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28722auup Noida -- Fee Payment Schedule for Even Semester Academic Session 2012 - 13 (1)

28722auup Noida -- Fee Payment Schedule for Even Semester Academic Session 2012 - 13 (1)

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Published by Abhishek Bhatia

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Published by: Abhishek Bhatia on Nov 03, 2012
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FEE PAYMENT SCHEDULE FOR EVEN SEMESTER ACADEMIC SESSION 2012 - 13 2nd , 4th, 6th, 8th & 10th Semesters
Programmes Commencing on 26 Nov, 2012 Programmes Commencing on 3,5,7 Dec, 2012 Programmes Commencing on 10,11,17 Dec, 2012 Programmes Commencing on 14 Jan, 2013 Programmes Commencing on 21 Jan, 2013



ABS, AIBS-3CBBA-III Yr, ASIBAS-B.A(H) I&B -I Yr., Dual Degee (I&II Yr.) AICISM-MBA (I&II Yr.) ASET - All Progs.- , AINT - All Progs., ASAP ABS-MBA-I Yr., AIBS-MBA & BBS- (I Yr.), ASRUM-MBA & PGD - I&II Yr., All Progs., ASD, AIFT - All Progs., AIAE - All & BBA-I&II Yr., Dual AIFS - B.Sc & M.Sc (I&II Yr.), AIAFSRAT, AISS Progs, AIAS - All Progs., AISST - All Progs., Degree-I to V Yr., ASB-All All Progs., AIESR - B.A (H) Eng., M.A-Eng, AINST - All Progs., AIB - All Progs., AIOA - All BBA & Dual Degree, M.Phil (I Yr.) ASFL - All Progs.,, ACCF - All Progs., AIMT - All Progs., AIA - All Progs., ASIBAS-MBA-Ins & MBAProgs., ASE - All Progs., ASPA, AIE - All I&B, M.Sc-AS (I&II Yr.), AICPHT&CCM, AIVI - All Progs., AIHSR - All Progs., ASH - MBA,BHM & Dip. Prog. (I&II Yr.), PGD AINGOM - MBA, Progs., AIHRS, AITTM - B.Tech & Dual Degree AITT - All Progs., ALS - All Progs., ALS-II - All ASUM - MBA - I&II Yr., (I to IV Yr.), M.Tech (I Yr), AIIT - All Progs., Progs., AIALS - All Progs., AIPT - BPT, MPT(I AITTM - MBA (I&II Yr.), ASCO - All Progs., AIBHAS - All Progs., AIPS Yr.), AIP - All Progs., AIRAE - All Progs., AIES AIESR - M.A-Eng & B.A All Progs., AIFS - B.Sc - FS (III Yr.), ASFA - All All Progs., AIGTRS, AIMST- All Progs., AIGIRS (H) Eng. (II&III Yr.), Progs., ASFT - All Progs., ASH - BHM(III Yr.), All Progs., ASPESS - M.P.Ed, ASNRSD - MBA ASNRSD - MBA - I Yr. AIHA II Yr., Others - B.A (H) Sanskrit, M.A Sanskrit, PGD-Criminal Psy. 6.11.2012 (Tuesday) 16.11.2012 (Friday) 06.12.2012 (Thursday) 14.11.2012 (Wednesday) 26.11.2012 (Monday) 17.12.2012 (Monday) 20.11.2012 (Tuesday) 30.11.2012 (Friday) 20.12.2012 (Thursday)

ASE (AIEEE), All Evening Programmes


Dates without Late Fees Dates with Late Fees @ Rs. 50/per day Dates with Late Fees Rs. 7500/-

26.12.2012 (Tuesday) 07.01.2013 (Friday) 28.01.2013 (Monday)

02.01.2013 (Wednesday) 14.01.2013 (Monday) 04.02.2013 (Mondday)

1. Academic Fee payment may be done as per the options given below: Option-1:- Pay Order / Demand Draft in favour of "AMITY UNIVERSITY UTTAR PRADESH" payable at Service Branch, New Delhi can be dropped at the Fee Boxes placed at both the Amity University campuses at Sector-125 & Sector-44, Noida, between 9.30 a.m. to 4.00p.m., or may be sent by courier to the Accounts Department. The students' Name, Enrolment No., Programme & Batch should be mentioned on the back side of the Pay Order / Demand Draft. Option-2:- Fee can be deposited at any Axis Bank from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. on weekdays & 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on Saturdays by Pay Order / Demand Draft / Cheque /Cash (PAN Number required). Pay Order / Demand Draft / Cheque should be in favour of "AMITY UNIVERSITY UTTAR PRADESH A/C Enrolment No................." payable at the respective city of the branch where student is depositing the fee. For e.g., in case student is depositing the fee at Ludhiana branch of Axis Bank, the Pay Order / Demand Draft / Cheque should be payable at Ludhiana. Student will have to give his/her Pay-In Slip with Fee Bill which can be downloaded from Amizone (www.amizone.net) to deposit the fee & obtain the recepit from the bank. This option will be available till the date of fee payment without late fee.
Option-3:- Fee can be deposited through net banking facility by following the instructions available on gateway of amizone of the students.

2 Re- registration for the even semester will not be done without fee payment receipts. No student will be permitted to attend the classes without Re- registration for the semester. Even if a student has attended any class without Re- registration, the attendance for the same will not be granted.

3. If the fee is not paid within one month from the last date of fee deposit, the name will be struck off and the student will have to seek re-admission as per the University Guidelines.It may please be noted that in case the student is granted permission for re-admission, the attendance will be counted from the commencement date of the semester and not from the date of re-admission. Students are required to have minimum 75% attendance per course to be eligible for the end semester examination.

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