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Computer Assignment Help - Types of language in computer The types of paradigm of computer language are several as according to hardware

development and software requirement. The most important of among this paradigm are Object oriented, declarative paradigm, and functional paradigm as by development in time frame.

The concept of Object Oriented paradigm is based on the class and the object. Everything is centred on objects. Object oriented software consists of two things: first, a group of objects and second the way they interact with other object. Programming in this paradigm is viewed as the replica of real world entities. Computer Science Assignment Help ( could gives us example of the popular programming languages in this paradigm are Java, C++, Smalltalk and Simula.

Declarative paradigm declares or direct what is to be done without explaining how it is to be achieved. Declarative programming is also known as Value-oriented programming. Declarative languages describe details between given variables in terms of functions and inference rules. The language executor applies certain method or logic to these relations to produce a desired result. Computer science assignment help describes that it is mainly used in solving simulation or artificial intelligence problems. Declarative paradigm could be divided into two categories, functional and logical paradigms.

Logic paradigm is basic of all programs that explain what is to be computed and not how to compute it. Program is represented by interaction between objects or property of objects known as predicate and logic/clauses. Logic paradigm integrates data and control structures. Computer assignment help is never been a easy task both for student and tutor as its important for securing high marks in examination and also for better comprehension of computer science as subject. So computer science assignment help can make difference in grasp on programming which is base of computer science.

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