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Lattice Girder Slabs Data sheet Lattice May 2009 Earls Colne Business Park, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex, CO6 2NS Tel: 01787 223931 Email: Email: Typical Lattice Girder Slab 25mm side bearing 60mm minimum bearing <60mm bearing Bearing on masonry wall more than 60mm Bearing on masonry wall less than 60mm Temporary prop Side Bearing Composite Floors in Masonry Construction Support on shelf angles Nominal bearing over 55mm (otherwise temporary prop) Support on top flange Composite Floors in Steel Frame Construction 8-16mm dia top bar 4.5-7mm diagonal s 5mm dia bottom bar s 65mm minimum bearing on formwork Composite Floors in Precast or Insitu Construction Lattice Girder Detail Insitu concrete by others Mesh or loose bars over panel joints Mesh* Total slab depth Milbank Lattice Girder Slabs Typical cross section 225 - 300mm 160 - 200mm < 150mm Total Slab Depth Spacing of lattices to suit individual design loadings Standard 2400 wide slab Minimum mesh to BS4483* A 393 A 252 A 193 All additional reinforcement to insitu zone, Mesh loose bars etc to be supplied and placed by Main Contractor Lattice Girder Slabs End restraint reinforcement where requried Mesh* Continuity reinforcement in top of slab where required s pan End span anchorage reinforcement Continuous head trees on props as specified Typical longitudinal section Anchorage reinforcement over panel end joints May 2009 Data sheet Lattice