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Narrative Components

Narrative Components


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Published by: Jeffrey on Mar 14, 2007
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Jeffrey Klassen

Kanter – Comm 1016 Narrative Assignment #1 The first form of writing we will be examining this semester will be the narrative form. A narrative is defined as a representation of an event or story. To help facilitate our discussion on the narrative form, please take a few minutes to type out brief/informal responses to the following questions: 1. What makes a good story? Be specific.
A good story contains great character development. This chararacter development causes the observer to be able to relate on some level with the character. When events happen to this character, the observer can relate to these events.

2. What are a couple of your favorite movies? books? songs? Why do you find these particular stories so compelling?
My favorite movies are Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Brave Heart, and Fight Club. My favorite books are Cell, Desperation, both by Stephen King. My favorite songs are Failure By Design by From First to Last and MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday. These stories are so compelling because they either come with a some personal emotional significance or they have some surprising dramatic plot twist.

Your typed responses will be collected for participation points. If you have a song that you feel tells a real meaningful story (through the lyrics/words/language – not simply because you like the music) – feel free to bring it with you to the next class session. We will only have time to play a couple in class – but it will provide an opportunity to see what resonates with your peers. Showing up with a song is not mandatory – and because of time constraints there is no guarantee your song will be listened to – it depends how many people bring songs to the class session. It will be easiest if the song is on a

CD – then it can be played through my computer, and you do not have to bother bringing or connecting your own computer. Songs in mp3 format are possible as well but may be more cumbersome to get playing. Please limit the song you choose to no more than 4 minutes and make sure the lyrics can clearly/easily be heard/understood by someone first listening to the song.

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