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Year 8 Food Design Class

Fusion Pasta Planning document

Team member names Chase and Pimboon

Cooking lesson date and day: Friday 19th of October Ingredients and amount: Ingredient Amount
American sausage Minced pork Lemon (juice) Fish sauce Onion Thai rice-ish thing Thai basil Chili Olive oil Canola oil Salt Flour Serves: 3 people

Period: 4

Dish name: Thai and American pasta, fusion dish Equipment and preparation: Knifes (preferably large cutting knifes) Boil water at the start Prepare fresh spaghetti-from scratch (30 or more minutes before. Mix 100g of flour together with 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 egg- and wrap in clear wrap to set) 5 small metal bowls Large plate for final product Large spatula to stir larb and sausages 2 pans for larb and sausages Chopping board Pasta roller

1 pack 1 pack 2 1 bottle 2 1 pack 1 pack 1 pack 2 tbsp 1 tbsp 1tsp 100g

School buy No

We buy

Yes (Chase) No Yes (Pimboon) No Yes (Chase) No Yes (Pimboon) No Yes (Pimboon) No Yes (Pimboon) No Yes (Chase) No Yes (Pimboon) Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Time: 1 hour

Method / Instructions with times: 1. Set the water to boil with salt (2 min) 2. Prepare spaghetti by taking the spaghetti out of the clear wrap, roll into the machine on level 2, then 2 again, then 5, then 8, and finally make it into strings(15 min) 3. Spaghetti should be added into the heated water; wait until it starts to boil and dip the bowl of pasta and dip into the stringer to allow the water to seep through (5 min) 4. Prepare larb (Thai); Fry minced pork, add a drizzle of water, stir until it is cooked, add lemon juice and fish sauce, add mashed chili and Thai thing, once you think its okay taste it and add basil and onion, get it out of the pan; (10 min) 5. Preparing the sausages: collect pan, cover with olive oil, slice sausage weenies into diagonal cuts , and cook on pan for 1 minute or until it is slightly brown(5 min) 6. Save some Thai basil for decorating the dish (5 min) 7. Spaghetti should be done and the larb/sausages should be on the final products stage; Spaghetti should be added first then larb/sausages 8. Ready to be presented