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During My Internship in BATB

During My Internship in BATB

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Published by Danial Azad

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Published by: Danial Azad on Nov 04, 2012
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During my internship in BATB, I was involved in various supply chain Leaf project.

I was fully integrated members of the project team right from the word go and was also given a lot of responsibility. Due to the ever changing demands made on the project, it was necessary to react quickly to changes and continually come up with new ideas to solve problems. Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to gain an in-depth insight into the world of supply chains in order to understand the processes within the project. All in all, my expectations were exceeded. Challenging tasks, great colleagues and a good team atmosphere made my time at BATB a valuable experience. I would thoroughly recommend a BATB internship to others. The independent organization of challenging projects and the many contacts I made within the company and with external agencies meant that I gained a lot of practical experience. This unique approach allowed me to come away from my internship with not only an improvement in my communication skills, but also with a greater sense of confidence in my ability to contribute in a professional environment. Thought out this journey I came to know that success and responsibility comes together

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