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By Madhusudhan S Kanishka V

So it is better if the bit rate adapts to the changes in the available bandwidth. Available bandwidth keeps varying.    Multimedia flows require a minimum and continuous bandwidth guarantee. Streaming a higher bit rate multimedia when the available bandwidth is less than the bit rate results in higher buffering time and if the stream bit rate is less than available bandwidth it results in wastage of the bandwidth. which might result in unstable multimedia streaming. .

. Server should start streaming multimedia of appropriate frame rate based on the feedback.    An effective technique to identify the condition of the network by measuring end-to-end available bandwidth. Server should maintain multimedia encoded at various bit rates. Feedback to the server about the available bandwidth of the receiver.

but users will not be aware of the network allow users to select stream of their choice. thus it might result higher buffering times or wastage of bandwidth. HTTP Sites like youtube.  RTP and RTSP do not adopt themselves changing network conditions. . which results in unnecessary buffering even if the user doesn’t require the stream in higher quality.

MPEG-DASH. But its not done automatically. Adobe Dynamic Streaming for Flash – This system provides users to switch among various video qualities the only adaptive bit-rate HTTP-based streaming solution.   Microsoft smooth streaming – Silverlight based streaming system which adapts to changing network conditions. .

Self-Loading Periodic Streams. SLoPS . Using multimedia packets itself to measure the bandwidth. . Sending feedback to the server to adjust the bitrate and switch over to the appropriately encoded video.    Evaluation of end-to-end available bandwidth using SLoPS. This process of streaming is called Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

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