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Building A Bonfire Answers My local club are putting on Bonfire Night party and building a big bonfire with

h a Guy on the top. The bonfire is a perfect circle around the base that is 8 metres in diameter. The bonfire is also a perfect cone and is 3.5 metres tall.

The club are going to re-turf the area that has been burnt by the bonfire. Calculate how much turf they will need to replace.

Turf costs 4.62 per square metre (not including VAT), and can only be order in whole square metres. Calculate the cost of re-turfing the area.

This price does not include VAT, which is charged at 20%. What is the cost of the turf including VAT?

The club needs to put a fence around the outside of the bonfire, 2 metres away from the fire all the way around. How much fencing do they need?

Someone needs to put the Guy on the top of the bonfire. In order to do this the bonfire needs to be built first, a ladder laid on the surface of the bonfire (before someone lights it!), and someone climbs up the ladder. How long does the ladder have to be to reach the top of the bonfire?

The ladder must be at an angle between 40 and 50 in order for the health and safety officer from the council to allow someone to climb up it. Will the health and safety officer allow someone to climb the ladder? ( )

Yes the health and safety officer will allow someone to put the Guy on

What is the volume of the bonfire? Use the formula for the volume of a cone:

What is the surface area of the bonfire? Use the formula for the curved surface area of the bonfire: