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Horror Film Pitch

Horror Film Pitch

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Published by: ambergooneseker7095 on Nov 03, 2012
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• I have choose this genre as I believe this will induce a greater fear in my audience, in comparison to perhaps gothic, where

the monsters are fictious or to slashers where the audience can rationalise that the villain is human and therefore can be killed. • The super-natural genre is more haunting to the audience as there is a fear of the unknown. In addition to this many are based on real life occurrences making it more relatable and real for the audience.

The sub-genre I have chosen is… SUPER-NAUTURAL

• Some super-natural horror movies which have been popularised within film industry recently include the following releases • Devil Inside • Paranormal Activity • Insidious • The Rite These have all provided Inspiration for my pitch.

The narrative…
My horror film will be set in 1970’s London. As around this time period there were reported sightings of a Vampire at Highgate cemetery. The legend of the Highgate vampire publicity began circulating amongst Highgate when a group of youths began to take an interest in an Occult who roamed the cemetery in the 1960’s. One of the members of the youth’s David Farrant spent the night there in 1969 and caught the glimpse of a grey figure one which he believed to be of super-natural being. After his sightings he asked people if they had seen any Ghosts within the cemetery and many reported that yes they had. A second man joined Farrant in search of finding and eliminating the super-natural being and unveiled a new theory he believed that a medieval nobleman who had practised black magic in medieval Wallachia (Romania), had been brought to England in a coffin in the early eighteenth century, by followers who bought a house for him in the West End. He was buried on the site that later became Highgate Cemetery, and Manchester claimed that modern Satanists had roused him. He said the right thing to do would be to stake the vampire's body, and then behead and burn it, but this would nowadays be illegal. Manchester declared to his associates that he would hold an 'official' vampire hunt on Friday 13 March—such Fridays are always ominous dates in British and North American superstition (Friday the Thirteenth), and are frequently chosen for items on occult matters in the media. ITV then set up interviews with both Manchester and Farrant, and with others who claimed to have seen supernatural figures in the cemetery.

Images of the Highgate Cemetery & Vampire

• My narrative is inspired and linked to the legend of the Highgate Vampire. It will revolve around a group of young people Lori, Kimberly, Anthony and Eric who hear about the vampire hunt in Highgate and sneak out to take part. On their way to Highgate they take a short cut through a nearby field, they soon regret this decision as they accidently awaken a female vampire Jessimine a woman whose house lay where the fields are she was of witch blood and was born in the 17th century she was beautiful but her appearances were tainted by a fire within her house, her life was taken by a vampire when she was on the verge of death and she is now immortal she is determined to taunt the people of Highgate as they carry out the vampire hunt, they are then trapped in the field as they attempt to escape from her clutches.

Trailer Idea’s
Costume & Make-up
For the character of Jessimine I will dress her in 17th century style clothing a dark long black skirt and corset. I will use special effects makeup to make half of her face deformed and bloody reflecting the scares she received from when her house was burnt down.

• For character’s of the young group of people people I will research the fashion trends of the 70’s and use these trends to make the film more realistic to for the time it is set in, here are some collage of Idea’s.

Editing and effects ideas • I want to use maybe a washed over sepiatype effect on the filming of the 70’s times period to reflect that it is retro. • However I also want to use a dark washed effect on the parts of the trailer revolving around Jessimine to reflect that she is dark and cold.

I also want to use a voice over to read a poem about a Vampire as the poem acts as a curse which awakens the vampire from the dead here is the poem:

Left to herself, the serpent now began To change; her elfin blood in madness ran, Her mouth foam'd, and the grass, therewith besprent, Wither'd at dew so sweet and virulent; Her eyes in torture fix'd, and anguish drear, Hot, glaz'd, and wide, with lid-lashes all sear, Flash'd phosphor and sharp sparks, without one cooling tear. The colours all inflam'd throughout her train, She writh'd about, convuls'd with scarlet pain: A deep volcanian yellow took the place Of all her milder-mooned body's grace; And, as the lava ravishes the mead, Spoilt all her silver mail, and golden brede; Made gloom of all her frecklings, streaks and bars, Eclips'd her crescents, and lick'd up her stars: So that, in moments few, she was undrest Of all her sapphires, greens, and amethyst, And rubious-argent: of all these bereft, Nothing but pain and ugliness were left.

I take inspiration for the trailer from the women and black trailer which takes a similar concept of using a poem to describe the film. http://youtu.be/dPYMUnJGURI

• Ideas for the poster trailer include the Jessimine’s face showing her disfiguration. • Another concept for the poster includes the character’s of the film within standing in the field however their eyes will be edited so they are red (or they may way special effects contact lenses). Linking to the idea of occults and vampires.

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