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Course Outline CS 110

Credit Hours: 2-1

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Introduction to Computer Science

Text Book: Reference Book:

Introduction to Information Technology by William Sawyer

Introduction to Computer Science by Peter Norton Fundamentals of Information Technology by Alexis Leon

Course Description: Computer Science concepts and applications in our society as well as a look at the hardware that makes up a computing machine; office automation tools such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets; internet; current trends in computer science. Pre- requisite:Grading Policy:In Semester Evaluations: End Semester Evaluation: 30% 70% Nil

Week-wise Breakdown
Week 1, 2 Topics / Activities Brief History of Computers & their Application The Shapes of Computer Types of Computers - Super, Mainframe, Minicomputers, Work Platform, Micro & Personal Computers, Notebook & Laptop, Network Computers Major Components of Computer, Parts of Computer, Input and Output Devices Number Systems Computer Softwares, Operating Systems Programming Languages Mid Term Examination Social Impact of Computer ages, Computers in Offices, Industry and Education Purpose of Information System, Types of Information System, Office Automation System and Tools, Other Systems Productivity Software, DBMS, Word Processing, Spread Sheet Computer Graphics and Design, Working with Images, Graphics Software Current Trends, Research and future prospects of Computer Science The Internet & Online Resources, Internet Basics, Getting Online and Work Online Final Term Examination Chapter

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