expressed the need for any amount of Bibles we could provide for the women in the prison. Praise the Lord! We were permitted by His gracious provision to our ministry to purchase another 50 Amharic Bibles to further enable the ongoing evangelism and Bible study among the women prisoners. In Luke 4:18, Jesus Christ illumined on the utterance of Isaiah. Jesus had come to proclaim liberty to the captives. This does, of course, refer to those who are prisoners of sin and darkness. But who better understands captivity than those who have been sentenced to prison? This is the basis for prison ministries everywhere. Those who are imprisoned desire liberty, but physical liberty is only temporary and can be lost again. The gospel message offers spiritual liberty enjoyed through faith in Jesus as the only Savior of sinners. As you pray for us, please remember to pray for the prisoners in Tigray who are now reading and studying God’s Word, that by God’s grace they may know the liberty of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! DM

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Many Thanks!!
Warmest thanks to supporters both in Louisiana and the Democratic Republic of Congo for the donation of a much needed laptop computer. The swift response from these supporters paints an awesome overall picture of the deep involvement characteristic of all our ministry partners! DM

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Q uarterly : Doug & M esi

Issue IX

Brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly!
A quick glance below at our prayer calendar will give the immediate impression that we have quite a few irons in the fire when it comes to ministry. The greater portion of these venues are evangelistic in nature, geared towards advancing the gospel, and also, essential to this region, reforming thought about what it means to be Christian. God, in His sovereign grace, has led us to minister the gospel message to so many different kinds of people, that we sense our great need of His grace and power to be successful servants of His! Poor, orphans, widows, blind, deaf and sportsmen, as well as students and workers, both local and international are among those to whom we bring the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ironically, we do not live and minister in a great cosmopolitan center, but in a place which is actually obscure on the wider global scene. Not many people can pinpoint Mekele on a map. But in this small city, we are seeing God at work to make His great name known to people of all nations and all walks of life! Frankly, when Mesi and I talk about the scope of our ministry, we are amazed—again and again! Your support of our ministry through prayer, not just finances, is so essential. We can feel the need for your prayers! In 2 Thessalonians 3:1 it is written, “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you,” and to this, I can attest that your prayers are being heard. At the same time, we sense the heightened level of activity and request that you pray even more fervently for us! DM

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Q uarterly : Doug & M esi

Issue IX

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. .You sent aid once & again for my necessities. . ~Phil. 4:16 ~Philippians 4:16
The international ministry to which Mesi & I are given in Mekele, Ethiopia has played a huge role in its impact upon the other ministries we carry out as servants of the Lord. One such ministry is the benevolence ministry, in which we serve poor saints & other needy persons & families. Providing for needs in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ invokes interest in the heart of our outreach, which is of course the gospel. We are able to preach the gospel to many due to the generosity given to us by our God. Nevertheless, a benevolence ministry has costs, and many times the cost goes beyond the capacity of our working budget. That’s where the generosity of the Spirit through Christians from across the world has impacted us so beautifully. Bijou is among a number of international Christians who have come to Mekele, Ethiopia for temporary work. Living here in 2010, Bijou came to worship with us for a short time. During that time, she phoned me & Mesi one morning & said she needed to talk us. We agreed she come over immediately. In her French accent, this dear Congolese sister in Christ told us that she must obey God’s word in Malachi and give to His “storehouse”. At the same time, with a big smile, she handed us an envelope filled with cash. Ever since that day, Bijou has continued to support us through prayer & giving, even after returning to the DRC. Contributions like that of Bijou continue to enable us to go beyond what we normally administer in our benevolence ministry. Thus, we take food help and the word of God to those whom the Lord has given us in His mercy. At the same time, Christians who worship the Lord & fellowship with us here right now are giving and helping us to do many things for the kingdom of God. Just last month, according to the cover story, we were delighted to purchase 50 Bibles for the women’s prison in Mekele; also we bought jerseys & soccer balls for the Sport Friends ministry with whom we partner for evangelism & community involvement. To the right is a photo for which Mesi & I posed last month to show the 200 kilos of flour we purchased for the benevolence ministry. This allowed our budgeted funds to be used for sponsoring clinical visits & medicine purchases by those poor to whom we minister. Many thanks to our international Christian partners both here & abroad!! DM

Ever since she worshiped with our group in Mekele, Bijou has continued to support us through prayer & giving, even after returning to the DRC

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About LCM: Last Call Ministries is a 501c3 Organization which began in 1997. Its inception

rose out of a growing fellowship of believers interested in gospel evangelism primarily within the inner city of Shreveport, Louisiana. Currently

LCM partners with several gospel mission works around the world, including Brazil, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mexico, & Bayou Du Large ( S. Louisiana ) . LCM is currently sponsoring Doug & Mesi, who are commissioned by their home church: Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. All monies received are currently in the support of the budgeted work underway in Mekele, Ethiopia.

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Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, until He returns, in word, letter and deed!!!

Sport Friends Partnership Ministry
Last month, Mesi & I began joining with the local Sport Friends Rep, Rezana, and two football (soccer) teams every Monday night for evangelistic programs. We are excited to sponsor this ministry as well as have the joy of sharing the blessed faith of the Lord Jesus Sport Friends’ Rep Rezana (bottom, far left) and Christ with these guys. Mesi posing with Shalom, a Sport Friends’ sponPray for these guys as much sored soccer team on Monday Meeting. as you can and pray for us as we minister God’s Word to them!


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