Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Athletes

Kimya, grace, and mira

.The Way Nicotine effects the body • Nicotine grabs onto little droplets of burning tobacco as it enters your body. Blood that enters the lungs to pick up oxygen also picks up the nicotine. • The small droplets easily pass into the corners of your lungs. Nicotine then is pumped it out to the rest of your body.

Effects of Smoking Blood Preassure increases by 10-15 points Heart Rate increases 1020 beats per minute The higher your heart rate the hearder it is to keep heart rate at target szone while working out Smoking at a young age stunts the growth of your lungs and makes it harder for you to breathe .

Effects continued… • Smoking changes the way your lungs function. . weakening your defenses against you inhale • Smoking cause heart disease and stroke in adults • It effects your performance and endurance  Smoking cigarettes reduces the oxygen carrying capacity in your blood.

. smokers cannot perform as well.Evidence • On standard treadmill tests. Their left ventricular mass is increased. Their resting heart rates are two to three beats per minute faster than those of nonsmokers.

Alcohol can induce nausea. • Alcohol interferes with lactic acid breakdown and may result in increased soreness after exercise • . • Alcohol consumption can cause a decrease in hand-eye coordination and may impair judgment. • Performance is reduced and injury risk can increase. .Alcohol • The delayed reaction time and reduced mental acuity is of severe consequence to the athlete. and drowsiness. vomiting.

over long periods of time. liver failure. altered brain and nerve functions. It can also cause DEATH!! . skin abnormalities. abnormalities in blood- clotting. fat deposits in the liver. impotency. can weakened heart muscle. pancreatitis. elevated triglycerides. vitamin deficiencies.Alcohol Use Over Time • Alcohol use.

Now. He was not able to get recruited because overtime he lost his performance ability.Experiences • My cousin was an athlete throughout his high school years. sadly he does attend college anymore. when he came to the end of junior year he began to smoke and use alcohol. However. .


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