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Point Load Distribution on an Elevated Floor Beams or Girders

gugi, AFCEC

Another approach to point load balancing between the surrounding girders or beams on a elevated floor is shown as follows. A large tank weighing 3000 lbs is placed at a location shown in the figure above. The distances of the supporting beams are shown . The distribution factors are calculated first

Where d1, d2, d3, d4 known from point loads to the walls, the respective percentage of loads towards each distance is calculated.

Case I As an example of a point load located at respective distances from the four walls:

P=3000 lbs


4 25


Cross check sum of loads to point load =818.7+787.2+750+626 = 3000

Case II
In this the tank is centrally located of the elevated floor

P=3000 lbs


20 20 20

Cross check sum of loads to point load =


= 3000

Note: Al though multi tude other tributary a rea type l oad distributions a re a vailable, this is merel y an crude ba ck of the envelope techni que developed and ma y need to be checked for errors and adequa cy. It dis tributes l oad to four corners based on respected distance of a loa d from them. A structural engineer need to check the validity of this technique before using i t.