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I have worked with Stephen Pasquini for 1.5 years. I was supervisor of a Physican's Office Laboratory at Hall Health Primary Care Center at the University of Washington. Stephen trained and worked as a phlebotomist, and performed some specimen
processing duties.

He is very eager to learn, and always willing to put in extra work to do a good job. He worked well with patients and staff, and has excellent interpersonal skills. His positive attitude was demonstrated by his smile. He was reliable and willing to work where needed. Stephen's work habits were excellent. He was dependable, loyal and responsible, and demonstrated consistent follow-through on job tasks. His behaviors showed that he cared about patients and wanted the help them. He was approachable when giving feedback concerning work issues. He was helpful in problem solving issues and would make suggestions for improvement without blaming others. I don't ever remember him saying an unkind or angry word. He is the most positive person I have worked with in my Laboratory Medicine career of 25 years. Having a background in Healthcare lnformation and the Laboratory, he respected confidentiality of patient information. Confidentiality is an expectation of the job, but Stephen is an honorable person and I believe that he would have followed that code even if not instructed to do so. Stephen is very focused on developing a career in healthcare. He is willing to take responsibility and demonstrated consistent follow-through on tasks at work. Work habits are excellent. Dealings with patients and staff were caring, helpful, respectful, and professional. He works hard, but has a balanced life with leisure activities. I'm impressed with his career development as a student...working in Healthcare Information (1.Syrs), laboratory (1.5 yrs), and summer camp with special needs children. He has since trained as an EMT, has a patent pending for a physical therapy machine, and worked at a Blood Bank Center. All of these experiences give him a broad base of knowledge for a healthcare career as a Physician Assistant. I highly recommend Stephen as a Physician Assistant candidate.

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Molly Mors6, MT (ASCP), MS Faculty, Medical Laboratory Technology Program Shoreline Community College 16101 Greenwood Ave. N. Seattle, Washington, 981 33 (206) 546-6e47