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Hi Endah Mangunsong, Than you for choosing Site5 for your reseller hosting needs!

This email contain s the vital information so that you can get started with your new Site5 reseller hosting account. Login Information ----------------This login information can be used to connect to your account using your FTP app as well as logging into the cPanel and WHM control panels. Domain Name: bata Account IP: boy/rl Username: bata boy Password: xXZlGuI4YuO (sianipar1991) cPanel: WHM: As a security precaution, we suggest that you change your password as soon as po ssible to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Your reseller domain account has been preconfigured with the following quotas: 5 GB dis space and 50 GB bandwidth. You may adjust these quotas as needed within WHM. DNS / Nameserver Information ---------------------------URL: https://bac Email: superman@geliti .in Password: 20041991 If you wish to create custom nameservers, you will need to use the following inf ormation: ns1.bata - ns2.bata - Many registrars have a control panel that will allow you to create nameservers. Our KnowledgeBase contains instructions for many popular registrars: http:// b.s If you would prefer, you may also use our generic default nameservers: It may ta e up to 24 hours for the nameserver update to ta e effect. Customer Service ---------------If you have any questions regarding your account, feel free to browse and search our extensive KnowledgeBase! Here you'll find numerous articles, tutorials, and videos to assist you with your web hosting account. Additionally, our team is a lways here to answer any questions you may have! Visit our website for additiona l lin s and information:













We're loo ing forward to providing you with exceptional service! Than s. The Site5 Team       .com/support/ Again.http://www. we than you for choosing Site5 for your web hosting needs.site5.