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Sid Roth Articles It was really amazing, in fact one of the most interesting things we found out w hen

this whole thing was over with; he said I need to take you to my car sid rot h broadcast. So he took us to his car and pulled out an ax. He said I had this a x, I was on my way to murder somebody, I couldn t take it anymore; I was going to ki ll. And he said I don t need this anymore, take the ax. So I took the ax and I hande d it to one of the pastors that was there. This was a Christian man; this was a man struggling to love God but so eaten up with rage inside for this horrible th ing that his father did to him. And in coming back to what we said a little earl ier, let me just point out something sid roth supernatural tv, when you deal wit h the devil like I do, when you are constantly having these power encounters wit h the forces of darkness, that s why you take everything much more seriously than th e average Christian would. Sid Roth Articles