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 Conformity: agreement with or adherence to custom or rule 1.

In my English, Conformity was the rule: everyone has to talk in English, and listened to the teacher.  Consolation: relief or comfort in sorrow or suffering. 1. Although I miss my grandmother very much, it is a consolation to know that she died after a lot of suffering.  Consummated: to complete, finish, or perfect. 1. The project was consummated after it worked correctly.  Contemporary: modern, current; from the same time. 1. I prefer new style cloth than the contemporary cloth.  Convoluted: twisting, complicated, intricate.

1. 1. N  Decry: to criticize or condemn.  Debunk: to expose as false or worthless. 1.  Curtail: to shorten. 1. Walnuts come in hard and convoluted shells  Criterion: a standard of measurement or judge.1. G . Because of my sickness I had to be absent and now I curtail my absent. The correction of her wrong thing its our criterion.