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OBSOLETE (Parallel dimensions hidden in these metaphors) There comes that heart breaking moment in life when you

feel that youre slowly becoming replaced from other peoples lives, when you really feel like youre becoming obsolete. The world spins madly on and youll be confined in that small part of somebodys heart, that small hole-in the-wall where you fight with all rodents for a place to crashforever stuck in oblivion. And stuck youll be in this virtual museum, with no epitaph to remind the passing faces of how dear these people once held you in their hearts. You cry, wither and fall like a fading rose: just another useless pile of debris upon the cursed heath. You turn your quest inwards, desperately trying to find that flame that once burned in you. You try desperately to rediscover the love you once had for life, adventure and success. But everything eludes you only confusion and disappointment prevails. Bitten and torn, you become angry to the world. Legend tells of a man who lost his soul to a succubus, a man who drowns his sorrows in hard liquor and empty humor. Not only have you hit rock bottom, but youre also stuck in its basement. Cold, harsh whispers echo as you pass by, and girls use euphemisms just to buffer the impact of their harsh words when youre around. Even if they dont know it you, know it for a fact in your encrypted heart; I loved a maid as cold as winter, with an iceberg for a heart. No past, no future, you live only for the moment. Not out of wisdom but out of sheer desperation. A dark veil of sadness covers your once-lively face. Pale ghosts haunt the empty chambers of your desolate heart; and dark demons dance to the devils symphony in its hollow plains. Life goes on, how dare they say? A year passes and youre still stuck there on the same page. Like a broken record, you desperately try to play another song; but every scratch brings you back to the first song. For the first songs are so sweet and mellow; But they can also be your ruin. Who dares say otherwise? David Phiri 2012 (Features of my life)