Marketing Strategy Planning of a Software Product

Inventory Management Systems Group Members: SM Junaid Hassan 15741  Tahir Mushtaq 12378

Waqas 15774  Baber Ali 12314

Target Market

Quetta City

Marketing Mix
Product:  Inventory Management System Features:  Inventory Management  Record Keeping  Search Records  Bill Calculation  Print Bill

Marketing Mix
Placement:  Self distribution

Marketing Mix
Promotion:  Local newspapers  province wide newspapers  local TV channels  province wide TV channels  radio channels,  pamphlets  billboards etc.

Marketing Mix
Price: (Depends upon)  Customer Requirements  Complexity  Size  Functions  Time

    

Government Organizations Non Government Organizations Public and Private Sector Shopping Malls General Stores Utility Stores Shops etc.

Objectives and Resources:  Capture maximum market share  Expand throughout the country  High on resources (equipment and manpower etc)

  

Only two competitors in market Not much advertisement Fewer products offered

Segmentation and Targeting
Segmenting on basis of type of organization:  Government  Semi Government  Non Government  Businesses

Differentiation and Positioning

Provide free beta, trial or sample software to people, offices, companies to check its quality To conduct survey’s from people about software

S.W.O.T Analysis
Strengths:  New enthusiasm and zeal  Latest equipment  Young and energetic team

S.W.O.T Analysis
Weaknesses:  New company  Not so well established in the market

S.W.O.T Analysis
Opportunities:  Computerization or Automation  Boom in industry  Only 2 competitors in market

S.W.O.T Analysis
Threats:  Law and order situation  Political situation  Instability in region

 

A inventory management system of Madina toy store In next few slides you will see screen shots of the software




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