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Solo 1: Math

Solo 1: Math
by Hannah McComie

Identifying Information
Lesson Information
Classroom teacher: Mrs. Voce Grade: 3rd Date lesson will be taught: Thursday October 25, 2012 Lesson topic: Geometry Lesson subject area: Math

Stage 1
Goals/Big Ideals
The students will understand geometric figures.

Essential Questions
What is this shape? What are the characteristics of shapes?

HI-HCPS-III.MA.3.5 STANDARD: Geometry and Spatial Sense: PROPERTIES AND RELATIONSHIPS: Analyze properties of objects and relationships among the properties

Stage 2
Performance Tasks

Other Evidence
Class discussions


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11/3/12 12:22 AM

Solo 1: Math

Lesson from the book.

Stage 3
Learning Activities
How will you help students to know WHERE they are headed and WHY e. g., major assignments, performance tasks, & standards to be addressed and criteria by which work will be judged? How will you know WHERE they are coming from? How will you HOOK and HOLD students through engaging and thoughtprovoking experiences [issues, oddities, problems, challenges] that point toward big ideas, essential questions, and performance tasks? What learning experiences will ENGAGE students in EXPLORING the big ideas and essential questions? What instruction is needed to EQUIP students for the final performance[s]? How will you cause students to REFLECT & RETHINK to dig deeper into the core ideas? How will you guide students in REVISING & REFINING their work based on feedback and self-assessment? REHEARSING for their final performance? How will students EXHIBIT their understanding through final performances and products? How will you guide them in self-EVALUATION to identify the strengths/weaknesses in their work and set future goals? How will the work be TAILORED to individual needs, interests, brain dominances, modes of learning, styles, and intelligences? How will the work be ORGANIZED for maximal engagement and effectiveness? [sequence, integration, horizontal & vertical articulation, continuity, etc] Identify how much the students know about types of figures. Draw figures on the board and have the students name the figures. (H, E1, R) Have the students identify the characteristics of the figures. (E1, R, H) Have to students copy the vocabulary terms into their books. (E1) The have the studdents complete problems from lesson 10-1 and 10-2 (E2, R)


Reflection on lesson development
Geometry can be fun and easy or it can be hard and not as much fun. I want my students to enjoy geometry as much as I do. In order for them to do that they need to have a solid foundation. So my plans are to take things slow and to really make sure the students comprehend the concepts.

Reflection after teaching the lesson

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11/3/12 12:22 AM

Solo 1: Math

OH MY!!!!! I can't believe I gave the wrong meaning for a vertex. I will definately fix this. I have to. If not I will be setting my students up for failure. AH!!! A few students caught my mistake. I will have to announce it to the whole class. I did not have time today, but I will during the next lesson. >_<.

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11/3/12 12:22 AM