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Rev No 2 Dated: 23.01.


Course Outline ENG111 SUIT

Credit Hours 3-0

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Basic Communication Skills ENG111 New Course

Text Book:Reference Book:High School Grammar by Wren & Martin, revised by N.D.V, Prasad Rao. Macmillan English by Herta A. Murphy Exploring the world of English by Saadat Ali Shah Junior School Grammar by Raymond Murphy Effective Communications by Herta A. Murphy

Course Description:- This course aims at helping the students in development of a positive and practical approach to effective written and oral communication in business and professional settings as well as in daily life correspondence also. Emphasis is laid on correct grammar, punctuation and syntax. Personal appearance, style and body language are some other aspects that are discussed. Pre-requisite: Grading Policy: Nil In Semester Evaluation: Final Evaluation: Week-Wise Breakdown Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13, 14 15 Topics/Activities What is Communication, Modes of Communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, Importance of Communication Idioms and Proverbs Parts of speech -Prepositions in detail Punctuations & Its use in detail Personal Letters Writing, Social Correspondence, Invitation Business Letters in Detail Essay Writing Effective Writing Skills (Group wise Story Writing Competition) Comprehension Reading Skills, Types of Reading, Skimming & Scanning Practice & Class activity week Intensive Practice End Semester Exam End Semester Exam 30% 70%