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Finance Freel

Finance Freel

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Published by: kidalive on Nov 03, 2012
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Back in the 1980s, when self-employment was rare and stigma-

tized, it was diffcult to get a lot of things that modern day freelanc-

ers take for granted.

Take credit cards, for example. When my father left his job in his

industry and started a consulting practice, he couldn’t get a credit

card on his own. My schoolteacher mother had to cosign for him.

These days, it’s hard to go to the mailbox without getting at least

one piece touting a business credit card. Looks like the credit card

industry loves self-employed people after all.

Then there are those offce supply warehouse stores. You probably

have at least one in your town — and they’re not targeting the For-

tune 500. They’re targeting us.

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