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What is dearation?

The dissolved gasses like O2, CO2, H2S air & other are responsible for corrosion because they react with impurities and form acids. So, the process of removing dissolved corrosive gasses from water is known as dearation. And the device is used for removal of gasses is known as dearator.

steam distributor (at bottom)  Perforated trays  Water distributor and steam distrributor .Dif fer ent parts of Dearator  Storage tank  Dearator column  Water distribution device (at the top) .

Working  Feed water enters the dearator from the top and evenly distibuted by the distributing device into the perforated trays. .  So. hear steam goes up and water falls down and heat exchange between them takes place and water gets heated up to its boiling point and the gas dissolved in water turns into the gas form.  Water fills the perforations and rains down in contect with heating steam deliverd into the lower portion of the dearator column through steam dearator.

Figur e of Dearator .

.  These gases and non-condensing vapour vented into the athmosphere through a vent valve or pass into a vent condenser where the steam is condensed and O2 and CO2 are vented.  The dearated water is collected into the storage tank which is fitted with gauge glass and and pressure gauge to avoid high pressure. .

 ONLY STAINLESS STEEL components come in contact with undeaerated water.005 cc/liter from 5% to 100% of deaerator capacity.Silent Featur es  COUNTER FLOW TRAY design provides guaranteed removal of all dissolved oxygen in excess of 0. Trays and tray box are all stainless steel  AS REMOVAL OF CO2 it will be increase in pH value of water also give an indication of dearation of efficiency. .

Prepared by  Dixit Y Patel (Roll-24)  Kushal K Patel (Roll-27)  Akash D Soni (Roll-43)  Sarthak N Patel (Roll-56) .