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The Artwork of

Autotrophic 2012 Digital Media 18x8

El Grotesco 2010 Oil Pastel, Watercolor 18.5x24

The Sentinel Phoenix 2011 Oil Pastel 18.5x24

The Hunter of Backland Bay 2012 Digital Media


What Lies Sleeping Under the Woods

Digital Media 10x10

An Unfortunate Interruption 2012 Digital Media 14x23

Thoreauly Impressed 2010 Scratchboard


The Voodoo Slink

2012 Digital Media 10x10

These Bones Discovered 2010 Watercolor, Sharpie 15x15

The College Alchemist 2012 Pencil 8x15

Witches 3 2011 Digital Media 9x6

Billy and the Beast 2012 Digital Media 11x6

Mischief Leashed; or, Baby Hands

2010 Oil Pastel, Ink, Cut Paper 12x17

My Cliffs Are Alive 2011 Digital Media


The Croaking Man 2011 Digital Media 4x11

View of the Sky, Through a Stairwell

2011 Oil Pastel, Watercolor 15x20

It Sat at the Top of the Hill 2012 Digital Media 13x15

Dead Eyes and the Soul's Fire 2012 Colored Pencils, Pencils 8x15

Thank you!

Papa Monkey Gives Us The Stars 2012

Digital Media 18x11