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Monday, November 5 Yeah thats right, punk is dead, its just another cheap product for the consumers

head. Dont forget your identity Grosse Point Blank 1. Song Analysis: Jake K. 2. Chancellors Dinner this evening. If you have RSVPd that you will be there, please honor that and show up. 3. In groups of 3, take about 7 minutes to come up with some points for clarification/analysis for Arolas Tyranny of Authenticity. This is a difficult article with some subtle writing and connections to many difficult texts. So, as a group ask at least 1 2 questions to help your section make sense. (For a starting point, I suggest you look at the red highlights and text boxes in your section). a. Group 1: Im More Punk Than You p. 3 6. b. Group 2: Sovereignty of Individual p. 6-8. c. Group 3: Impossibility of being alone p. 8-11. d. Group 4: This Whole is false p. 11 13. e. Group 5: This Whole is false p. 13 16. 4. Wednesday songs: Spend, Spend, Spend; The Model / Kraftwerk; Deceptacon (DFA remix) / Le Tigre: Aleeya 5. Remember to bring a draft of your final project to class next Monday and Wednesday.