Butterflies, our winged friends

Hungary Part 3

We saw a lot of mud puddling behavior. Some studies have expressed that it's a male behavior to obtain food supplements to use as a gift for mating.

Cupido decolorata

Anthocharis cardamines

Satyrium pruni

Euphydryas maturna

Coenonympha glycerion. He tasts if the honey is delicious, whereupon …

he sticks his complete tongue in the flower.

Neptis sappho

Melitaea trivia

Coenonympha arcania

Melitaea cinxia

Scolitantides orion

Erebia medusa

Some butterflies need more sodium than supplied by nectar. In human sweat is alot of salt. That's why this one likes to sit on me.

Polyommatus amandus. In dung are many minerals important for reproduction. But also nourishment.

Zerynthia polyxena

Parnassius mnemosyne

Plebeius argus. Two butterflies flying together symbolize love. A good way to end this presentation of butterflies. Thank you for your interest. Riny en Gerry.

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