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Part –A (Any 10 ) marks=60

10*2= 20


1.what is meant by collegiality. 2.what is loyality. 3.what is meant by authority 4.what is meant by collective bargaining 5.what is meant by confidential information. 7.What does whistle blowing mean. 8.what are employee rights 9.what are intellectual property rights . 10.what is discrimination 11.what is computer ethics . 12.what are computer codes of ethics . 13.what does moral leadership means . 14.what are MNC’s Part –b (40 Marks )

1.what the elements of collegiality.- 8marks OR 2.what are senses of loyalty-8 marks []’;/ 3.what are the justifications and limits of confidentiality. (two levels ) -16 marks OR 4.what are occupation crime ?discuss the way and means of reducing occupation crime in industries. 5.what are the problems faced by defense industry in the development of weapons . (16- marks) or 6.what are the responsibilities of engineers –Mangers(16- marks)

Explain in detail the seven basic quality control tools 8. What are the objectives of QFD 2.What are the various histogram shapes? 4. 13. Explain in detail the stages in FMEA process 11.What is meant by quality circle? 5.Subject: GE 2022. Discuss in detail the steps involved in the TPM process 12.What are the indicators used to measure organizational performance? 6. Discuss the twenty elements of ISO 9000 standards.Total Quality Management Class: IV BE – IT ‘B’ Part – A (ANY FIVE) ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS 1. Explain the process of internal auditing for ISO .Explain the new seven management tools in detail 9.Explain in detail the Quality function deployment process 10.What are Taguchi methods? 3.Give the ISO 9000 Series of Standards Part – B (any SIX) 7. Explain the requirements of ISO 1400 14.