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what are ways of showing respect for ourselves? what are ways of showing respect respect to others? what is the relationship between love and respect? why do you think people so often show disrespect for one another? how can you show respect to those with whom you disagree? even if you know you are right and the other person is wrong, how would you show respect towards this person? 7. what does a person have to do to gain your respect? 8. how should you act if you want others to respect you? 9. how do you feel when someone you care does something to lose your respect for him or her? 1. what is the difference between sex and love? In what ways might they be the same? 2. what is the difference between animal and human sexuality? 3. how would you describe sexual maturity? 4. if you are a parent, how would you talk to your teenage child about the issue of sexuality and sexual desire? 5. how would you describe the spiritual, mental emotional and moral aspects of human sexuality? 6. discuss freedom and responsibility in relation to sexuality? 7. compare mature and immature sexual behavior? 8. is sex a need or desire? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. What is purity? why can we say that purity brings freedim? What kind of freedom is it? what are some of the other benefits of purity? what are some of the ways to stay pure? how can premarital sex get in the way of learning about true love? how can we develop a pure mind? Clean speech? Vitrous action? what is renewed purity? is sex okay if you think you really love the other person but are still not married? what are some of the dangers of engaging in a sexual relationship outside of marriage? 10. how might your choice either to be pure or to engage in premarital sex influence other parts of your life? 1. what are the values strongly stressed in your family? 2. can you remember any events that made you realize the importance of these values/ 3. do you think that these values are similar to those of other families? 4. which values do you consider most important? 5. do you think you will try to hand thses values down to your own children ? why or why not? 6. how do you think things have changed compared to your parent’s and grandparent’s childhoods?

7. what does your family like to do together? 8. how are these four realms of heart shown in your family? . what are the four realms of heart? 10. what does your family quarrel about the most? 9.

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