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Nick R. sanction findings letter (1).pdf

Nick R. sanction findings letter (1).pdf

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This letter was sent to The Salt Lake Tribune from Nick Raoux.
This letter was sent to The Salt Lake Tribune from Nick Raoux.

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Published by: The Salt Lake Tribune on Nov 02, 2012
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Nick Raoux Nsr0605@westminstercollege.

edu October 30, 2012

Dear Nick, As indicated in the letter from the Judicial Board, chaired by Dr. Gary Daynes, you were found responsible of violating the Student Code of Conduct. The Judicial Board put forth seven recommendations to me in regard to your sanction. I have chosen to reduce and edit those recommendations. You were found responsible of violating Article III: Standards of Conduct, Section B, #12: Use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, except as expressly permitted by the law and college regulations, or public intoxication. Possession of an open container or consumption of alcoholic beverages in any area (other than individual rooms of students of legal age) is prohibited. You were also found responsible of violating Article III: Standards of Conduct, Section B, #1, part b: Acts of dishonesty, including, but not limited to, the following: furnishing false information to any college official, faculty member, or office. Your sanctions are as follows: 1. That Mr. Raoux be immediately removed as President of ASWC, both because his continued presence as President damages his reputation, the reputation of ASWC and that of the college (Article III, Section A), and because his ability to solve the problems he faces is impeded by the demands that leadership of ASWC places on him. (Article IV, Section B, 1c). 2. That the terms of Mr. Raoux’s current probation continue. (Article IV, Section B, 1b). 3. That Mr. Raoux contacts the Assessment & Referral Services (ARS) at 801.532.1850 and completes an evaluation. This needs to occur by December 1, 2012, and written confirmation of completion must be shared with the Dean of Students. It is strongly recommended that Mr. Raoux moves forward with the recommendations of that assessment.

4. That Mr. Raoux meet twice monthly with his academic advisor, to ensure that his academic performance remains strong and that he positions himself for success after graduation. (Article IV, Section B, 1e). 5. That Mr. Raoux make restitution by (a) issuing written apologies to Fat Cats, and to any others injured by his behavior, (b) completing the hours of community service indicated in his probation by doing custodial work at Fat Cats, on campus, or some other suitable venue, and (c) by showing evidence that he has fully divulged his behavior to his parents. (Article IV, Section B, 1d). The apology notes and parent phone call to the Dean of Students (801.832.2233) must be completed by November 16, 2012.

6. That any future violation of the Student Code of Conduct, or of the terms of these sanctions, will be immediately followed by suspension from Westminster College.

Please review the Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures section of the Student Handbook, found between pages 41-51. Should you have questions or concerns about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. If you choose to appeal, you must do so in writing to me by 5pm on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Sincerely, Mark Ferne Dean of Students

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