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 It is a way of decongesting the main ports where containers are kept for customs clearance & inspection.  .  Interface between connecting modes of transport.  It also called as dry ports.Meaning ICD is the short term of inland container depot.  Most of them are well connected by rail & serve the importers/exporters who are located away from the seaports.

 Sufficient Land Area. .  Suitable Warehousing capability.  Requisite office facilities.  ICD must have an easy access-connectivity to the road network.  Suitable paved area for safe and easy movement of trucks and trailers.

Roles & Functions Receipt and dispatch/delivery of cargo  Intermediate storage  Transit operations by rail/road to and from points  Customs clearance  Consolidation and desegregation of LCL cargo  Temporary storage of cargo and containers  Cargo related services  Maintenance and repair of container units  .

Pune.Bengaluru.Hyd erabad. Tondairpet.Guntur .Hyderab ad.Ahemdaba d.Bengaluru.Coimbatore Ports ICDs .Ludhiana.Anaparti Bengaluru.Mumbai.Wadi Bander.Tondairpet.Wadi bander.Amingaon.Guwahatti.Coimbatore. JNPT  Kolkata Haldia  Chennai  Cochin      Delhi. Delhi.