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Nobody’s Diary
INSTRUMENTS + TIMBRES Timbre ES1 – Glide Surfer Lead Synth


Mr Roberts’ Guide
Other comments Turn Glide off Alter ADSR and cutoff Might want to play around with oscillator as well You will need to play around with settings – maybe even EQ a bit NOTES: B D Fsharp


EFM1 Static Bells Or Plucked Bells Sculpture – Vintage Voltage or ES1 default Quite a few suitable guitar sounds. EXS24 or Sculpture


EQ sweep (and possibly volume automation) into the start of the song. Playing octaves. Be VERY careful of note lengths here Good idea to put some short delay on the guitar EQ – boost some top mids Add a little bit of chorus Original signal on left Delay on right Use aux channels

Guitar Solo

White Noise

Either White noise gen in Ultrabeat Or ESP – use noise osc Find an 80s snare sample Easy to find on Ultrabeat Pop Kick from Ultrabeat ES2

Snare Clap Kick Synth 2

Reverb is very important with this track Alter pitch slightly and add reverb Rhythm is same throughout

01:52 Remember woodwind synth.00:59 02:00 .02:28 02:29 . Double tracked BV – thin EQ. BVs Arpeggio synth Airy BVs still White noise perc Additional percussion on LEFT FADE OUT .solo Bridge Verse3 Bridge Chorus/Outro Outro 61-64 65-72 73-80 81-84 85-100 101-104 105-128 01:52 .02:35 02:36.00:15 00:16 .00:52 00:53 .02:13 02:14 .03:58 04:14 – 04:32 Bass continues.01:21 Bridge Chorus 45-48 49-60 01:22 .2 STRUCTURE Section Intro Verse1 Bars 1-8 9-24 Time 00:00 .Solo MID . Bells Wind and arpeggio at end Bridge Mid . White noise perc Arpeggio and woodwind synths at end Synth 2 present Remember woodwind synth.03:12 03:13 . (notice high note bar 28) Double tracked BV Use pitch bend on BV Don’t forget Synth 2 Bridge Verse2 25-28 29-44 00:45 .01:28 01:29 .03:04 03:05 .00:44 Comments Synth 2 enters Airy BVs Bass gradual comes in – using filter White noise perc Remember woodwind synth.

Guitar and Synth 2 need slight panning. IMPORTANT. Ensure you don’t leave anything out. none of the faders turn red.Most tracks are quantized.e.67bpm MAKE SURE – that the mix does not clip anywhere – i.3 Other important points RECORDING VOCALS BVs are mostly double tracked – be sure to do this. TOTAL DURATION – 4 minutes 32 seconds . Tempo – 128. White noise panning is the most important. Panning – Most tracks are centre. TIPS Quantizing . BVs will also need EQing to get thin/radio lo-fi sound.