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Jeffrey Klassen

Presentation Plan

Narrowed Topic: Underage Drinking Story

Message: I will communicate to my audience a different side of underage drinking and

some possible negative outcomes that could result from underage drinking.
Audience: My Communication Skills class.
Purpose: To entertain my audience.

Performance Goal: I need to work on keeping this speech within the appropriate time

Attention-getting strategy: How many of you have been caught drinking?
Connection with audience: Just like a few of you, I have and received some pretty
serious consequences from it.
Focus/preview statement: Although drinking may be a social event for many
college students, I had to first-hand experience the negative, darker side of drinking that
is not talked about as much. This seemingly normal activity ended with some serious
consequences for me that I would like you to consider.

I. It all started out on a Saturday evening at a neighborhood party.

A. Offered a drink by a neighbor
B. Went back for several more drinks

II. I wanted more alcohol, so I called up a friend.

A. He came and picked me up
B. Drank a lot at his house
C. This is where things got irresponsible and out of control

III. My friend brought me back to my house and I got into bed

A. I threw up
B. My parents came home and knew something was wrong

IV. My parents called the ambulance

A. I was brought to the ambulance in front of all my neighbors naked
B. A catheter was used

Reconnect: I was not grounded after the night’s events, but my parents went a
long way to let me know they were disappointed with me. This was worse than getting in
trouble. Additionally, I had to apologize to each of my neighbors for what I had done and
what they had seen.
Conclusion: Because of all the embarrassment, this experience was a nightmare
for me. Today, largely because of this experience, I have chosen to make myself alcohol

Presentational Aid: Shot Glass