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VOL. CL . . No.

51, 874

Copyright 2012

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... he has dragged an already mean-spirited contest into the gutter with a mailing so offensive that the Post-Gazette has no choice
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 21, 2012




its endorsement of Mr. Mustio.

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Paid for and Authorized by Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee 300 North Second St., 8th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17101 SCA12_004

Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage PAID PA Democratic State Committee

ed candiriously flaw to be a se t elected. ark Mustio Shows M racism to ge l stoop to ate who wil d e of us. Hes not on
Post-G Pittsburgh azette, Apri l 21, 2012

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Voted to cut ou r local schools by $19 million to p ayfor corporate tax breaks.2 Voted to give n atural gas drille rs a free pass on paying their fair share.3

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Mark Mustio

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CHECK THE FACTS: 1. HB 1521of 2005. 2. The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Press Release, 07/16/2012. 3. Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center; House Bill 1950 of 2012.