AAET - Transistor AAJT - A large temperature drop across the dri... AALB - 30 litres pr. nautical mile.

AAWE - lowering of at least one lifeboat after... ABAF - He has control of the navigation and mo... ABAM - Cavitation ABBG - Figure 1 ABDQ - Water Pump Pliers ABEN - not less than 180m ABFC - One long blast followed by two short bl... ABHV - Forward breast line is given by C on th... ABKJ - By soft machine scrubbing with red pad... ABLH - Yes, even if he/ she did not die while... ABPJ - The employer/master. ACAJ - Secure hatches ACBX - To avoid pollution. ACGC - Ensure that the chart and the GPS use s... ACKJ - Chemical foams ACMU - Atmosphere is not combustible in either... ACPG - By smothering and also by providing som... ACXK - 2 h, 2 candelas (about 1,7 mile range a... ACYL - Notify the Chief Officer or officer on... ADLS - Charts, nautical publications, GMDSS lo... ADNN - Machinery spaces of category A ADTB - Because they wanted to make sure that t... ADVC - Yes - any consular official can detain... AECJ - The water can be applied in a fine spra... AECL - Sodium Hydroxide Solution AEFB - First aspect confirm death. Notify comp... AEKV - Every three months AEMQ - Red AENE - To prevent the steam and water in the b... AEOG - To determine wether the ship is seawort... AEPT - Disperse or dissolve the oil into the w... AEPV - Yes, the bottles can be dumped if they... AFCL - 5% by volume. AFRF - routine AFTY - select the telex in on-line position AFYY - When unsaturated chemical compounds are... AGCH - Flat file AGEC - A tank is only to be considered as gas... AGGL - All mentioned. AGGM - Fairlead is given by C on the figure AGLK - 30 months / 5 years AGRJ - Get out of the engine room as soon as p... AGXI - High delivery pressure AGYC - Specific heat AHCF - does not sustain burning or continue me...

AHCJ - This call will normally be followed by... AHGM - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Bea... AHIC - 23:23 AHIF - at least 12 distributed on both sides o... AHJU - To avoid uncontrolled decomposition the... AHTR - The HSE has authority only where an int... AHWA - Vessels with bulbous bow, LPG- and LNG-... AHWE - Panama lead is given by C on the figure... AHWF - Tell the jettyman to stop loading immed... AHXB - outside the sea areas A1, A2 and A3 AIGK - Good eyesight and able to communicate w... AIHG - Water-tube boilers are more efficient a... AIIW - The bottom washing starts whilst there... AINU - Checking that passengers and crew are s... AINY - F1B AIQE - Stop the washing process and not resume... AISX - Near to the deck, crawl out keeping you... AISY - Test pressure equal to 1.5 times the ma... AIWE - have separate draining pumps of suffici... AIWH - Start water-spray AIXA - A 2 stroke engine has an ignition every... AJBF - In Section 6 of the Act. AJMX - Vitamin B AJSP - SARSAT-COSPAS EPIRBS AJUH - Every four years AJWX - interrupt AJXS - 0,5 - 1 watt AKAH - Cavitation AKAJ - Insufficient amount of bowl closing wat... AKFY - Any of the below AKQA - At such locations that at least two jet... AKRP - During loading/discharging of persisten... AKRT - 1 min AKRW - the sea areas ALEN - Orange ALIJ - Yes. ALUC - Public announcement system to be used f... AMAX - two efficient painters AMDH - Alarm instruction AMDJ - Act according to the check list "during... AMEG - G2B AMGW - Employment agreement, report on seamen... AMHQ - He shall arrange for proper care within... AMMR - Every 5 years AMPX - In the cargo tanks we use either float... AMWO - Stretch a painter from fore to aft AMYI - red ANBU - In the port where the occurance took pl...

ANDG - starting and operating the lifeboat eng... ANML - Protect against corrosion ANMN - Fresh water system failure ANNG - Capacitor ANOY - 4 ANQS - Steering gear and alarm system ANSH - As the piston passes "The Lubrication P... ANSK - Decreasing the speed of rotation will d... ANSM - Rectifier ANXC - The Chief Engineer AOBP - Open steam valve very slowly, consideri... AOBR - Valve in the outlet line partly closed.... AODG - Immediately stop the discharging. AOHG - Once a week. AOHJ - The AB's Certificate (or equivalent), t... AOJD - 17 - 20 ?C AOMD - Piston rod AOML - 2.15 V AOQQ - Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre AOWN - Maritime Mobile Service Identity AOYB - details of the general emergency alarm... APAO - The water level is between the water co... APGH - Have all scuppers plugged APGN - Notify Ch.Eng., find cause of leakage,... APHL - Collect water/cargo to be pumped out APKM - They are going to weigh the anchor APKU - After 20 minutes APLT - Collect rain water APRH - 20 000 dwt AQAM - Sufficient amount for fifteen hours ope... AQBL - The assistance of the vessel is no long... AQBN - the sun AQCA - A thick rope to tie up the ship. AQCC - OSC to be designated by an appropriate... AQEO - By soft machine scrubbing with red pad... AQEY - 1,5 Bar AQHE - booster pump coming on the line and dis... AQSA - Foam that is not a "alcohol resistant"... ARAF - Two lettres ARAJ - 10-200 ARGA - an EGC-message destined for ships of a... ARGG - Means of Access Regs ARJL - It requires less maintenance ARMX - All answers ARNT - Exhaust valve ARQG - With IOPP certificate we mean Internati... ARSY - Jacket water cooler is clogged. ARUM - No, food waste can not be dumped overbo...

Air in the fuel oil system. flow rate.user of the installation AUNF . AWUU . ATVX .1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver . . AWMI .Ship's name... AXVM ... ASQX .Regulating freon liquid flow to the eva.Tell the deck officer to hoist the red f. ATLV . AVDC .... Official number...On the Scene Co-ordinator AXRH ...be secured in a manner as not to interf.. AWYW .By producing and making available anony.NCS common channel AXHH .... AUBY . AVFY . AWAO .Only when the design temperature is bel...Milk and cheese AUIJ .ground wave AUAY ...only to certificate holders AVED . temperat..An approved hook with a locking device ASUJ ..To prevent combustion gases to flow bac.He is looking for navigational dangers.A substance with a viscosity equal to o..Applying 12 .J3E AUIH .The ITU List of Callsigns and Numerical.the speed of light AVCH .Checking that life-jackets are correctl.To improve the sealing surface between.Broken water seal. AUSG .Yes...To make sure gas pressure can enter fre.They can have hold back hooks not subje... AVHN ..nine digits.8 minutes AUDN .2182 Hz AYQI .Oil Detection Monitoring Equipment.... potato dumplings.. AVBU . BABO ..Air draught is given by C on the figure. AVSJ . AVGU .... BABS . one if the ship is under 500 brt. AVXJ . AYRG .Density. AWXG .Salted meat and ham.Any of the mentioned alternatives. AWAW . AYHH .To ensure that the proper residuals of.. b.1..jump from a height of not less than 4.....ASQC . AUYI .. AXYU ....At exits and in corridors AVGT .High air/fuel ratio rises the condensat.The Master? AXEV . viscosity. beginning by 4 AYOU .position ASYN . AWWH ...(ODM. AWPR .All the listed alternatives AXTU .15% nitric acid on tank s.5.. ASXU .. Length.85% of the gas can be discharged into t.Slagging. AXSB .the direction of the electrical field ATCS .Throughput too high... A. AVOC ....Lower the viscosity and improve purific.

.Use a water extinguisher to put out the. BDNB . BAUP ...Twistlocks? BCTN . BEJM ..Rocket parachute flares BFCW . BDXV . BDRD ..He wants the Chief Officer to organise..the use of SART transponders BAQT .At the beginning of every watch BCKQ ... BFHQ ....Semi-refrigerated gas carrier can be di.Bringing the engine up to sufficient nu.5 compressions after every 1 inflation BADL .Latex BAWI . BAEY .Milk BCVP ..Same as certificate to which it applies. BAFT ....By soft machine scrubbing with red pad.. BDPJ . BFBF . BAIH .. BAIE .All members of the crew BDRI .....He will find a lubricating chart in the. BAPV . BAIF .Careful ahead manoeuvring BCET .if the whip-antenna is replaced by an a. BFGX .Quay is given by A on the figure BANY ...Release gripes BBHF ..Stop operation? BCCE .The Chief Officer wants the 1st Enginee.Loading cargo "on top" of the oil and c....Make the tug fast on port shoulder to p.That the combustion chamber of the boil...one buoyant line. BEXX .All ships of 500 tons gross and upward. BBVQ .. BFIK . . BAEB .Tug towing line is given by D on the fi.a jack-knife attached by a lanyard BBDF .A class fire door self closing BCAR .. BEJI .Reject the offer? BELE .8 tons..Send a distress message and collect sur.By muster lists exhibited in conspicuou.Isomer compounds is substances with sam.For at least three years BCXU . BCQL .. not less than 50m in.. BAUN ..must be replaced before the expiry date... BEOP .In case of major work the fire main sha.Bleed off may be taken from any of the.. make use o.. BFHW . BBAU . BBCC .one set of fishing tackle BAIG . BCLO ..She will turn to port and the speed wil.To confirm to public supervisory author.Permits the passage of vapor but not of...........Identify the extent of damage to own ve..Calculation 3 is correct. BFEN .Fluids (liquids)..BACN .Too high amplification BFGY .in radiotelex-traffic in the MF/HF band.. BFDT ..Carry out a risk assessment.

. BLAR .. BFSL .. BGBB . BHTC . safety shoes.don a lifejacket without assistance BFIR ...All the mentioned alternatives.. C.To relieve excessive high pressure in t.025 et 121.No.. BHWN .... BINY .rescue boat BHIJ . BLFH . the Se...Improve the scaling surface function.40 meters BKKM . BHUW . BIUQ . BKNU . BIND .. BLIR . BGJK .Swelling below the bandage and heavy pa. BKGJ .Minimum eight crew members..Radar transponder BLDX . BLGF . to avoid oil.On area A1 this function is based on th. BJPV ... BLAK ..7 bar BJJW .. BKTW .326.an EGC-message destined for ships with...lifebuoy BIYB .be secured in the lifeboat (except boat..Radiotelephony . BLCD .Line throwing appliance BLXW . gloves...Making the grab bucket open and close.fading BHTY .Fuel with a flash point of 44 ?C or more.When the design temperature is below -5.Maximum cargo tank pressure on an fully..5 MHz BLWW ..Protecting cloths.Single sideband suppre.100 ohm at 0 ?C BIPR .Lube oil cooler BHFX .10 Degr.. BGDM ..BFIN .Atmosphere is not combustible in either. i.Pre-wash the tanks with cold water firs.6 Mt BHSE .A signal representing 0 = "low" and 1 =. BIWP . the sea water pumps are still runni.A deck officer or certificated person s.To minimize the scale formation...an efficient radar reflector (or radar.. BFJI ....Ammonium nitrate? BFNO .VHF / W-T .A device which prevents an operation of.In case of bursting pipe. BFKF .6 air changes per hour BFTI .. BIOW . BJKR .....They have had problems securing the gan. BKGK ..SOLAS BLDC ..245329000 BKQG ..That the MARVS is less than 0...a sea-anchor with a hawser of more than..406.. BLXA .5 .They will be closed if the ship get a d..Ionisation. BFQW .Channel 16 BLBF .Controlled closing of fire doors BJRE .No openings in sides and bottom BFTH .

BQAQ .. BNPF .Because they expected the harbor pilot.Secure hatches BQDK .-79 ?C BQYD . BNXR . 10 kilo-ohms. BMIR ...Frequency shift ke...Yes BQNG .. BMTQ ..NAVTEX-receiver BRJT .When a Panama Canal pilot is onboard BOLT . BQQR ... BRXD . BOKC ..Survival suit and lifeline BOTH .Lubricating oil. BRKU .Separation with correct temperature and.. BMLK ...... BONM ..List of Call Signs and Numerical Identi.The method and use of sea-anchors (drog..the use of VHF DSC BNXP . 13 & 16 BNKJ ...Do not carry lighters or matches on the.Excessive cooling water velocity BNLE .Radiotelex and DSC ..Figure 1 BNOQ . BPEX .The Gulf of Mexico BQCL .4 ?C BMWY .. BQFB .There is 5 special area where it is for.That the shipowner is a Norwegian subje. BOXP ..Figure 3 BOIO .the use of MF and/or VHF R/T BRDD ....Connect bonding cable then connect hose. BOGC .To neutralize the acids occurring in th.a DSC-message for all vessels within ce.Reduce motor speed by about 10% BRUR .A number of lifejackets equal to at lea..weekly BOGV .BMES .All the answers are good BQIE .It could poison the fresh water if leak.....on duplex basis BMKP .Channels 6.Bridge is given by A on the figure BRKR .The main purpose with booster pumps is. .EPIRB BNEO . membrane tanks is normally designed.MF BQFY .Potentiometer....... BOTK . BNUC . BOTI .Act according to the check list "during.No.In G3E mode . BQAS . BRXF .Either of the mentioned alternatives. BPDK ..Stop all cargo operations and close the. and t. BRCF .Anti-alcohol foam BRRN .brass knife BOIQ ..MCA BQKT .Increase the dosage of chemicals. BQRJ ...Sufficient amount for 15 hours of opera....Upper Flammable Level / Lower Flammable..Check that the painter is made fast to.

. flames..anti-seasickness medicine and one seasi.The Secretary of State responsible for.It confirms that a ship has been "carve. lifeline. ..Constructed of non-combustible material..Liquefied gases is defined as chemicals. BSME .9 digits BUAI .30 L/nm BUDW ..All those listed in the other alternati.After 20 minutes BSAQ .Plan for safety preparedness BUGD .. BVKI . r.60 ?C BWSO ..listen out on VHF channel 16 BWKE .The Master? BSYR .L(S) = 4 H BSVK ..16 times 0..If time permits.. BWVB ..requesting an "automatic linetest" BUOO .gases.distress alerting BSDA .Provisions on maritime inquiry and deat. a ship can be detained on hygiene.322753810 BVES . BWEG .Both persons in charge BSNH . BUAK ..the nature of distress is unknown BWEI .10 minutes BVTJ .Air from stage one goes through dischar.BRYX ..Once a year/18 months BUCX ..with weak incoming signals distortion i..Either of the mentioned alternatives.Two BVJN . send someone to try to. BTHE ..The Part Flow System makes it possible.Figure 1.Metals BSJY . BUWV ...a liquid that mixes with water BSHD .. BSVJ .loss of suction BTPM ... BVQC . BTNT .the applicant on board wishes to have a.17 SDR BURD .Airway Breathing Circulation BUFM .Too lean ( less than 2% by volume of hy.Muster and embarkation stations shall b.Excessive cooling water velocity BWKG . BSTU ...VHF-channel 87 BVJQ . BTBL .. BTTW .Yes. BWWT ....90 Centigrades..Tank top BTOO .. smoke and heat BTES ..Figure 1 BSNI . BSMJ . BTVE ... BSPO . BSFK ...Before the tank is entered...Ensure adequate circulation in all cond. BTKK . BWLW .. BUOR ..85 .As a safety net.It allows the wearer to jump from heigh. for improved cleaning.

Air from stage one goes through dischar..S.Walk to a smoking area inside the accom..at sea...6 times the hose diameter.. slowdown.In ports only CCEH .Automatic gain control CEBM .. st.by start.As instructed by the helicopter pilot CBBT . BXKD . CBUI . CDWK .About 80 % CBEC .Too little gas in the system.BXFY ..2182KHz CABT ...All of the mentioned actions CADH .. BYIN . CCOF .Emergency shut down....Someone of at least school leaving age. CAFG . liquid and gases CDJY .Viscosity. CBJF . outside territorial waters.Do nothing. .. CDRH .equipping of the survival craft BXPC .5 and 2182 KHz BYSG . CCOE .Alarm.200 cm CCML . CABE .You set watch on channel 2182 KHz CDBN . CABB .A BYKV . and. BXUA .2187..12 h CCCT . CBAH .Cinnamon BYMK .... BYMI .. CDWF ..Provide a replaceable wear surface for. CBHK .Broken water seal..Yes.Report to the chief officer or chief en.....98 Centigrades.A duly completed application with certi..All personnel onboard (crew and passeng. CBYE .Where the ship has passenger spaces bel. shutdown CAFE .Ahead is given by A on the figure CAGV . CCNF .U.As near as possible to the ship's manif.. BYKX . CEHB .A throughput of at least 400 litters a.once a month CBTH . BYKY ..Computer-aided maintenance CDVT .. BYSN .Maximum 8 hours per day..On area A4 this function is based on th..Leave him in bed or request him to have.Exhaust gas temperatures are higher tha. on a form prescribed or approved b. or 40 hours pe...White or light grey to ensure all minor. CAGF .By use of a float switch or differentia.AVR and speed governor CEIB .. CCSF .Figure 1 BYAU ..Solid.Search and Rescue radar transponder CBHQ ..

. CFGH ...25 times the maximum working pressure.He should be aware of the steel thickne.Because a cook handles food and beverag. CFBL .A bolt in every hole CFXD .month CJLY .With this type of material the hatches..CO2.... CETS .Because he was married...They will be closed if the ship get a d.the height of the antenna CJUB .. CHQA .The speed should be less than 5 knots.A 2 stroke engine has an ignition every.Safety shoes or safety boots CHYN ...Yes.. CHHV . CEME .When manoeuvring? CFHB .doing a "linktest" CHQC .adjust the threshold level for admittin...To obtain a proper sealing and correct..1 year CIUL ..0....Deck cargo shall not block emergency ex.. CGXV . CGON . CEOV ...They can bring any seafarer involved in.Donning of fire protection clothing CHMA .One minute.a light plus a whistle CHRB . CGXS .7 bar? CKBY ... CGDW .Ship owner has Document of Compliance i.measured by the "dopler" shift in the s. CFSA ... CHRU .All answers are goods CFDU ..Strainer in operating water low-pressur. CIUK .. CHNU .For minimum 3 years CETX . CIIO . CGUH .. CHXS .Chemical.a manually controlled lamp fitted on th.1.Because they wanted to make sure that t.All of the mentioned equipment..The clearance between the rocker arm an..Make it possible to retain most of the. CKAY ... CIAG .... CIPM . CFWG .. inform USCG and Qualifi.... physical or mechanical foams CIMU ... CGAH .VHF and MF CEPQ ..F1B CGER .. CFBM .The smallest diameter piston is the sta... CKAU .. actua..Report to bridge or duty officer. CHPK .1:4 CGAJ .Stop discharge..Great circle CJNR .Insulated on both sides with approved n.R(L) = R(s) CFOP . CFYN . . CEJU .the use of SART transponders CJNM .All alarms are reengaged prior to switc... the turning diameter will increase.CEIC ..Allow removal of the sensor also when l.

.Any of the listed alternatives. CNNX ..All the mentioned alternatives COHV . CKII .To the Master COJV .Diesel oil leakage to the lub oil syste.Blow the boiler and renew water until. CKSJ .They tend to contain heavy vapours inbo. COYW ...The Master CMOA .Periods not exceeding 3 months CKSH ..The "Abandon ship" signal is not specif.Diamond and graphite... CNSU .For all vessels.Act 18 June 1971 relating to enrolment.All of these. CMET .. CLIB .A sink is always needed irrespective of. COHG .. as far as possible.MAYDAY CKPA .always passed on to a LUT COOQ .Not more than 10 minutes CMLL .all sea-areas (A1 to A4) CMWC ..75 Kg CKIH .. CKHN . CLUS .. CNQH ...Comparing input and output values again. CNOS ..The master of a ship who coordinates o.kkkk CMJB . CPEQ .Vitamin C COKQ . CPDR .. CONY .Port quarter is given by D on the figur.If any of the main registered particula..At least two sets of instruments to det..The difference between possible maximum..Quay is given by A on the figure CMWH .. CKRM .Endeavour to hold the anchored/yawing v. CNLM ...15 compressions followed by 2 full vent...20 seconds or less CKHS .40 gr of each CLYV .except f.. CPKJ .the volume COVL ..CKFA . CLPR ...are a fire hazard because they are liab..almost rectilinear CQDW ..only be given receipt when the ship is.The water supply hoses contain internal.. CPIY .Above the bulkhead deck CNQG ...ability to make weak stations audible CPLH . CLAV .Allow for increase in water volume CLNB .. CPNV .In case of a bursting pipe.. to avoid oi.48 hours CKLT .The two gases is Freon 22 and carbon mo..Immediate availability of water for at.it allows the wearer to jump from heigh.. CLUU ...watertight. ....Prevent excessive furnace heat losses CKPX . CLWK .all the answers are good CPAK .. CMTS ..

Into the crankcase and mix with the lub. urgency traffic.To prevent serious damages on main comp..CQHR ... CWTT ..A manually operated release system only..Check the ballast tanks for oil after t.MCA..Pushing on ship's flat side and make fa... CVXG .all of the alternatives together CRBQ .Lenght overall is given by B on the fig.Smoke going out the stack CRCR . CTDH .nine digits.Floor space is usually more valuable th.......Caps and cocks should be closed at all. safe.. CTCN .. CRIL . CRBD . CXSS .have permanent boarding arrangements on.At least once a watch CVTV .As low as possible. CRQB .Separation with correct temperature and. Bureau Veritas.Distress traffic.... Lloyds Register.Too fast CUCG ..R(S) =18 ohm CUFX .. ..Use the rudder hard over both sides whi.All the spaces mentioned CVOV .To prevent freon condensing when the co. CWWY .Pressure to electric current converter.Crankshaft CUAR .The number of persons should be clearly...Serial adapter CVXD ...... CTLR .It satisfies the SOLAS requirements for.....The bows of the ships will be pushed aw.the identification of the vessel in dis.On the fire control plans CUCJ .It should be avoided. CRUE .. CWTR .... CTTE . CWOQ . CVYY .1..Connect to the hydrant before lowering..The Norwegian Maritime Directorate CQUI .be made of fire-retardant material CSFC .. CRTJ .. CWNW .Fire is easily spread in dust and trash.... CRRP .....To improve the sealing surface between. CVXY . CVNA .All the items mentioned CUCF .. CUBK ..Radio Regulations CWVH .Method to measure alkalinity and acidit. CYGF .Give the coating time to "weather out"..To prevent freon condensing when the co.. CXDQ .. beginning by 6 CSOC . CVTQ .To avoid the compressor-oil to disappe. CRQT .MAYDAY RELAY CSOE .. CQYK . CWBD . CXXR .is intended for radio traffic onboard o...F1B CSGX .The atmosphere should be gas free and c.. CVAP .. D.15 Ohms CUYC . unless the tank a..Once every month CQXU .

..To allow at least 3 hours of operation DAPI .. DADV .By muster lists exhibited in conspicuou.summoning of passengers and crew to mus.3150 m3 per hour. CYJI .By double blank flanges with a drain be.There must always be one man on the shi. DCVC ..Check the cargo tanks for water prior t.Lubricate the piston rings..CYGG . DEJE ..2 sec DDMT ... DCAJ .Gravity disc is too small.. DBSU ..The dispersing additives in lubricating. DEVQ .It is both a prevention and protection.Stuffing box.To keep the valve in correct position a.. CYVA .Portable bridge between ship and shore... DCJM . DECM . CYKL ..Floor space is usually more valuable th... DABD ..1 litre DBOR . she will.O.FEC mode .. DCQC . DBWC . DCLC .. DCSN ..Heavy fuel oil leakage to the lub oil s... DDTI .uncompanded channels DCXP .Seafarers employed or engaged on board.it has windows to admit sufficient dayl...Open the flue gas isolating valve DDGB . DFHM .To isolate the fuel source before extin.95 Celsius CYHA ...A carbon dioxide (CO2) system DFCK . DCSL ..100 mm/water gauge.The diesel speed and excitation current. DDNQ .muster station DCQD .Seven or more short blasts followed by. DAQE . DBRD .....10% of the number of persons the lifera. Flow rate is..to exclusively receive MSI-reports mean...Bollard is given by D on the figure DBUF ..W deems it necessary DABI – Mackerel DADR . DFDI ...When you put rudder amidships.Starboard bow is given by A on the figu.. DERP . DCQB . pr.Space protected by foam DCKH . DBXA ...The installation shall include equipmen.Cover all exposed parts of the body..the O.2 DAVJ ..Use the "cleaning in place" arrangement... DECL .. DDIQ .1250 m3 DAYP ..15 minutes DBBK .. DENE .Stop discharge..Proportional + integral (PI) DFLS ..

.Start with intermittent firing.. DLCB .Thermocouple sensor DFXG . DFSN .15 ?C DGGM .1.Reject it? DHJB .25.Aft part of the tank-deck DIKM .Conductivity test.Starboard quarter is given by C on the.Survival craft distress pyrotechnic sig..3 Bar. DJQG .. DHNG . DGRI ..Glycerine is compatible with both of th..Frequency shift ke.A unit composed of trained personnel su..summoning of passengers and crew to mus.Radiotelex and DSC ..until . DKXP . DFPX ..1.The ship's master DJDV . 45.The entering permit shall be based on t.All the listed alternatives DFYJ . DGII .. DIKP .. DFYB .Carbon dioxide DFTX . DIHC .Figure 2. DHUV ...Two prolonged blasts on the whistle at.safety belts to be designed to hold a p...Safety call DHIB .. DGXM ...Every 5 years .FleetNET DLGY .. DJDA .5 ?C per hour after the first 0..A short circuit occurs between earth fa.A transducer that converts a known elec.A thorough ventilation of the combustio..At all times DGRN . or 70 mm DFYE . DLGB .. DGTC ..5h imm.21% oxygen by volume and 0% hydrocarbon..Clearing escape routes DGXD ....Adjustable wrench DGLL .Trip/stop all nonessential loads that a. DIEP .To obtain a proper sealing and correct. DKQF . DGTV .. DLDN .Checking the moorings for tightness/sla.. DKWV .DFMI ..45% of the total volume of the space DFXE .70 DLJM .Harness with a rope secured to a safe p.. using s. DJGL .3 sets DGRL ..The signal out from a thermocouple is m. DGXC .A combination of hydrocarbons.. DIKR ..a painter attached to the release devic..44 MB DHPR .. DHKT .Lower explosive limit.Non-combustible material DFQS .. DJFM ...How to muster at the assigned stations DKKG .1. DJJP ....All the mentioned alternatives.Lower lifeboat to water DGKR .

The main supply valves in the deck stor.. DMKV . DQEU .Radiotelephony ..skates and fenders to facilitate launch.4-20mA/3-15 PSI DQVN ..always allowed DPHL . DOKA . DNJE . . temperat.8364 kHz DOBR ....immersion suit DOPY .. DQUN . DNSL . DNNI . DMDI .At least four sets DOHO .. DOFY .They are liable to spontaneous combusti....Very large crude carrier...Weather on-scene.one boat-hook DOOF . DQUJ ..Emergency lighting DOWR .It will move aft as the ship slows down.Single sideband suppre. flow rate.Change the lube oil.SART transponder DMVB ..15 m DOOU ....2912 hours DOAB .A receipt issued by the Chief Officer.We are controlling the process inlet si.when its area is of 4m? or more DQAI .LUT DQIC .Name of every crew member...Weekly DNSN .1 member DQUP . DQKN .A period not exceeding 48 months DQWG . DPMI . DPOW . DMUE ..The temperature is equal to or over the.DLNN ... viscosity.. reference nu.Stop the separator and drain the water...In emergency generators DQSB . DPWH ...Yes. all crew must be able to communica.Reduce speed and use soot blowers if so..Density.Nitro glycerine tablets. DNOC .Sinkage is the change in draft a vessel.The same as suction pressure..... DODH ......It will try to reduce the deviation bet..Call the bridge and request for positio. DRKO .On the fire control plans DMGW . DOTF .. DNLN .For personnel assigned to shipboard dut.3 DOBS .Discharge the washing to shore receptio.. DPYV ...When the boiler is firing on high rate. DPEX .The location and capacity of all fuel a... DRIU . DLVY .A 60 DMFA .8 hours DNKB .One for each person on board who is not. DPAO ..At all times when identified as a contr. DQVH . DOGT .Multistage centrifugal.

. EAHL . DUAG . DRYM ..arrangements for providing an adequate v.Rotterdam. EAAC ....... EATY .At least once every month by a responsi..Pressure-relive valve setting should no.200 gr DYIY .Yes. DYCH .This is "SAINT-ROMAIN" DYOS . DTHW .20 metres EAKC . sc....10 minutes DYHB .. DSPL ..Easy accessible by the gangway DXND .Ensure all doors are in closed position.3 .Figure 2 DTEH .Radiotelephony ..Separation with correct temperature and.the use of HF DSC and INMARSAT C SAFETY.1100 DRVC .All Stations .The appointed lifeboat commander DRMV .Pilotage is compulsory and the pilot is..... DXUT .Capillary tube DWPW ..FEC DTSU ..The types of compressors are piston.Use protective equipment where necessar.Faulty governor.Once every month DYBF ..S-Band Radar.From the condenser. adjust and isolate all mach..DRKP ..Lower lifeboat to water DXBP . DSYM .. DXRL .unknown DYSA .Single sideband full c.Three hours DWBT ..To by-pass. DWKU .. DSVC ... Deck officer and enginee. DYLL ....A contract between Master/Owner and Shi. DVUW .7 DTBA ... DWGW .To store quantities of oil at working p.. DRMB .is fitted with a light and a whistle .. DSIQ .9. EAUS . DVHQ .Any of the others.is within radio traffic range of at lea..Direction B DSIY ..Fixed CO2 fire-extinguisher system DXLK .Fixed known objects on the shore DTIR ..All working spaces accessible by the cr. DVGA ..Insufficient amount of bowl closing wat.The three international conventions tha..Steel or stainless steel.. DTBG .Remove any oil or scum on water surface. all kind of food waste can be dump. DTRU . the Netherlands DWYY .8. DWFA .it allows the wearer to jump from any h.Notify Master. DWOF . DWRP .. DYHH .. EAWN .Three years after the last note was mad.

EEHC .Risk of deposits on heat transmitting s.Raise the feed water temperature.Go to your lifeboat station (muster sta. EECH .The meteorological station connected wi.Making the crane jib move from side to. bulk carriers..also after 1 February 1999 EFHP . EEYR .On the cargo tank area all time? EDPP .Because certain types of dry powder can....automatically comparing the message ear. ECLL .Passenger ships.All the answers are good EEFI . EDCE ..The speed of the shock wave created by. EDWG .1620 Mt EEAM . EBLR . ECKQ .. and th. ECHF . it is important t. only those listed in the Seamen's A..Have one slack tank as last tank EBOE .Cargo holds and engine rooms EBWH . EGNN . EBRI .. EDRB ..Three months.The deck log book EGNI . EFRC .In case of accidents. More readings should be taken and s. EGCP ..The deck officer of the highest rank pr..+ 4 ?C ECSD .must not be passed on EDHG . ro-ro's..... EEDP .. EFVH ...Ensure all doors are in closed position...Safe working load ECMI .Bi-stable flip-flop ECOS .. sugar drink or something sw.To respond to oil pollution and take ap. EFRB ...VI EGHM .No..immersion suit ECTR ..It is the number of revolutions... EDKO .1) 5 tons 2) 5 tons EBPS .. EFBE ...No... ECSV . EFAD .geostationary orbits EGBB .EAXB ....He is asking about the position of the.We use inert gas to purge out cargo vap. EEBG .a license EFFH ....Stop the bunkering until safe communic...Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhe.To lubricate and cool the engine.Freeboard is given by B on the figure ECAT . EBAV ...Cut it with the safety knife stowed on.Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual.The blower air inlet EBOX .3 litres EECD . EFHR ..In the muster list.Sugar lump..Centrifugal force EDXV .all of the above-mentioned ..a possibility to receive MSI EBAU . EDFH . EFOM .

.With the pointer of the synchronoscope..... for improved cleaning.Line throwing appliance EKXF .5 litre EKTV . EMIR .1 year EJLQ .Daily EHNJ .In and outlet temperatures. beginning with a four (4).... EKUQ .There are three main reliquefaction sys....Turned at intervals of not more than 30.Leave the engine room immediately. EJJC .+ 18. EGSU . EIQQ .Leakages from seawater coolers ELOW . EMKL .Nine digits.4 EKLO ...Herring EHMQ .the use of HF DSC and INMARSAT C SAFETY.In suitable lockers easily accessible..The use of devices for protection in la.1..burn with a bright orange colour EJYA ..... ELQP ...Exhaust valve EHLP . ELOQ . EMBD .The way to board.....2 EIHP .Between 3% and 6% EKYY ..75 ?C ELDW .One fire hose forward and aft of the ma..Valve in the outlet line partly closed.. EIGQ . and flow ra.Anchor watch responsibility rests with. EKLM .Make sure that the compartment has been..Sweep holds clean first and lift out so.two boat-hooks EHVA ..EGOG . ELVJ .10 minutes ELPL .To remove the oxygen and by that avoid..The Flag State language with copies in.At all times EJAA . EJQO . EJAR .GMDSS ELXB .. ELTY ..4 . . ELPO .the use of VHF DSC EHEB ..Centrifugal separator...Because that was the safest passage con.5 ?C EHQX .... EICL .. launch and clear the. EHWT .. EKWG .Differentiator.. EMKK .Radiotelephony . EIXM .The vessel anchoring assumes responsibi. EKUL ..5 bar EJBR . ELER ..The stevedore superintendent? EJCH .tools for minor adjustments to the engi..Temperature-control EKAR .. EKCB .Frequency modulation EKEX .Maximum allowed Oxygen content in the i.As a safety net..Milk ELUK .Liquid at high pressure.

At least four sets or more depending on..98 % EOXS ...Lifejacket ENBF .TX: 2189.The pressure switch has contact(s) that. EQTB . EPAE . EOBS .Every 12 months.Yes..Periodical survey every 12 months EONQ .0 kHz EPIM ... EORC . ERNF . EQBV . ..number of vibrations per unit of time EPEJ . it..preparation and launching of the surviv. EQAW ..warning the passenger ERAT .3.Astern is defined as D on the figure EOEQ .At all times ENHX .All alternatives EOYL .. ENLD ..9 % EOCW .Liferafts intended for throw-overboard.Increase..5 kHzRX: 2177.. EMMF .A ship with a length to beam ratio less.. ERJE ....2 valves EQTD ..Reserve accumulator battery for two hou.Obtain permission from charters and not.0 bar EQRQ .Yes..Sugar EPEH .. EPBT . by putting the rudder hard stb.... EMON ..On the main beam ERLQ .2 EQLQ .Goggles and shield.a searchlight which can work continuous.. EPFC ..16 times per minute ENGE .5 .Foam.Drainage/waste from toilets/urinals.How to recover survival craft and rescu. EPWO . EPXN .2275300 EOBE . ENJT .220 liter EMRE . ENCD .Secured via a weak link to a secure par..500 kHz..12 .To avoid unexpected oilspill EODR ..Put the plates in water with qualified. ENJG .Have the engine ready for immediate man.The load that can be safely lifted duri.Leather safety boots and gloves ERXD ..2.location of embarkation ladder EPUE .. 2182 kHz and 156. ENCX .. ERXJ ..Design temperature on the cargo contain...15 percent. Initial. ENIY .To ensure that we do not have any water. EQPD .3.EMLN . EQYE .8 MHz ENMD .. ERIM . showing how it has been calculated..Passenger ship initial surveys..LIC EQRN .By visual and audible signal at the con.

.Initially rise. EWHS ...30 minutes EWUJ . EWUL .. .7 bar? EUUQ .. ETMC ..When the tank has been satisfactory cle.Initial and intermediate EUDV .. ETES ....the time of transmission EXEG . EUUN . ESFO .Ohmmeter EUWE .. EWPK .. EWIQ .1 EUXV ...lifebuoy with light EWVA .no fault ... EVNT .F1B ETXE . ESPO . ETLE .. ESUM . EUCH .70 ?C EWRW ..mV.two buoyant rescue quoits with buoyant..LEL is lower explosive limit ETKK ...5 V and 12 V ETYX .Different products to be placed on sepa. ETJY .0..Sufficiently manned with officers and c.light earth ESEA .nine digits. EUDT .24h after their embarkation EWKF .Section 32 ETSY .. beginning by 3 ETTX .. ESIY .at any moment before the ship proceeds.feet ESHH ..The process will oscillate and get out.When coming up with another vessel from.On area A3 and A4 this function is base.. ESGN . ETBH .distress alerting ESOV . high temperatu.Call immediately the person in charge.exclusively past to a ground-station be.All valves on the delivery side and adj..The condition shall be noted and plans.He will find new brake bands in the eng.hard earth ...A combination of ullage soundings and r.ESCJ .Raise the governor speed controller of.Reduce the sea echoes.Dry running of the pump. then reset to the set v.Shut off the starting air supply and op.As stated in the COW manual EVVG . EWPL .Clean the system and change the oil... EWMY .Wheeled fire extinguisher EXGV .. EXCO ..Varying the excitation field strength b. EVRY ..The input impedance is made much larger...Because if we don`t clean it will influ..He shall ensure obedience by the use of.a book of directions for search and res. ESCK .an efficient radar reflector EWBA ... EVNS ..Once every month EUTX .122700 EXDR .. ESOT ....

only with the master EYKA ...Foam release station FDHM .lifebuoy with light and smoke FBVA . FBSH ....Pushing...Circuit breaker operating time FCHU ...to neutralize the sulfur and get a lubr.F1B FATM ..To connect the ship fire main to the sh... FDYB .3 MHz and/or 243. FDAX . bat.6 knots for 24 hours FEIA .Electric Contact manometer FDCQ ..25 nautical miles off the coast FEWL .Inspect/measure all areas surronding lo..The ship's cow manual and ejector's per.. FFFR .5 kHzRX: 2187.. FFTA . FEUP ..... EXIL ..70 % of MCR FCIN .Muster station FCFD . self-contained. EYSQ .Seven digits beginning with a one (1).. EYFY .. made fast in the vessel FAVA .nothing or a special characters will be..That correct temperature and washing pr..Use the opportunity to plot direction a..An explosion-proof.In Part 16.Interface towards center..121. FFRC .The should be blown completely dry by t..200 gr FDCL .. FBNL .. EYJG ..Switch the UMS selector switch to manua. FBUX ..Complete 15 compressions at the rate of. FCNJ .Tarragon FFBP .Leave the engine room as quickly as pos.5 kHz FCWR .The IMO at London and the ITU at Geneva. FCJC .Cross flooding arrangement FFTU .. FFSG . FEPX .EXHS ...Solid combustibles EYMK . EYCQ .Paint store FECM .Keep the floors and decks free from fat..Bourdon Tube manometer FCHS .. FFSU .Act according to instruction given in t.Immediately notify the captain so he ca. FBBB .not less than 400 mm FEWC .A hearing shall be held before a commit.The fire is extinguished by avoiding th. FDOF ...The plan must show where to clean every.0 MHz FFMF .Not to damage the rotor blades FAUG ...Because we need old ships in good condi. FCQY .the amount of ionisation FEWH .Heat detector FDBR .Close them to prevent the spread of fir.10 000 000 Ohms FCGX .. EYJD . .TX: 2187.

.. FKUA .Lights as per rules regulated by the sh. FKCQ ..Henry FKSJ . FHVL . FJPC .Poor cylinder condition .The name of the person in charge of the. FKRO . Notify comp... FIEJ .alerting FFYS .Alkaline detergent (strong).the ship's radio log FGBH . Elevation. FILE ..Lye. FGRB .To prevent the water from freezing..Load line certificate FHLB .One bolt in every hole FKRP ....FFYR . FKQQ . Alpha..He has a special a special role as comp. Ice. FHJO .In the Act relating to the enrolment of. FHIQ .. metasilicate and soda ash.4 FLBS ..Rest...Inter-ship channel FGWA .The Act relating to holydays and Regula..lifebuoy with light and smoke FIRA . India...Romeo. FGXW . FHUH .Increased turbocharger revolutions FHKJ . Oscar FKDL .PAN PAN (3x) FGSD .Rapid recovery shall be possible with t.Black FIAI .No . FISU ..blow by -incl..There must be a complete interchangeabi..the date when the battery must be repla. FGOP .to both passengers and cargo ships? Yes. FGVG . Delta..15 PPM FJGX ..his certificate is not valid FKAB .List and trim correction tables.Ball bearings on the pump shaft.Prevent manual synchronising outside pe.Raise the water level a couple of inche....All the mentioned alternatives FGKN . crawl out keeping you.Yes FIBF .Turbocharger FIIP . FIKI . FIJH .All the items mentioned FIPC ..IMO FKBR . ..Intermittent signals by the ship's alar...The deck for the lifeboats.a rustproof graduated drinking vessel FGVB ..All these methods can be adopted FGEQ . FHGM . FGCY .. and we.Air leaks on suction side FKPY . FIUL .First aspect confirm death. Compression.By immersing them in buckets with oil a..The engine shall be provided with an el...All of the above FJAH . FGPT .All alternatives FJHV ..Near to the deck. FJPB .

FNEV . FRGY .Improve the scaling surface function.You are running into danger FPRD .Frequency modulation FQDR ..Manual operated release system only FPWB .to stop fuel oil from getting back from. FNIF ..Proves the name of the owners of shares. FPUO ...Ports in exposed position shall be clos. FMKT .Dual purpose (jet/spray) type incorpora.Radiotelephony .By reports prepared by the master/emplo. FQWV . FRGX .after ga+ the radio telex-command msg+?. FNPN .Regulating freon liquid flow to the ev.their role is purely investigatory..thermal protective aids for the number.Insuline..Figure 4 is correct. FLDH .Wait until the coast-station calls agai....direct access to the navigating bridge FQUL .The ITU List of Ship Stations FNCM ..Lack of oxygen? FPSU . i... .Maximum is 30 litre pr nautical mile an. FLMJ .Foam. concentration of inhibi.Making the crane jib move up and down. FMAT .at least 50 % of N (*) FRFG ..with the exception of the areas A1 and.you must check the date that the batter... FQLG .It is possible since the ballasted vess. FQVC ...... FLPT ... FQEL ...Lower the load FOXW ....Conductivity test.Radiotelephony .3731101234567# FNYB .Broken water seal.Training in lifeboat handling.Emergency fire pump? FPYN .20 seconds or less FOUN .Single sideband suppre.yes.. FOBJ .May FOGO . FQYJ . FOEV .An unofficial translation of "Den norsk.. all crew must be able to communica..The foam should be aimed at the bulkhea.. FOJW . FQQX .Approx..Start engine FOYQ ..9 FNIY .. FQJO .. FMOV .Inhibitor name.. FPVH ..Course. with the MF/HF-radio telex FNMI . FOJV . FPUN ..Yes..Within 24 hrs FLPV . 18 Days FPJV .. speed and risk of collision.FLCN . FOVI ..To avoid the compressor-oil to disappea.lifeboat FQVB . FOPP .No . FQMB ..To avoid damage and miscolouring of dif. FPRB ...

RF-Gain FUKP .For cooling and to maintain correct vis.all of the above FRYG .Not less than 10000 kJ FULL ..A leak of exhaust gases from boiler or. FWFP ... FRKL .The team is applying water and the temp. she will con. des.2 Bar FXIY ... FXGK ...To relieve excessive high pressure in t.Pump will overheat FVOQ .A SAR coordinating centre FXTT .....0.Remove the toggle which will release th. FULO . FWVL .Ionization type FXAK . FUVP ..A pharmacy authorised to do so or if no..On a time sheet arranged by the Norwegi..The Health & Safety at Work Regulations. FSBA ..automatically repeated after 3 and a ha.Signals for vessels restricted in their.Crane No. FUSE .. FUWK .FRKD .Protect the SCR against damage caused b.Cast off the rope....When you apply the rudder.. FROO . FWVK .14 FRQV .Prevent biological growth FTAV .. FUOG ..a manual pump for effective bailing FVYA .The master checks all the relevant docu.Not less than half the total number of....MF FSIL .Emergency generator? FTFD . FSFA ... FWHC .A search inside the crankcase for tools..Take action to start the process to sol.. FUPY . FWEU .Water extinguisher.MAYDAY RELAY (3x) FSGQ . FXYP .One for each person on board who is not.always simplex FTGS . FSYD .....receipt of a distress alert FXIA .. other than a rescue unit.It is the seawater temperature and the. FYAL . FXAI ....Heavy seas from behind.All the mentioned alternatives? FSPX .A vessel.The visible smoke that is a result of c.. FTEC .30 minutes FXCG . FTLQ ...Incomer picks up as a generator FWTR ..Changing of filter element would not in.Best use of the survival craft faciliti...1 FTAX ...Every month FUBR ..Every 12 months FXYN . FTYA . FVJY . FRTI .By using a liquid receiver on the vapou. FXDX .Longer .

Once a week. GBIW .Turning the plunger piston according t.. GDNR . FYNQ .Pressure diaphragm GDFK ..the use of SART transponders GBOK . GAPO .Full astern and drop the anchor GDHX . FYKG .Sufficant..... FYXS .It is important that the rotation direc.To all seafarers.. GATR .Water GAQH .. but re-registered GCCD .Radiotelex and DSC ...14 hours a day FYYN .Keep steady course.a binnacle containing an efficient comp.he SOLAS convention GCSV .It is visible for a shorter time than a.....The gas is harmful when the consentrati. GBCC ... GBQH . FYRU .Figure 3...Stop loading GBNA .Measuring distance from cargo level to.The vessel's bow is pushed away from th.solid. GCEQ .Frequency shift ke.muster station GBHD .Toxic gases GCLI ..….A. GAAK . GDRC .. GDDY .. liquids and gases GBHB . B.. .8 hours GCOU . GDHA .. GCDS . GCRA .The Norwegian Consular Court concerned.Climatic condition check list.when technical problems are experienced.FYCV ..Before hot work or welding in tanks is..A water pad should be maintained during. GCDV .a MF radio telephony installation GCGE ..Injection valve opening pressure is too.. D GBPL . GDCT .Not re-measured... GAPQ ..Three years GCFL ..Differentiating GATX . GAQJ .Sent to RSS within 48 hours of closure GDJK .. GDQB .Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking.Quantity of ballast discharged from seg...ESD is Emergency Shut Down and the rele. but minimum 3 complete sets.

To receive information about ships in t.. GEYG .To ensure that the proper residuals of. GEDQ .The International Convention on Standar.Codes..The current and wind are holding the ve.the test function on the SART GHQV .Safetynet GIRD .A relief valve. GFPW .Either of the Sen. GFUA .. GFPU ..Training in lifeboat handling. GHLS . GIGG ... GFSP . GIHI .Off..Small. GHOT ..Qualified Individual GHUM ... GEFB . GFLW ..80 % of the Inert gas generator's capac..227530000 GHND . GHYX .....urgency GELU ..1000 000 Hz GERS ..semi-duplex GHAV . .Yes.... MSC resolutions etc which are im.Prepare it immediately before serving. GIDF . GFLQ .The minimum temperature at which a comb...In chapter IV GHKS . GHFX .Incondensible vapour in the cargo and.They automatically prevent any gap betw.The wheels of hatchcover No.The master.On all international voyages (except on.. GHFP .Whenever the gangway is rigged.. GFPV ..Physically smaller for the same capacit..Made of material resistant to the diffe.... GFRW .J3E GESH ...Start slowly and closely monitor to ens.16 GFQX . GFAW . 7 came out.. GEPB .GDRY . Details of test wit. GHYD . GGUQ . GITV .8 MHz band GEGA .Propylene oxide may not be stowed in a...Every three months. GHAX .No fixed extinguishing systems are gene.In two separate rooms outside the engin.... GHGM . GHHH .Sometimes it is necessary to facilitate.Deck if he feels....during manoeuvre and manoeuvre speed co..

GJCX - 518kHz GJHG - 15 ppm GJKN - Cooling, smothering and dispersion GJSR - He is supposed to paint the evaporator... GJVG - Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitr... GKDT - Piston GKHF - It is the Certificate of Fitness that i... GKLC - The place of welding-work to be cleaned... GKOR - Important due to different material and... GKPK - As soon as possible determine how the s... GKPM - Activate the nearest fire alarm button... GKQH - Set the engine to dead slow ahead, and... GKRE - Navigational warning. GKVI - the use of MF and/or VHF R/T GKXR - a tiller permanently linked to the rudd... GKYL - Take a visual search of the sea around... GLIP - A keeps out of the way of B GLJK - Threshold Limit Value. GLJL - The pressure drop across the filter. GLKF - Strain gauge GLKG - Two sets or more depending on the type... GLKH - 4 GLLG - 5 GLRY - PAN PAN GLWT - Same number as beds in the cabin GLYL - Crosshead GMHS - Get out of the engine room as soon as p... GMIR - All the mentioned alternatives. GMJM - Correct water level is obtained by refi... GMLA - AND GMOE - They reduce the surface tension of wate... GMOK - Collect rain water GMQY - lifebuoy with line GMUY - Yes GMVY - 1.5 times designed working pressure, bu... GNDL - All the mentioned alternatives. GNEL - the use of VHF DSC GNGS - As per Builders' specification? GNHN - 12th day, 1310 hours UTC

GNXL - No, as only the output from the barrier... GOCO - Notify as soon as you have knowledge of... GOYB - Make sure your vessel + crew are safe a... GPAT - It is centrifugal pumps that is normall... GPGQ - Crew accommodation and provisions and w... GPLP - Gas levels measured in tanks where work... GPMK - Lubricating oil pressure is too low. GPPA - 10000 ppm. GPPO - By double blank flanges with a drain be... GPPW - Any of the alternatives. GPQR - Connect the firelines ship/shore GPRM - 8 MHz GQAU - That all the valves on the delivery sid... GQJB - A vessel of more than 50m in length eng... GQPU - Venting of the tank must be carried out... GQQR - Find out from officers and crew who hav... GQSB - 16 GQTU - We are allowed to gas up LPG on inert g... GRDU - Correct donning of life-jackets. GRHB - the closed-type feed-water system GRLM - Personnel working in regulated areas mu... GRPI - Can identify small targets GRPO - telephone signals in the same frequency... GRTS - Bowl opens unintentionally during opera... GRWD - Not necessary, he shall use all availab... GSCW - 38205 GSCY - I am in distress and require assistance... GSDT - The master. GSES - 30 m GSFP - maximum permitted height of stowage abo... GSQL - completely watertight GSWB - position of the aerial GSWF - Oil Transfer Procedure manual GSXA - Separation of water and oil. GTDU - Norwegian law unless otherwise provided... GTGB - 30 minutes GTJJ - Yes, you must attend to a course held b... GTJL - The company has to ensure that an agree... GTQE - 4 times the outer diameter of the lifeb...

GTRA - Intrinsically safe. GTSU - No, glass bottles can not be dumped ove... GTTS - Contain any oil-spill onboard the ship GTVX - Blow the boiler and renew water until... GTWA - 0,2 Bar GTWW - Overhaul the compressor unit. GUGU - We are allowed to gas up LPG on inert g... GUNK - 90 air-changes. GUNQ - The gudgeon pin, big end-, or main bear... GUNS - Air, Breathing, Circulation. GUON - Portable bridge between ship and shore.... GUPA - As specified in the vessel' s Planned M... GVGW - Dry ice GVIO - Push the hook through the skin until th... GVIP - Charterers requirement in this example.... GVKX - 30 minutes GVRS - shut off the oil flow if the flames goe... GVVC - is fixed by manufacturer GVWW - give relevant instructions and warnings... GVYK - BLEVE GWDJ - By control of liquid flow GWGP - In a secure and sheltered position and... GWID - EPIRB GWKU - Remove the toggle which will release th... GWMN - Sierra, Charlie, Hotel, India, Papa GWNI - A glogged bilge strainer GXAX - Yes it is. GXFW - one daylight signalling mirror GXLQ - The inlet- and exhaust valve tappet cle... GXNG - Information about the ships fire prepar... GXRD - Approximately 5 metres GXXF - 7 GXYD - The fishing vessel keeps out of the way... GYAW - We can trim the ship by stern as much a... GYBP - Throttling the delivery valve, adjust t... GYLM - Monkey wrench GYMI - They have responsibility for setting, m... GYQI - 300 PPM. GYVK - Gas may enter, but even if an explosion...

. HDXC .Smoke and increased pressure in the cra.38 HDPT ...... HEWF . HANH .....Loss of alkalinity.Passenger ships carrying more than 36 p. one prolonged. HAPC ...A sticking start air valve...Alkaline cleaner. HARO .12MHz HCMG .Check in appendix 2 of MGN 1 HAJA . HEBH . HARQ ....Figure 2 is correct.By pumping test of each bilge before lo. .Wash thoroughly and hang up for drying.....Stop the engine immediately and keep th.Increased.. HBJX .Once every month HAYE .. HDVM .Section 3.Not less than 10000 kJ HDOT .That a secondary auxiliary set is switc..Every three months HDQQ .... corrosion of boiler.. if the seafrers demands it HCAT .It could be any of the alternatives lis.The emergency generators HDAT .Leave a "cushion"of water in the slopta.Part ALC 1d of the crew agreement.Rescue boat HDSW .It shall be cleaned daily and oiled and. HCBI .This is firezones which can be divided..one whistle or equivalent HDFT . dusting and light clean.all alternatives HEOT .Applying 12 ...Alarm the rescue centre and commence se... HAYG .Yes.Removing trash.. HAUF ... HADH .It will always be a deviation between t.. HCQM .. HAQP .. HAEF . HEVD .. HAWM .15% nitric acid on tank s. GYVS – Camshaft HACL . HDCJ .on board communications (intra-ship tra.Type of oil or gas chemicals having bee.. HDBM .GYVO .One prolonged.On the motherboard HANI . HBOC .Single sideband full c. HDYY .Figure 1 HBQV . HBGO . GYVQ . HDJV ... one short..22 A.A fixed sprinkler system at the cargo m..All of the mentioned HCCJ ...Radiotelephony . HCBO .1st February 1999 HDTU ..To minimise oil losses and prevent the. HDXU ..So that no part of any corridor is more.Equipment for detecting flammable vapour.Seawater HAFF ... givi. HDKP .

the time in minutes..This is not correct. Switch off the transmitter . HIFC . HFQI . HHWS . HGHY . HGCY ..Pork HHFA .. HHUD . HHNN . or parts of it.Ch..70 HIBY .all vessels to stop...Yes. HIXI .Yes...Secure hatches HFRA . inter-ship has to..... reduce o...Hydrochloric acid and citric acid.HFLB .At least one hose for each 30 meter len.. the ship usually steers better if..3 .30 MHz HIHW .Pressure relief valve.. HGKK ..the use of HF DSC and SARSAT COSPAS Epi. and establish facts.1.Ships fitted with free-fall life-boats. HFPI .To prevent contamination of the cargo..Stop bunkering. HHNL . HFMT . HHCO .The ITU List of Ship Stations HHBW ... HJLS .Re-pack the stuffing box loosely with t..Just in forepart of the rudder square (. HJPY . HIWP .. Swit...The fixed fire fighting medium in engin..Marine Officers of the MCA HGOM .Serious emergency ... HHLE .2. HJMN ..Inerted to less than 8% oxygen(IMO)..The master.in presence of atmospheric or interferi. by "distress priority" one always..98 Centigrades HJSI .. HINF .At least one HFQD .Cooling water spaces insufficiently ven. HFYQ .The pump is not primed...It keeps the boat alongside the embarka.reduce the "noise" in the background HJMQ ..The change needed in the input signal t.Not at temperatures used for pre-heatin.Safetynet HJNL .That the wires are just above the water. wh.2 HHIJ . HGHB .3 sets HHYM .On the fire control plans HFLG . and any person who does not. HGGE .It is an automatic system for plotting. HGDT .The master.Open the tank.. HGGY ......Centre line is given by A on the figure. HGLB .. HGEO ... HJCN ....the painter HFNQ .Maintain the specified boiling temperat..Leather safety boots and gloves HGNW . HIXJ .Fasten seat belts HFSQ .assembling passengers at muster station. HFXU . HFXV . . be.Full power on the forward tug.. provide adequate ventila. HHDN ....

HKLJ .25% of the volume of the room HPDU .43 ?C HOTH .Water-tube boilers are more efficient a....Yes HKYX .Safety purpose? HMTS .30 minutes HNCT . HLRC ...When the container also contains water HMYN ..COTP-zones may have additional rules an.Inverting amplifier.. HKUV . HM Coastguard. En...He wants the heating coils inspected HMBI . HPDQ .Scavenge box fire HNVI ..All the actions listed in the other alt. you must attend to a course held b. HNVG . HLJS .In stairways.Yes.Check linearity HKSD . HOLA .Higher measuring accuracy.Depth is given by B on the figure HNCU .. HKDC .6 HKTA .. 13 & 16 HNWY . HOLX .... HKNF .The seafarers shall have available for. HLXE .All preventive methods to avoid spreadi.Exhaust leakage HMEV .Assorted canapes..Channels 6.Fully slacken and remove top ones first.Water extinguisher....Plate . Marine Officers. HNAL .All launching appliances shall be capab... HLFN . HMGN ..To protect both owners and charterers HMSW .be as small and of as little mass as po. corridors and escape rout.On area A3 this function is based on th. HNLE .. HPGW .lifebuoy with light HKXE ..A throughput of at least 400 litters a.a ship idendity number HMLF .Adiabatic.. HOWT . HOYJ ..Special section for Births and Deaths a....Space thoroughly ventilated. HOUE ..All the mentioned alternatives HLOW .search and rescue at sea HLQN .Flat file HLWF .. HOQE .+ 85 ?C HKMF ...Opening water function missing. Oxygen and.5 bar HORY ..4.It should be about 20% HOCT . HLIX ..4.a person who holds a "certificate of pr.instruction in the use of radio life-sa.. HMGD ....4 Rocket parachute flares / 6 hand fla. HLVJ . HMPK .Aft breast line is defined as B on the... HLNC .HJVM .RSS.

2 diesel HREY .Shut off the starting air supply and op.E..Equal power on both tugs while checking.5 litres and not less.HPHR . HQQS ..5 seconds HPLE ..Yes..Each lifeboat shall be launched with it..Air in the cooling water system.8 MHz band HQXO .. HQIS .. HPTH ..the degree of priority HQQY ..40 ohm HPMR ..... HTYW .Avoid spilling water and fat on the flo......The smallest diameter piston is the sta. HTAQ .. HUPO .Zener diode.Outside the coloured zone. 1 diesel and No.To maintain a record of all British shi..Immersion suit HQAX . ask all unnecessa. HPVX .No.Singapore HUSV . neutral atmosphere in hold space o..1 m depth per minute HQEF . HVKH .. HQJG ... HQGU ...Williamson Turn HVGD .Use the "cleaning in place" arrangement.3 cm radar HTAU . HPPC . HREE .Answering Pendant HVGH .. .You cannot survive in H. HTPS .Foam..Raise the load HTPX .Bow/stem is given by B on the figure HQXQ ..Duration of public correspondence commu....4 Rocket parachute flares / 6 hand fla.. HSTT ..They shall be carried in cargo tanks in.10 % HPPB ..continuously after having been immersed.Radiotelephony ... HTVI . HSYU . HPHU . HSXB .Single sideband full c..Chemical powder is the main medium for.He is asking about the position of the.In tanks not adjacent to the ship's she.When you need to protect your eyes.. HVJO ...Regularly check your pressure gauge and.Forward spring is given by D on the fig..Expands HUIB . HPVB .. HPMA . HQQW ..Loose tight clothing...He is to check the heater for the hydra.. HVGC . HQLU ... HUHC .. HQHT ..Not more than 13. foam as the.To do a full calibration.Forward spring is given by D on the fig..11 % HSUT . HRJV .Figure 1. HRCT . HVER .Cargo ships of less than 500 tons gross... HTQN .Deballasting and loading simultaneously. HUTX .

IDQV . IDDM ..Too low suction pressure.. ICHS ..A wire for pulling burning ships off th. HYSN .. HXKF .2 HWHD .2 lines of position.rescue boat HXHS .Remote controlled fire pumps ICYJ . IDEA . IAKL .VHF-equipment HXGI .For at least three years HXIM . HXGD .It is incumbent on the shipowners and t. HXNP . ...Bollard is given by D on the figure IDIN .The fuel oil filters or pipes are clogg.Stand on dry insulating material and pu..Close the valves on both the Acetylene..HVQG .. ICIK ..A thorough ventilation of the combustio...Windlass is given by B on the figure IDCO ...Warm clothes.4...The method of donning life-jackets..Amount of superheat in the vapor leavin.. ICHU .Lower lifeboat to water HXCQ ..Figure 1 HXVA .a given number of buoyant oars provided.muster station IAKJ . HXWA .150 tons IAQA .. HWKI .. HXBC .50 m HYEK ..safety call IBFF .have at least two entrances HXUC ... remove sulphur dioxide and par..One month HWBC . blankets and lifevests.The temperature must at all times be 10.The use of engines and accessories ICWU . IBPY . IATQ .too much combustion air HYRP . IAUG .Check if fuel injection is too early or.The hydraulic pump is usually used for.64 IBOM ...That the watch keeping personnel shall. HWDR .an area within the radiotelephone cover..When temporary bulkheads (bins) are use.To cool..substitutes for key persons who may bec. HWCB ..West cardinal buoy HYTJ . HXMV .of being deployed by one person IDIL .Both STCW and Class rules HYVW – NAND IAFK ..Radiotelephony .Not less than 10000 kJ HYDL . HWQG .Single sideband suppre.25 % more than the wire's IBHY .....Evacuation slide ICAA ... IBOK ..one first-aid outfit in a waterproof ca.Shut off the oil flow if the flames goe.

Reduced.activate the fire alarm IHAO .Notify Master. IIES ..To secure/lash containers? IHCX .... IFMO .Start with intermittent firing.IDRK .A person may serve on board as from the.It is the SOLAS conventions that take c.Closed loop feed back system IHUR ...... IGGI .. IGWC .No spark or flame is required to ignite.To prevent electrostatic generation IGDX ..5 sets of Firemen's outfits IHSR .If the back pressure when discharging i..Overboard discharge is stopped. .. IDVS ..Ensure a flow of steam through the supe.J2B/F1B IERT . using s.You should have reduced your speed to t. IIHE . IFRI . Deck officer and Enginee.This call was sent by a coast station IHHG .. IDUT . IHAH ..Two tongue-type/hinged bowstoppers with.. IIBD .Monthly IIQH .A compilation of Norwegian laws and reg.Powder IHCU .Ahead is given by A on the figure IHXT .. or none obviou.. Switch off the transmitter .Two IHBJ . IFLU ..2 separate compartments IFJW ..Starboard quarter is given by C on the.424432010 or 424432020 IFAS .Amplitude of output signal divided by a. IFMN .IMO divides cargo tanks on gas carriers..At least two IDYB . IGRD .Stern line is given by A on the figure IIYU . IITK .Fully charged bottles with a total free.Don't let the ship turn to port IIGG . IJEO ..allergy.MARPOL 73/78. installed on panel/.Both STCW and Class rules IIPJ . IIHB ...Rotary positive displacement (mono type. IHXA ..Reduce to slow or less in due time befo. IGFO ..Pressure indicator....Regularly check your pressure gauge and...Airway Breathing Circulation IFFT .. IEOE .. Swi.The uppermost deck to which transverse. IGES .Class B fire IEOX .G3E IFJV .. IJEM ...Start air supply IHCD .. IIOS ..Stuck grease was blocking the grease pi.Nervous tension....Presentation flange.1. IHCB . IHTT .out of order IGCA ... IEXH .2.

ILMM . .Proximity switch IPFK . ILOD .. IJRV .All the mentioned alternatives IKCT . IKLV .Acts.Height is given by D on the figure IJST . IPPP .. followin.... if possible.Full power on the aft tug....to wear a lifejacket inside IKSJ .. IMBR ..5 times the maximum pressure the hose w..5l.Yes ILDJ . keep the..IJIP .. IKKD .Clogged air inlet filter. ILED . ILRP .Able to effect a complete change of air..1530 C ILEH .To avoid build-up of static electricity. INEX . IJNO . IKLX . ILTE ......Yes..In permanently exhibited fire control p..J3E IJOI ..request for a collect call IOQF ...Centrifugal pump IOAU ..anti-seasickness medicine and one seasi..the curvature of the surface of the ear..A Norwegian Maritime Investigator IMGM .It will destroy the properties of the l.Maximum allowable working pressure IPGK .All the listed alternatives IPLJ .one knife of the non-folding type havin. IJRT .Opened after rough weather or before lo. rule 17 and in t.Every second hour. IJVB . IKTI ...No IOQH .The Norwegian Consular Court at the nea.CES two digits code # 00 Count..Stripping pump.0. reduce on th.. IOBI . INUQ . IKAB .No ventilation should be done? INSB .56 m3/kg IKIN .1. IKNO .trying to ignite burner from hot brickw.Figure 3.. IQBD . IMJB ..... ILOI ..A suitable composition of water and det..Tanks adjacent to the tank where work i.Class A IPJW ... IPEP .Hatch openings in weather deck to be cl... ILFC .Reduce speed and.... INRG .The light from lanterns and signals mus. IJWV .1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver .watertight receptacles containing 1.lifebuoy with line INKV ..In SOLAS chapter II-2.Chemical powder is the main medium for. IMJD .the "Abandon ship" signal is not specif..15 and 17 IMNG . ILTH .Prior to every plant start-up..

IQGK .CODE ITOJ .. IQTT .Released blocking function in remote st.evacuation slide ITNO .....1300210 IRVA .Washing and polishing floors.Glycerine is compatible with both of th..not more than 800 mm IRWV .liferaft IUBR ..Any of the listed alternatives..High block coefficient vessel ISUD .In suitable lockers easily accessible.The extinguishing agent ISIJ . 16 mm and 19 mm ISVS .Minimize corrosion.Special area is certain areas like Red.. IUED .Monthly IRAJ .1. ITWS .. IQXU . IQHC .I require assistance IUIH . prevent deposits an.The user should be warned that the prod. IUBW .32 IVAV . ITKE .recommended at the beginning and at the.. IUHP . ITPC ... ISVY .Start water-spray ITRV .121.A visual and audible alarm signal at th. IVDF .5/406MHz IURP . IUJJ .Discharge the slop tank completely and. ITOL . ISSQ .Operate valves gradually IUTX . ITRO .IQEQ .The 0-voltage must always be grounded.Safety Radio ITCP ..Need more space than normal IQLG ..IMDG ..The human body absorb toxicants through.Call the nearest coast station and info. ITEE .to have a telephone conversation with a.Head line is given by B on the figure IVHF .. IRHV ...4 mA..79 ?C ISXN .495 kg/l ISPY .A1 ITAY ...To purge a tank means that we change at..Small changes in temperature can cause..Cargo ships of less than 500 tons gross.....In any port in a country which is a mem...All of the listed alternatives..No.To ensure that we do not have any water... IQGE . IUWK . . IQOS .Ventilate the holds as well as possible.. More readings should be taken and s...60 % IVGQ . chemical.. IRIT ... IQMB .68 ... IQPN .there is never a direct connection with..Figure 2. IQHE .12 mm..Measurement of differential pressure ISRV .

. IWVQ ..The tug's bow against my stern. IWGN ..60 bar IVXI ... IYTO .To prevent the suction line from draini.100% of the ships complement on each si.First Zero adjustment and the Span adju.The route to musterstation..... IYNT .. immersion suits..3 and 4 IVKX .. IVSE . IWWK .... JAHH . IWES .To prevent the steam and water in the b..rescue boat IXHF . IWOD .Every motorized survival craft shall ha. IYLF ..Water extinguisher IYBF .NO.The alternators output itself via the a.handrails for persons moving about the.30 minutes IXTV .. ..Separation of two insoluble liquids wit. made fa...IVHI .. IYEL .3 litre IWNB . IYJN . IWHE ..To prove that oil has been pumped overb..the use of SART transponders IYVI . IWIF ..60 %.A unit which automatically releases the.A resistance guide stating which chemic..The latest IMO gas code is IGC code Int.40 .3 cm IYES ..2 sec IYPK .a mock search and rescue of passengers.Boarding. IWQN ...Chemically dose and fill up....Reduce speed and use soot blowers if so..Will relay a message concerning an impo.Where the mooring lines lead. IXIY . pressure and temperature. IYRE .. IXBH . how to put. JALP .Contact the issuing authority via the c. JAJB .Correct flow. IWUO . IYQF .. IYYL .States of matter means that a substance.On the bridge IVMO ..All of the mentioned reasons..Zero JALM .Broken water seal.Safety equipment to be made good in a g.. JAKR ..a personal call IVPP ..always with the coast-station IVNJ . IWDX ..... IYUJ ... IVWK . launching and clearing of sur. 1. IVRK . IXUQ .Capable of immediate operation at all.How to don lifejackets.. IVIF .Directional control valve.. JAID .The meaning of MARVS is Maximum Allowab...Salt JAKS .2. JAFM ...Warm nutritious drinks.1000 A IYRC .Non-inverting amplifier.

.A. JDTO .The main supply valves in the deck stor..The turbine rotor is not balanced. D JGYG ...there is never on-line connection with. JDRX .the sea area of the vessel JAXC ....Connecting rod JDOT ..Normally use it..About 20 % JEWX . the extinguishing agent..Water in a cylinder...To complete a voyage (max 5 months) or. Certifi.Regulations concerning the registration.Carbon atom has 6 protons and electrons. JAXE .Remove the load from the alternator to. JCAI .Annually.. C. JCXX .The side from the wind...A period not exceeding 12 months JDRW .The container..... JGMM . JBKS .That the main propulsion unit controls. JHHH .. JFRS ... JHBO . pump hot. JGRM ..Aft is defined as A on the figure JCQI . JBGH . JFDH . JFFD ... JHKS . JDDS ....We can. JFSQ .Inspectors from the International Marit.The aircraft is directing a vessel towa. JBEN .. JGNK .Permission must be obtained from Chief... JGBT . JCNS ..2500 mm wg? JDQF .. JCVE .The condition shall be noted and plans.DSC-symbol is sent twice and checked ex...JAQO . the C.sunspots JHBM . w.....Until all crew members and passengers h.Line-throwing appliance ..on the number of kilobits of informatio.. JBLI ... other than a major injury.S band radar JDUG . JCFG .STCW 95 JGSJ ... JCAG ..Through stapled-in supplements in the q.channel 06 JBMD . JBCE . JDPL ..To avoid liquid coming back to the comp.A code issued by IMO for use onboard ve.Dual purpose (jet/spray) type incorpora.An injury. reduce discharge rate.518kHz JCYL .STCW means Seafarers' Training. JCFL . JGAE .LUT before the satellite is actually se.Rectification would be required before. B. JFPI .By help of the Headword Register.It shall be cleaned daily and oiled and..25 miles JFJN ....Radar transponder JGGR . JBEU ... as free or dissolved c..The master.36715 JFVX . JFFG ..

portable fire-extinguishing equipment s.Vitamin A JKHB .Increase scavenging air temperature to..1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver ..Complete 15 compressions at the rate of.master JKGH . JJGL .reporting to stations and preparing for. JKRE . JHYU ..1..The floor of the raft has a second laye. JNTH . JLCY ..5 years JMLY . JMHV . JNOB . . fuel injecti. JJLF . JKEW .. JNDM .Twistlocks and rods with turnbuckles? JKGC ... JLRA . JLBI .. JKHA ... JLCB .Freeboard is given by B on the figure JIRL .vessel JJEP . JMUI .Quadrupled JMVB ....CES two digits code # 00 873. JKAN ..Dynamic pressure pump (or roto-dynamic. JHYC ....urgency signal JLES ..1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver .Alarm instruction.Survival craft distress pyrotechnic sig.High density. JLQD ...... JLSV .. 2 Covering of electri. JNIS .Any one involved in the operation JHVV ..micron particles.. JNTN . JMMT ..Double check valve.Check fuel injector valve.Gas detector JKDV .For all vessels..capable to determine the position of th..Ensure the valves are of the correct di.. JHUY ...It is higher pressure on one side of th.The quality of the Crude Oil Washing pe..1. JIXI .Steam at high velocities may generate s..The Norwegian Maritime Directorate JMYM .Oil pressure is greater than the water..Raise the fire alarm.. JIQO .the amplitude of the carrier-wave chang. JHRM .. sub .Safety of ship and crew JICP .Marine Officers of the MCA JIXC .10 k ohm JNPC .The use of the ship's line throwing app. JIEU ..Figure 3.. JMUH ....Water in one or more cylinders.By repeating the order JLBA .FEC JIKQ .an atomization of the fuel injected int..it's canopy has viewing ports in all di.JHND .Fluids (liquids)..ICE-method..1 Smoking in bed. JIUS .Follow your track and reduce the speed. JICN . JHQR .

.He shall arrange for proper. JQKS .Before leaving the port JQMN .. JPKQ .frequency JQQS .a food ration for each person JNXO .So that neither the rescue boat nor its. JSFO .. including.1% to 10% JOKT ..Lowers oxygen content in the tank JQYB ....150 mtr JRHI .. JSAJ ..the amplitude is modulated JQLJ .Sea Area A4..To allow at least 3 hours of operation JSIB . JSOP .You did not maintain a proper lookout b..Receiving in mode J3E JSBE .. JNUH ... JORR . JPOX .The closed-type feed-water system JTJS ..Vessel not under command and not making... JQLN .JNUC .1 JRHG ....The function of the ESD is to close loa. JQWN . JSGE ...Merchant Shipping Act 1995 and Merchant..Vitamin C . JRUR ..Clean the heat transfer surface JOPB .along the curvature of the earth JTLD ..Start an additional auxiliary engine JTPI ..By control of liquid flow JSNV ... JSWF ..Area protected by halon JQBS .Either Ore or Oil. JTBC .Close the valves on both the Acetylene.Reduced.At least two sets of instruments to det.the height of the aerial JRLN . JQFQ . JPYF . JQCH .Class A JTIQ .Class C fire JQYS . JRDY ..He wants the OS to show him where the s.That the watch keeping personnel shall.an area excluding sea area A1 within th. JRUT .A balanced assessment between keeping a. JPTG ..Fire main with fire valves JQXA ...one copy of the prescribed life-saving.. JSMW ..He wants the Chief Officer to organise.Difficulty in breathing in and the casu.The supervisor's field is the work situ..It should be protected by a fixed fire....To bring the remaininig oil to the stri.Several control-valves are connected to..The water to be drained periodically a. JOCU .go to simplex telephony JOSN .To have a hot-work permit JRCD ..To maintain the required pressure and f.. JPGR . JPJV .70 JPPA .

the most effective rudder angle is. JWHU .Leave him in bed or request him to have.a coast-station or coastguard-station JWHW . JUES . JWWL ..All those listed in the other alternati. JYCG .Area JWIN .The General Civil Penalty Code 315 . JXXF .The chain is slack.The MS and FV (Health & Safety at Work).Keeping the lube oil in a state of low. JYMM ..Immediately reduce on the suction valve.. JVPG .....You have a cracked liner.. JWUC .to control the weardown of the main bea.... JYKY ..Channel 16 plus another one JYLQ .. . JVDO ....JTQE ..up to 150 persons JTRF . JVIQ .74 m2 JYLR .. JYWL . or cover. JUIS ..Vitamin B JWXG ... JTXR ... JVPH . JWOJ .To fill up the lines slowly.13.. dirty turbocharger. JUEN . JUSP .. JXNL .. pressure and temperature.Up to 90 C JYQS ..sufficient buoyant oars or paddles prov.Rudder hard to port.All these requirements apply JYOE .Potatoes...0 Bar JYQQ .No.6 . JUMT ..On the ship fire plan JYLS ...Radiotelephony ..Start the fire pump JYJE ..Rocket parachute flares JXTB .. JWXH .The control system is depending on the. JYNH ..For as long as people are working in th. JWXI . full astern.By permanently exhibited damage control..Cast off the rope.17284.. JWAG .None of the answers is good JYNF .A letter "Exemption from the nationali... JUEQ .Outside the space which is to be protec.. four stern l..G.Yes.He wants two spring lines.Total pressure head JWLW ..a radar reflector or a radar transponde..25 watt JYYX .1.If you are taking bunker on the port si.Position A..Single sideband full c..action to be taken by crew and passenge.0 mm? JXQR . JUHY ..Connections on manifoilds and jumpers s. JWXR . JUPC . JVBE .. After.0 kHz JUIQ .The performance of the engine is reduce. cleaning is maintenance and contri.Correct flow..a thermic detector JWWN .

At exits and in corridors KCRJ . and make. KEVJ .16 KBCP . name. KBYD . KCRF ..Give starboard rudder in order to balan. KEJU .. KDYY .CBTs cargo tanks are also used for ball...given by the EPIRB itself KAVO . KEMH ..Nine..1301 KAVW ... KCQT ... KEKK .Release gripes KDSY .Seven short blasts followed by one prol. KBGS .. KEGO ... KBEX .A chemical tanker intended to transport.. KCSI ....Cold work permit + Permit for entry . KECH . KFAI .Reduce the service interval .Remove the cartridge and weigh it to ch. KEPR . KDOW ..The Norwegian Maritime Directorate dete..Important due to different material and. KELH .. KEKN . KEAK .SOLAS B PACK KENW ...Stop the purifier immediately.Any of the others. call sign and spee.Stainless steel? KELO ..Fasten seat belts KEKU .the structure dimensions and the materi.2 compartments KEUN ....Under the forecastle.Grind the valve against the valve seat. KAJE .Vessel engaged in dredging or underwate. KBXK .Air from stage one goes through dischar..She will most likely change heading to.To keep the lifeboat in an accurate pos.. KEGJ ..Membrane tanks are not self-supporting KCCQ .33 ?C KDOB .GOV (gross observed volume)..100% of the complement if it can be rea.It is necessary to have a pilot ladder.Order the dock man to shut down... KANK .F1B KEAO .Not less than 10000 kJ KBCO .2 entrances among which one is fitted w..Your position..KACN . KBEA .Intra-ship traffic KESU ....

Join up with.Center.If the work could result in a serious i..In a clarifier solids are removed from.Injection valve has too high opening pr.. KGQE .Maintain sufficient intact stability .Do a complete sounding of all bunker ta.15 ppm KHPK ..International shore connection KHRV ....Loss of supply to one of the bearings. KILD .Vegetable oil and cooking oil KGJR ..The illumination in launching areas KHJK . KFGL ..Organise a lookout system....It should be possible to inert and main.0 kHz KHSQ . KJFY .through hops between the ionised layers.At least two sets of instruments to det.Restriction in the usage of combustible.In the cargo tank there is a float on 9... KHPI .Norwegian Seamen's Act.Hertz KFCD ..As shown in figure 1.KFBJ ... NIS Act KHHS . KICL ... KJIF .22777.. the tanker should show the normal n..Control by the master/employer and publ.Water in the lubricating oil during ser.Every 12 month KHBC .Eggs KFMF ..FIC KFHC . KIXP . KGYJ .. KGBF ...Accommodation KHVA . KFMY . KHRP .1000-2000 PPM Nitrate.Primary means of escape KGTP .enhance the safety of lives at sea KHWX ..The vessel? KFMA .Risk involves both identification of th. KILB ...Rocket parachute flares KIOJ .. alternately towards each end KFQH .No.The edge on the plunger which opens for.High air pressure in water seal KHTO ..Reduce main engine setting to stop KHWQ .above the equator KIQX . KGTH .The ISM Code is an international manage. KIKI . KFTT . KHWS .... KIMW . KFQI .

. KJSK .. KNME ........To measure the distance from the deck o.. KNER .7 KKID .length of painter KOHT .Clogged turbocharger filters. KKDD .English or French KJJK .Distribution and weight of the containe.. KLAT ...180 kg KNSC .Ropes made of natural fibres.Strong acidic solution.. KKNI .Activate the nearest fire alarm button. KJXP .Add some m? of cold water.Series of short blasts KLDY .KJIN .Within 68 ?C to 79 ?C KKFS . KMOT ... preferably f.Outside the colored zone. KNOQ .Gear pump KMJY .. KNLD .Inform passengers at frequent intervals.Independent tank type A need secondary. otherwise seawater..They must ensure that workers are provi.it will have sufficient built in buoyan.All of the answers are good KLSC ..Each crew member signs in part b of the..Cover the spillage with a layer of foam...CO2 horn KMRE .. KMTS .6 and 7 litres KKEX .. KMVP . such as m. KKXI ...Preparation of survival crafts' Emergen.The International Management Code for t. KJPW ..Radiotelephony .High water level in the water seal KKHQ .. KMAT . KLJY .Phase modulation KMGN . KLAP . KKFP .... KLOY ..Gravity disc is too small.To secure the rope. . Flow rate is. KNNW ...In tanks not adjacent to the ship's she..The water will explode into steam causi. KNPO ..Best use of the survival craft faciliti.After it has been laid down KMWH .At intervals not exceeding 9 steps.For safety reasons.Rump.. KNDQ ... KMJW . KJXL .be automatically activated when floatin.it can be dropped from a height of maxi. KNTU ..

FR01 KSGK .FR KQBY . KSTC .. is not i.Carry out procedures to instructions fo.To meet the requirements of goods to be.Resistance.. . KRDM .Detergent.5 years KRVT .32 KSOC . officers and crew KRDL .G = I / R.06 bar KSPR .. 3300 ohms. KSWJ ..Exhaust gas temperatures are higher tha.. KRMO ...The atmosphere should be gas free and c.. KQBV .People.Survival craft portable radio KQDQ .slow to get slow cooling.be of sufficient strength to permit to..Warm clothes.. if the ship. KOIR . KSXF .The deck cargo shall be stowed so that. KRBW . KQWV .. Hotel.+/. KOWW . Alfa.Provide clear warning that persons must. KQSM .. KOQG ..Onboard training and instruction shall.Gooseneck vent on main deck KRDN ....Name and Port of registry of your vesse.To prevent the alternator from "motorin.an operational compass provided with a.Yes.... November.1700 hrs KONU . blankets and lifejackets KPCA . KPCW .The aircraft wishes to inform or instru. KQIN . for example.muster station KPFD . KQUB . KPGF ...0. KQCA . KQCR .. KPEP ...Not less than 5 min after starting from.Vessel aground KQBB . KOLC ..VHF channel 06 or 08 KRFV .KOHY ..Charlie..Stop all cargo operations and close the.. KOLE ... KQAX ..... KRKE .Warning signs that indicate lack of oxy..To be sure that we do not have water co. Novembe.To remove solids.A relief valve.0600 ..In a room especially meant for cleaning..... water and sludge. KQNQ ...radio log or ship's log KQEI .

Monitor the tank pressure closely and i.At all times KVVL .Normal temperature of the lub oil after.. KVES .Place the heel of one hand. KTSB ..As soon as possible but not later than.Complete interchangeability of hose cou.. KVUM .Between 7 and 9..SOLAS KUPP . KVRE . KXLB . KVRB .Once every month KVCC . KTND ..Excessive heating caused by over tighte.Transmission of ship to shore distress.give one of Inmarsat's "special accessc.. .Until all crew members and passengers h. KVPM .not less than 40% of total capacity of.Crude oil washing.+75 C to +80 C KVXC . KWPM ..Over a wide range of temperature variat.A dry certificate has to be issued..KSXK .. KYTH ... KTXA .Yes..Figure 2.Human error KYBY ..be repeated after 3 and a half to 4 and.R1 / R2 = R3 / R4 KVXA ..they are fixed-temperature detectors KYGT . KVXU . must be cooled to 25 ?C.Amplitude modulation (AM) KVVK .Situation Report. KUCD . KVCA ..By all the other mentioned alternatives.All the listed alternatives KUGH .Opening water function missing.....Compressor discharge pressure KVRG . KTNG .. KVQD . KTIK ...Increase safety for all ships in the ar.As an able seaman KYVX . KWPJ . KUGI . KVYO . KWCB . two finger.Posted on the notice board on board. KYUC .go to your muster station KTIH . KVUR ..When the capacity requirement is higher.Regularly check the gyro against the ma.... KTJF ....they must not be used for any purpose KTLP .Fouling of the hull KULO .....A rapid ringing of the bell forward fol..

free passage home .. LDPW .Care.All of the mentioned alternatives.. LBWB ...Sufficient fuel to run at 6 knots for a. LAYU . LBVB .LAAH . LFDG . LDGV . wages.He wants the OS to show him where the s.Yes.urgency signal LCFH . the gas concentra..When an accident nearly occurs in conne. LDIQ ..A vessel engaged in fishing other than. LHEQ .The method of release from launching ap. LFTT ... LETE .. blue b.The smallest diameter piston is the sta..Allowance must be made for a running-in.Keep the manifoild closed and not let a.assigned frequency LGSE .coax cable LBSN . LDHS .. LDLP ..Formula 4 LGGI .Double shut-off valves or by clearly id.Breadth is given by B on the figure LASX .... LGHG .85 ... LBGX . LEKY .They must be fabricated of non-combusti.. LFYY . LFXF .one copy of the prescribed life-saving....4 LHFO .During work in tanks.Governor droop settings on each prime m.... LDLS ..Zero-Point LDLY .000 hours LCQU .To assist in the efficient and safe wat.a means for collecting rain water LEDM ..All of the items in the other alternati.90 Centigrades.Start air supply LCRT . LFAT .. LARA .. LCGW .. gray c...3 phase excitation winding/rectifier ba..Increase the dosage of chemicals..... and t. LBVY .The use of the ship's line throwing app..The rotor blades are damaged or the bla...Letter M plus two other letters. orange.Radar transponder LEMO ...in a continuous way so that the powder.At least once a month if circumstances.OBQ (on board quantity).. LBGG . manifolds.Potato flour LDOK ... LCMO . LDPC .Decrease the speed as much as practicab.a.Thick paper (old charts). to avoid cold cargo to came in con...The General Civil Penalties Code 315. LCQV ..TLV is threshold limit value and the un. LDEA . LDKV . maindeck? LAYN ..listen out on VHF channel 16 LEQT .. LAOL .... LFAV .. LGWL .A ship's classification society recogni..12. LCPA ..Forcastle head. LBYM ..Wire connected to chain through center.

.Seaman's Act Section 5.Relatively non linear characteristic LJKN . .Move the load in the direction of the s. LLUC ...Immediately reduce on the suction valve.on the basis of a six second minimum ch.cannot be charged LIYJ . ties..Sufficient foam concentrate shall be su.Use a rope ladder close to the raft to...A non-emulsifying agent with self split..A zener barrier is a unit made to obtai. belts. LKCQ .everybody can read along LNAV . LMTI ..Securite Securite (3 times) LMSK .the use of SART transponders LKHU .CO2 plant... LKDM .. LNDE .as a fax LKVE ..Frequency shift ke. LKDO .Hand or body heat the affected parts sk. the.Everyone who may be in charge of life-s...Because the ship is leaving after sunse..Frequency modulation LISN .0.....Slower LIRE . LLUA . LIDV . LLXP ....one waterproof electric torch suitable..Radiotelephony ...must also be kept after the implementat..Keep the floors and decks free from fat... LLIP .Radiotelex and DSC ..LHIW .125 % LJIO .at least 15 % of N (*) LMPX ..Neutral cleaner..Weekly LIMC .. LMQS ... LHSA . LIQG . LJBE ...In a pressure transmitter. LISS .Switch the UMS selector switch to manua..Stow the product adjacent to a cargo wh.Separation of two insoluble liquids wit.Area protected by sprinkler LKYH .Astern is defined as D on the figure LIFP . LKJO . LIQF . LJWW .Flame detector LIGK . LMXF . LLVW . LJLY .Within 24 hrs.always sent twice LKHX ...Organize a lookout system and join up w. LHND .directions for search operations LIVF .Do not use loose garments... LICU . LISU ..Lubricating oil temperature is too high..Flash point LICX .2 A LMCM . LLVU .In case of an emergency situation. beginning with a three (3). LJEQ .Nine digits.The vessel becomes sluggish in respondi. LINN .. LKEJ .Go to your lifeboat station LLTF ...Position A.

LNEE . LOGQ .gooseneck vent on main deck LQLH .two buoyant rescue quoits LOIY .. LSJL ..J3E LROO ..the height of the layers of ionisation LNKR .. lower the load.Yes LPOU .All of the alternatives together.5 LRUI .The water can be applied in a fine spra..once a month LPJV .Windlass is given by B on the figure LPHX . and flow ra. LNGQ .Gently flood the casualty's ear with te...The best use of all survival craft faci..0 LQGJ .Acknowledgement request LSSR . LQXX .9..Wire for pulling burning ships off the. LRDS . LRSY .Less than 12 to 1 LQRD .. LRBA ..a food ration for each person LRWC .. LSRS . LOXC ..Seven (7).... LSWV .. LROQ ..Shut down of inert gas blower LQSV ...No.lifebuoy with light and smoke LOSI .8 mA. LPFX .The employer must write an up-to-date p.Unsaturated hydrocarbons are colourless.Making the grab bucket/hook move up and.Figure 3.Too long I-time LOFV .A large vessel overtaking a small vesse.Kg LSCP .. LOPPD ...Check if any internal or hull leakages LRSW .. .J3E LQBJ . LSDR . LRIU .In and outlet temperatures.A person taking cargo samples must wear... LSFC . LOLK .18.Open for the steam first to avoid freez.Raise the boom. LQUE .Knowing exactly how the equipments are.Pork LQWD . LNOD ..Set the engine to dead slow ahead.14 hours per day LQGH ...The purpose of the IGC code is to provi. the vessel must wait his return or...3 ..pH value 7. and... LPXX . LRNW .Indonesian waters LRXW . LQFL .8.Powder LPYS .to enhance the safety of lives at sea LOKP .a sea-anchor fitted with a shock-resist.clean the dust filter of the fan regula.Brass knife LTCP . LNKX ..Ore Bulk Oil...

. LWKS ... LUDJ .A lamp..Vessel "A".Breadth is given by B on the figure LYMA – Safetynet MAAW ....2 LWPS . LVRO . LVFA ..025 et 121..To provide continuous digital selective.Broken water seal..the length of the ship LTXR .. LVLW . LVVQ .5 MHz LTQR .Check own vessel for any loss of life. LWND . LVSL . LYKO .Start engine LUDO .. Hotel. LXSX ...38237 LVVO . Tango .Because the Captain expects fog early i.A1 LTNL ..Enclosed Space Entry Permit and Cold Wo.Black LVUY .. LWAA .Tanker vessels carrying oil LVEH .request of an "automatic telex test" LWUP ...muster and embarkation stations shall b.. LWBS . LURR .. India. LUFB .Warm nutritious drinks.5 l /m?/ min LVXI .Any of the others.Unannounced drills at any time LUMM . LTNI .406.No.Checking the operation of watertight do.A remedy to which the mooring lines are.Ball and butterfly valves are generally. at the first port after his birthd.only send a positive delivery notificat.Echo.PI-controller LVYC .No LYKN . LXHE ..Lower lifeboat to water LWDJ .Yes. Golf. (0-50 mA) and a mA-meter in ser.According to the nomograms You select a..The IGC code primarily deals with gas c. merchant vessel LWXH .sky wave LYIU .. LXTX ...ARQ followed by the coast-station's ID-.. LUAT .HM Coastguard LXIT .622753420 LVDJ .Combustion suppression LVMK ... despite the fact that he promised t.LTGA ..12 mA MAFP .The ship is loaded in such a manner tha.....It must be constructed of approved non-.all the answers are correct LVYA .. LUMK .EPIRB LYIV ... LXNG .The slave controller shall be in remote. LUAE .Isolated danger LTIN ..

Victor.. MEFG .0 tons MDLC .It adheres to the boiler tubes and redu.2187.6 MCMC .Every person other than the Captain and..Provide a replaceable wear surface for.. MAUQ ...Soft cloth on wide applier with handle.Start water-spray MDNV . when the temperature is. MECU ..Yes. MBUO .. Mike. MBVJ ..will immediately be detected within the.The asphalt unlike sulphur is a viscous. MBWH ... MDJK ... provided it appears. MEJJ ..They are to let go on the stern lines MECX . MDNT .Physical checking the ramp/cargo holds/....not possible MCYQ . MBFP . and 30 m.All of the mentioned alternatives...Atmospheric line MAML .a device to secure a painter near its b.... MBMG .When anything unusual happens.Mackerel fillet MCXS . MCIV .Powder.4 kg MBAT . MDDX .5 kHz MCEM .. MDQG .+ 18. Ech... Lima..Indefinite MCEP . MBJW ..MAFQ .INMARSAT-A. MBXC . MEIV . MAJW ..16 hours MDIW .Remove the cartridge and weigh it as it. MEDS .All alternatives MBGK .Secure hatches MAOX .. MDHW . Uniform.5 bar MBOQ .Give relevant instructions and warnings.28.Make sure that the compartment has been.. amongst other..Automatically. MBRG .To check condensate returns for oil..the use of VHF DSC MBER ..the use of MF DSC ..To prevent the environment to be pollut.Scavenge ports dirty. Oscar.All answers are good MBTS . MCKN ...the operating certificates of the radio.

MHKY .Prevent contamination if leaks are deve. MGAY ..must be replaced before the expiry date...To reduce the general risk of fire in a.FEC MJPV ..Lifeboat MIJF .. MFNP . MHLN ... MJKM .. MIWH .Segregate the oil in a separate tank fo.. MIQO .MAYDAY RELAY (3x) MILK . MFDO ... MIFX ...Every three months. MHNM ..Vessel Response Plan MJKW .ground wave MEMY .In ports only MHPB . at least once a yea.. full open.Opacity....The boundary between oils and water? MIOE .200 meters MGCS . fresh air intake clo. back straight.Fuel oil quality MIQL .all alternatives MGCN .Legs bent.Keep the keys with the Duty Officer/Ele.Every two years MHHP ..Hot work permit + Permit for entry.Not permissible any where.Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhe.A bolt in every hole MEWT .. MJPN .100 Tons MHNK .The welder shall have been instructed i. MHMP .5 miles MFDQ .2... oil outside the top.Recirc...Make fast on the vessel's shoulder to p. MFBY . MEPK .davit launched liferaft MITU ... amount and colour .Use a rope ladder close to the raft to..22 m..a one-sided transmission meant for one. MHNE .Do not use dangerous liquid detergents. MJDT .5 kg MGVT ...Broken water seal. MGPW . using leg mus..MELX . MHRO . MIJY .. MIJD .According to the IGC code liquefied gas..9 GHz MIIB . MHJG ....ensure a flow of steam through the supe.identify yourself with your call sign a.

the number of persons should be clearly. MPUV .When he is properly relieved.Peaches .All the listed alternatives MMMX . MKAU .Closing must be possible from outside t..A change in the viscosity of the mixtur. MNOM .Panama lead is given by C on the figure..Fire station MKAJ . MOGR . MNYK ..All passengers that will require some f..1 meter MNXM .A1.With both vessels underway.. MKTY ...to inform the NCS that one is available. leaning forward.60 Ah MPYB .to prevent contact with earth MOQU .Lack of oxygen? MKNC .Liver MODM .. MOBB . wi.Regulations of 11 Dec.Temp sensitive semi-conductor MMPK ..5 compressions after every 1 inflation MMGB . MOSN ..A3 and A4 MNQU .. fig.Enough capacity to secure a certain dra... MKMI .39 MMMU . MPAV .A2.MJXV .MAYDAY RELAY (3x) MPTB .(Y) MNHS . MOCN .Be checked at regular intervals for gas.. MLRW . MLRU .. beginning by 1 MPAB .Department of Environment.The Certificate of Competency (or equiv.. MOMN . MLKK ....NOR MKCF ...seven digits.Increased velocity and decreased waterp.Negative MNIN ... Transport an.... 1981 concerning.By spring..the use of SART transponders MKGM . MKRE .If packing fails the pump can be kept r...Sitting on a chair.Adjustment of Zero-point and span MNGY .Pushed by sufficient force to accuratel..Connecting rod MMCW .Leave the engine room as quickly as pos.. MKXA . 1 MKUM .. MNNO .

.As and when the manoeuvring vessel inst....Start engine MTDW .AF-gain MSVK .Before leaving the port MPYH . MSQK ..The vessel's cow manual. MRNI .No MRJA ..To make a copy of the NIS act and the C.Use the intercom to inform crew and pas.The Seaworthiness Act.To remove solids.Fuel injector MTDT .. MSPP .. . MSID . MSHI .a remotely operated steering arrangemen. MSLO .. MTMD . MSSY .VHF-channel 13 in the areas where the m. MQIM . MSCB . MTTQ ....Checking the moorings for tightness/sla.During embarking and disembarking the d.Once every month MSMI . MTDB .. MUNT .Outside the coloured zone..Undue overspeeding.. MSHH ....the MMSI MTNX .He wants the OS to train as helmsman to.Suspend all cargo transfer operations a.All of these.Operating instructions for life-saving..to keep a listening watch on two channe.. MQBS . MULC .17. MSCD . pol. MRXG . MRWE .... crawl out keeping you... MQFA . MPYI .Check the surface of the sliprings.Near to the deck.Make sure that the compartment has been..Natural bends at intervals? MREW ..A whistle and a light MSXD ...MPYD .Increase in draft to the point on your.. MTDD .Information about muster station on boa..The sea chest valve.Broken water seal.. MRTW .. MTQH ..No need of any signal MSIC . oil outside the top.the floor of the raft has a second laye.Removal of excess oxygen in the feed wa.. MTBD ..a class B fire MUPE . water and sludge.. MQPV . MRJS .Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking....

MVST .MUSR .. MXEE .All the answers are good MVJI .Hold MXGR ...Until all crew members and passengers h....A junction between two dissimilar metal. .Carry out a right or left hand search a.Polymerisation take place when a single.Sodium hydrosulphite . MVPG ..4 MVTM .The foam should be directed towards the..5 V. MVSL .7 MYDJ .It is recommended. MVGB .30 minutes.a collect call MVGA .. MXFW .A zener barrier......Lower lifeboat to water MXIO .The stern will "back" into the wind MVYL ... MXGV .the way in which radio waves travel are.. MXOG .Pan Pan (3 times) MYBQ .... MXKY .Always use correct working techniques f.Water Pump Pliers MWIT .covers the whole body with the exceptio.the hydrostatic release unit MYBP . especially when dish.8 % MVPI .All the other alternatives MVQI ...has a lateral field of vision of at lea. MVYO .. MXLY . potassium hydro.. MWVC .Close the ventilation system and other.. MXIK .RF-gain MXTI .. MYGV .. MXSP .. MVNV .A class division MYBR .4.Total pressure head MYDH ..It's a cargo tank where all piping or v. MVVV . MUUI ....The oil relief valve on the cylinder bl..Relatively wide range of temperature me.. (Positive) MWOJ ..where reliable radio communication can.Dismantle the exchanger and check or.G3E MUWW .....Frequency MWLB .Master's record and Documentation file.simplex MWAH . MVDM .

NCMM .. NBFY .. NDOY ..four rocket parachute flares NCOX ..Aft spring is defined as A on the figur..so that neither craft nor stowage arran. cargo condenser. freon co...Ventilate excessively? NDGM .. NAUC .In J3E mode . NBOJ .MYGW . NAJJ .The signs use black lettering on a whit.seven or more short blasts followed by.. NAJH .I(2) = 4 A NCOG .OR NCTB . NBQX .sea-charts and navigating equipment NDMF .is important NEAW . MYJB .. NBCP .To ensure that we do not have any water..Allyl alcohol is incompatible with prop.B keeps clear of A NCNE ..The cargo vapour is normally condensed a. NEQI . 2 NEJV ..increasing with poorer cooling of the a..38 V..He would be signed in form ALC 1c .Secure hatches NECK ...Flames are usually higher than the diam.Pivot point NCDF .. NBEB .the use of MF and/or VHF R/T NBTI .. NDBP .The Norwegian Maritime Directorate MYUS . NAWY .. NBRR .controlling the movements of passengers.on simplex basis MYPX . NEEW ....Calculate the time of the sunset and th. NDKR .Separation of water and oil.Clean the heat transfer surface NCKV ...EPIRB NCUS ...Body temperature below 35C / Heat the b. NBSF .If during a Port state or Flag state vi..That the CBA expressly states that it a. NASM .... NDFR .Coal? NDLP .. Formal warning(s).. NDKP ..As with no.less than 20m NCMO .Reduce the RPM to reduce the scavenge a.. NEGL .To fill up the lines slowly.. MYYD – 4 NADK .use of communication equipment NDLR ...Raise the fire alarm..an immersion suit or an anti-exposure s.Informal warning(s)...at least 200 % N (lifeboat capacity: 10. NELP .... MYNK . NEAR ...Forces which bends the vessel up and do.It would be determined by risk assessme...Cargo heater.You will be able to smell the presence.

.lifebuoy with light NING .All vessels carrying more than 10 000 g.Hypothermia NIDO . NGOL . NIDR .smoke going out the stack NIAX .A ship with a long..Any one of The Norwegian Maritime Direc.. NGPG .Blow down boiler and check condenser fo. NJAV .They may not carry cargo between Norweg.. NJBT .. NFDV ..A responsible Officer NIBX .Decrease.. NGXU .S O S (Telegraphy) / MAYDAY (Teleph.Short circuit protection. NKEH . NFGJ .. NIBB . NIIL ...Rapid recovery shall be possible with t. NHGF . NGQJ ... NHLF . NIGD .Inform the stevedore superintendent.. NIDT .. NHUH ...Searchlight to be provided at the launc.Letter b.. NIMS ..Check for proper air vent of the exchan...either automatically on immersion or by..The person who is designated in the mus.higher tempera..always NGXP .He will find new brake bands in the eng.Both local..Segregated ballast tanker....Each lifeboat shall be launched with it..Hold space is the space enclosed by the.Clean the system and change the oil..All work .. NFVF .The use of drogues NGFM .A continuous DSC watch on Channel 70.Co-ordinator Surface Search NIHX .Proportional increase .NFBH . drifting in ballast condition may b. NGAH .None of the other alternatives NFTW . th. NGWA .Sensitivity NJXQ ..The interface moves outwards NGPM . NFVL .He wants the anchor secured thoroughly NFVG .. NFUP .All answers are good NKMQ .... NIDQ ..Call the engineer on watch NKJG . NHPH .either 10% of the number of persons the. slim hull NGST .. NFTP ... NIUB .10 minutes NJWV ..Should be informative for both operatio..Lower lifeboat to water NFPJ .All the mentioned alternatives. remote from bridge and one. NJBY .Lub oil cooler is clogged.12 h NJOJ .Stop the engine and look for a fuel or.. NHUI .LF-gain NFFQ .No.Greasy sludge from the compressor stick..

..In the SOLAS convention and its annex NPRT . NMKT ...Integral tanks are normally not allowed.15 ppm NQRT .Leaking injection valve..Piston rod NNTP ..Mask.The engine officer in charge of bunkeri. NNVH .Drill press NOTM .Lifebuoy with light and smoke NNPO . NNFR ..Fire alarm bell NLMM .14 ?C NQAF .It means that the product is included i.By have him demonstrate his ability NKVW . NPVY . but recommends a. medium pressure va. bottle. NLIE .Reduce mechanical wear on the internal. NPLF .. NOAH .Not to damage the rotor blades.. NPWY .. NPVV ..Nylon. NMAS .Area protected by CO2 NOYM ...IMO Solid Bulk Cargoes Code? NLAA .Enhanced Group Call NOOL .. NMBQ .1 NOIR . NPVG ..The hydraulic pump is usually used for.the speed of the vessel NNEO . frame..The P & I Club's nearest representative.Stand on dry insulating material and pu.ensuring that passengers and crew are m..Not specified exactly.2182 kHz. NKSP ..Likely cause a sudden or violent list d..Smoke detector NQKI ..Yearly NNOO .3% of the total cargo volume.The position ensures that an open airwa.NKPW ..A buoy or a lighthouse which is activat.Cargo ships below 300 tons gross .Tell the jettyman to stop loading immed..they always have access to the radio-eq.climb up and down vertical ladders from. NNFL ...Keep your working area clean and tidy. NMTV . NNFN .not be sent by VHF-installation NNPQ .. NOGG . NQHW . NNSX .. NNJV ..A class fire door NPST ..starting and operating the lifeboat eng.. NQQE ...the coast-station NLCN ...Improve material of intake air filters NKVO . NNDD .Near to the entrance to the space NOIP ... NPQE ..They have had problems securing the gan.13 ..16 mA NMRJ . NNTR . NQMS .Foam installation NLKW ..a non-skid finish on all surfaces on wh.

.Annually or more frequently due to new.Line fuses and overcurrent relays NVQH . when pressure in the boiler is in.Identification of the ship..Not recommended at all..To do a full calibration.how the order to abandon ship will be g... NRWS .. NTJA .. NRLY ..Gear pump NSDK .Both systems use same chart datum NTBL . NUUX ... NTDJ .....Aft is defined as A on the figure NRNJ . NUTE .There isn't longtitudal bulkhead in mem.T T T (Telegraphy) / SECURITE (Telephon..Inerted to less than 8% oxygen(IMO)..Air suppression NTBS ....Must not exceed 8% by volume.F1B NTJV .To avoid backflow of gas to the engine?.25 % NUSE .. NTWM .Into the crankcase and mix with the lub...hatches positioned so as to allow launc. NRCQ . NTXB ..G3E NVKP . NVSA . skin abs.By immersing them in buckets with oil a. NTVN . the date of first entr. .3. NVKL . NTJX .half of the total number of lifebuoys p. NRWV . NRNL ... NVRF .14 NSAY ...Powder..Square System NUVL .Forward is given by C on the figure NSNF .The frequency of the incoming alternato.The FW-HT is circulated in a closed sys.routine NTRG .Your ship will sheer to starboard rathe. NRCW .3 min NSRR . NWDX .All ships that are covered by the IMO s. NTAR . NSGS .By inhaling..So neither the rescue boat nor its laun.5? NRMW ..Maintain the specified boiling temperat... NVSX . NSRP .7m NVAO .. NQVW ..NQVA . NVEO .be sent by an MF-installation on the DS...Details of ship.He must sign on in section ALC 1c of th.Every port NVAQ ..Lifejacket NSOF .Direction B NUIA .Open.. skin penetrating. NTCQ .Everyone NRDN .Shear forces and bending moments.15 PPM NRMV .. NSJD ..None of the above NTFU .

For safety reasons.. NWHD .38237 OBRV .Fire extinguishers equipped for powder.make contact with an RCC ODTM ..The surveyor is checking that the emer. to ensure that all.Fasten seat belts ..Correct donning of life-jackets NYWA . NYWT . NYFJ .Information related to fire fighting eq..a disc aerial is used NYBH ..Embarkation ladder OCEG .The load connected to the switchboard OBLY ..The signal which is stated in the muste. OBNV .NWFJ .. inspect.... NYFL ... NWJN .2 ...check that we have an open discharge li. OCSM . OBPJ ..Metals ODAG .Wire for pulling burning ships off the.None NXTS .200 nm and capacity for evacuating more.. OAES . NWRF .All combustible materials NXFE ..Bimetallic strips need time to cool dow. ODEH ..two minutes OCSO .a manually controlled lamp fitted on th.Any of the mentioned extinguishers ODBF ...All mentioned functions NXEM .At the deck level and near the bulwark. OBEQ . ODNH ..Pump out a small quantity from each tan.6 NWSS ..westerly and northerly direction OEQU .All the mentioned alternatives. NYSN ..On the cargo tank area all time? NYAJ .The method of launching from within the.An abbreviation of American Petroleum In.Wrong installation will result in a maj..Purging inertgas...Only if approved by the Flag State OBNS .date of replacement of the battery NXCC . purging air.Midships is given by B on the figure NWNS .Somewhere aft of the center of gravity...Central cooling system OCJJ . OAQC .The infrared radiation and ultraviolet.All the answers are good ODFH .Dismantle the exchanger and check or re.. NWLI . NXCD .Hot work OATS .J3E OCYK .2 OBJN ..access hatches which can be closed wate. NYBB . OBYL ...Because you may cut your fingers. OCKG ..3 % OEEI ... OBCW ... NWKI .. ODMV .....Upper.

OEVV . OGNG . OGHH .... OHQH ..21 % OIXQ . OEVU .Painted red/yellow/red with the red ban.Seelonce Distress OFSJ . OHEU . call-sign of ship in distr..30 .300 PPM CaCO3. OJEM .The performance of the engine is reduce....It is more easy to give correct pressur..Abeam is defined as A on the figure OEXO .5 watt OHTW ..Outside the space which is to be protec...Can not produce enough energy to ignite.Class B fire OFLW . OHDB .Pushed by sufficient force to accuratel.100 .mayday (1x). OHQF .blending LF & HF signals OHCB . OGLP .PAN-PAN OHDY . OGPR ..No he is exempt from signing OJFG .Aft spring is defined as A on the figur.1. clean probes and tempera.1906 hours UTC on the 17th of the month.1..Parallel System OHGM ..No OIPL ... OIDW . OFXF . OJRA . OHFV .month OJLA ..Heat the ballbearing in oil.When the machinery spaces are in the ma.There are three types of independent ta.Starting and operating radio life-savin... OGNH .200 litres of free air OFGT .All the mentioned alternatives ? OGQP . OFQT ..med + OGEA ...1..In the Flag State official language wit..Alkaline detergent (strong). OIEQ ..5 % OJXP . OGXE .To clarify circumstances and causes of..Triac..300 MHz OIBJ .2 miles OIDU ... OFHS ..All of the mentioned alternatives. OEWT ..Pick up for tachometer is wrongly adjus....No OGEV .To neutralize the acids occurring in th.. OEXP .. OJEL .Constant flow.A pharmacy authorised or accepted by th. OHSY ....OEUA . and put it.0 .C .10 Mohm OJRC ..Procedures according to instructions fo.. OFPV .three tin-openers and a pair of scissor.. OJHX ..To get rid of sludge in the water chamb... OHNX .Bearing damage.have self-bailing arrangements OFBQ .

..To make sure the job is done under cont.No it is not OOAU ..2 OMHQ . OOYE ..Only Merchant Shipping Notices (MSNs) ONDK .. make sure all p.. OMCP ..Notify the engine room of the procedure.Government Authorities of the Flag Stat. OOMJ . OLXQ . OKUF . .The thermostat has one or more contacts.Oregano OQHJ .Power dissipation capability OOAW .. ONFS . in the amb.Prevents the backflow of inert gasses i... ONJG .The Act relating to hours of work and t..Search the engine room...Investigating accidents/incidents and m.The camshaft rotates with half the RPM.heat the feed-water OQKO .. OMIP . OMGR . OLBD . OLHT ..L.By giving the vessel a starboard turn OOHJ .Close the valves on both bottles.on ships on short international voyages..Every three months.Every three months OQJQ .. ONQR . OLTI .The percentage of the L...Inmarsat-C equipment ONPW .The vessel will roll violently? OPQN .E.Frequency OQIC ...Fuel injection advanced too far due to. OPNU . OPRI . ONGT .a testing program built in for this pur...ionisation layers OLNU . OPPO . OPWD ... OOSW ...Blow the bunker hose to avoid oil spill...One hose for each fire hydrant OPWI . OQOS . OKWV ..be provided with a painter system with...FLEETNET ONHN ....Ask your superior for advice before att. OLKG ... first... OKMB ... ONKB ..Goggles and shield.OKBI .All the mentioned alternatives..Stop the washing process and not resume.4 Rocket parachute / 6 hand flares / 2. OPSV . OMDJ .1 metre OQPL .Anchor ball OLLX ...The master and the shipowner are respon.Give information on survival craft capa.TC OMXQ .The tank shall be mechanically ventilat.How to release from launching appliance.fitted with water pockets of a highly v...Bringing the engine up to sufficient nu...Not less than 20 changes per hour.Safety shoes or safety boots ONUY .41 OKKG .. OQLL . OOKQ .

.0 kHz ORXC .F1B OSNR . OSIO .The primary controller in a cascade con. OVDG .Personnel authorized by the master? OSDY .Just prior to reaching the water.TX: 2177. OSFJ ..On the fire control plan OVUT . OVKW .Read off the compass and keep her stea. OVKD ..Reactive load (kVAR) OVKY .Strong alkaline solution.Increase dosage. OSER ..OQUS .Cotton .. OVRM .Each vessel vapor connection flange mus..Cut it with the knife contained in the... OTUI .Yes. OVQS .... OUDL . OREP . OTGX . ORIW .Fuel oil with poor combustion propertie.Portable fire extinguisher OSDQ .... nautical mile ORDD .Pale or grey.Discharge the washing to shore receptio.....1250 m3 OSAI .Smoking is only permitted in designated.0 kHzRX: 2177.The officer in charge at the barge or t.. OTAE .The bow may be sucked against. OSAK .Immediately stop the discharging. OSTK ...Copy of crew agreement posted in a cons..Neutral to alkaline solution.It is easier to damage a centrifugal pu. OTDK ..70 OROR .Yes. the l.two sea-anchors.To relief pressure in a crankcase explo.a coax cable of proper impedance OTQA ..C(S) = 4 µF ORMA .. ORFJ . OUOE .pressed in during speaking only to work. OUMN .Fat fish ORHE . and the.Higher temperature leads to lower liter...On ILO 22 OWAU . OSPJ . one being spare OSFK . OVLW ... OUOJ . OVUY .Mechanical and chemical.30 litres pr. in ship of 76 m in length and long.One OVSH .the calling station OVVR . OTTM .Inmarsat -B and -M OURT ..3 OVHR . OTYF .Release gripes OTFG ..20ppm OTUG ..2182 kHz/VHF channel 16 OVRL .A variable electric signal.Transistor..In the SOLAS convention..

OWLM .Weekly .Use water extinguisher to put out the fi. OYYQ . PAOY ...It will give full back flow at the time.85% of the gas can be discharged into t.All of the mentioned equipment... OWRH .Fats PCHH .Navigate the vessel on ground as soon a.3 meters OYMC ..From the water space.water OWFX . PBVP . OWLQ . OXKW .. OXET .equally spaced......3 long blasts repeatedly OXAS .To avoid the compressor-oil to disappe. OYTW .Seek advice from your superior before a.A vessel may proceed only when it has r..41821 OWOE .Survival craft distress pyrotechnic sig..Passenger ships carrying more than 36 p.He is to help the other crew members an.Grapes OWGN ..give a bright red light during the enti.. not less than 300 mm or. PCHF .It is how many degrees a ship continues. OXYX .the use of SART transponders PBHG .10 000 kJ/person PANF ... PCOU .Transducer PCIV .Secure all burners OWDI . OWFT ....2000 OXAN . PCVI . o..6 PBRK .The floor surface becomes cleaner.A garage tweendeck on a passenger ferry.Distress call PCJS . OWGL ... OYXH ..December OXFU .It`s a product added into a cargo in or.Any of the others..... OYTX .A unit subordinate to a rescue co-ordin. PBKR ..3 PDPR . PCCF .... PAQV .That the strainer needs cleaning... PBTW .Direction-finders to be installed on.. PBKT . PAUY ..The diameter will be the same whatever.To maximize discharge outturn? OYAM ..Most attacks take place in territorial.. PCJU .Class C fire PDJX ...60 minutes PBIF ....Too much combustion air OWQM .. PBQI .The slave controller receives the set-p.Match the size and capacity of the ship.OWBR .. OXLR .you must call on another working channe.Consult with the instruction manual for. PCHA . PAQS ..

Injection pump failure. PFNU .Silverside PHFB .to deliver a message by telephone via a.5 kHz PJKV . PEWY .in urgent cases PIIA . PIUV .. PGXN . if an employment agreement refers. PIBQ . PFKF ..TX: 8415..Safety purpose? PFNQ ...An efficient engine room watch with the. PIWK . PGIK .not allowing undue ingress of water aft. PGKC .Near to the deck.Exhaust gas boiler fouled.. PHLT ... PGXQ . PITC ....instructions or diagrams printed on its.Blow down boiler and reduce dosage.Nothing for the first 24 hours.At the gangway.Remaining on board.Total content of organic and inorganic.0 PGSL .To take part in public traffic PGFF .instructions for immediate action PFDR . crawl out keeping you. PGNP . PFPG . PGII .+ 85 ?C PJRQ .Maximum filling limit of cargo tanks on. PFOM .As the second course.Never.Yes. PKKU .Unloaded.The nearest coastal radio station PKFN ... as in. PFKA ...Ethylene is the gas produced by most fr.... then 1/.. PETN . PJQQ .Owner or master PJTD ...Pork PFRD .the old mariphone must be checked out a... .....Greasy sludge from the compressor stick..Kkkk PHPE .remove any oil or scum on water surface...0 kHzRX: 8436.Fuel oil pipes or filters are clogged..100 meters.Dispersement of chemicals?.Section on Births and Deaths to be comp.. PIAV . PHEI ... PKPS .To get rid of sludge in the water chamb.. PGHS .Feed the pump from the sea water inlet. PJCN .Primary and secondary slop tank.To get the oil into the cylinder when t. PJUX . and app.... PHOE .20 ..Pre-wash the tanks with cold water firs..Place sterile dressing over the burn an.PETM ..may only be present at the place. PEVX .. PJEU ..It is double acting oil free piston com.To maintain a tank at atmospheric or ov. PGHU .... PHGS ..... PEUL . PJTT .Stop the engine before meeting. PJSY .Ventilation must be capable of being st. PFDT .

PMBF ...A will take 1/3 of the extra load..be given no receipt indubitably too di... PLDX .... PLOS . corridors and escape rout.The method and use of sea-anchors (drog. POEH . PMCY .Every fifth year with a periodical surv..Start with intermittent firing. PPOI ...Start air supply PKUQ . PNYN .. PPYD ... gross negligence and..Wilful misconduct.They have to bunker fuel oil and diesel.Evaluation of the situation..The name of the person responsible for.MMSI-number PLRF ..a 10 cm radar..Class B fire POLB .6 PNUJ .All personnel onboard (crew and passeng.. PNON . POLU . POUC .Milk PMCW . rescue and.PKRF .Comply with all the requirements listed..a one-sided transmission POJH .a number which indicates the nationalit.Transfer heat from one fluid to another. PLVK .....lifejacket PPNJ . PQFU .This is the best place to land .Using nets PQFE . POSK .Lifeboats shall be stowed attached to l.Bulkheads constructed of approved non-c...Due to temperature expansion..8 % PNAF .. PPNK .. PLOX .All ships covered by Chapter IV of SOLA... POVA ...1 entrance fitted with a semi-rigid boa.. POAH .. PLMY .. POVX .To ensure that the proper residuals of.. mashed. PKSA ..To monitor the cable/wires for break.Measure the amount of explosive gases i.From the stripping pump's delivery side. B wi.The water will explode into steam causi.atmospheric line PNAE .By turning up the rope on the bitts.. PNWR ..B class fire door self closing PQIJ . using s.Salted and dried rack of mutton. POPC ..0 PPTF . POAD .. PLEV .background noise in receiving a weak FM. fi.... POWT .No.. POSP .Every report or message must be logged.No. PKUT ... PMCX .....By showing the ship's register PODI .In stairways. PNBY . PMOS ..Organize a lookout system and join up w. PODJ .to ask for 'maritime inquiries PQBN .To single up to one line and spring for....2 generator trips on reverse power PMFR .

Dirty scavenging air cooler on the air.Metals PTTS . PUUL . PREC ...The Chief Officer PSXB .. PWVY . PSIB ..Report it immediately to the chief engi... PROF . PTRD .frequency modulation is often applied i.Only one type of launching and recovery..Because the manometer units change with.Ship's captain PTWE .high/low power PTEU . PRRL .Pressure PRJE .5:20 pm (17:20) PTQI .Conduction.Urgent call PVGY ..Information about muster station on boa.... PVSS .422753810 PTQH .R(Pt100) = R1 .Use of breathing apparatus PTDV ..ensuring that a supply of blankets is t. .. PRBR ..The national DSC-call frequencies of th. PUPO .R2 PUBC .the captain PWPD . PRDY ...... PWDQ .Manually operated call point PVIR ...immersion suits for the number of perso..can not be adjusted. PTNV .Protective clothing. safety shoes.When we have a higher cargo tank pressu. PWKH ... PVHA .Throw a lifebuoy over board and report...11 00 PUQJ . PSNB ..Reduce speed temporarily and increase c.Water extinguisher.At the first occurrence he would be giv. glov. PRQS .The dedicated heavy weather ballast tan.Overboard discharge is stopped.Protect against corrosion PTIX .Rocket parachute flares PSYS .Neutral cleaners.not always radiotelex PRHG . PUSR ..Owners submits delivery certificate and. PQOV .Calcium PREE ..... PWXQ ..The Chief Officer wants the 1st Enginee.. PSUV .. Check th...on the basis of a three minute minimum.An area of defined dimensions within wh..Enables sludge to be discharged directl.+2 bar PWEN ..the frequency actually used by transmit. PTUO . PWOI ...PQNK ..The shipping company and the master PUHC . this is set by the.Stop the purifier immediately.. PWUB .Orifice plate PRDJ .. PTFK .. convection and radiation PSEX .lifeboat PQPC ..

Iron. .Carry out a right or left hand search a. QAJN .He wants the anchor secured thoroughly QAPI .Emergency shut down. PYHM .. apply the ext...Cast steel.Natural bends at intervals? QAMT ..permit the wearer to swim a short distan..Upper explosive limit.. PYPA ...Figure 3 QCNI . QAKI . PYUA ..Every 5th year? QDFT .. PXNM .The chemicals make it difficult to remo. QABD .Stop operation? QDBP ..6 PYIK .When the boiler is firing on high rate.100% of the complement if it can be rea.. Brass & Bronze..Oil Detection Monitoring Equipment...5 QBEJ . Forerunner and wire stop. PXHP . PYIH .PWYO .To prevent serious damages on main comp.polar QDID ..liferaft QDGL . fire doors.. PXNO . QBEL .One self-contained air breathing appara.Increased. QCDH .56 hors PXKF . QCCO .the water level QBDI ..To secure the rope PXDL .One prolonged blast followed by two sho....Every four months PYQV .always simplex QCQP .. PYKE . PXTG .Closing of watertight doors.... QBVV .Stripping pump.37 m2 QBGU . PYRQ .He is supposed to paint the evaporator.Gives reference number as per crew agre..A vessel engaged in fishing other than. QAUC .. PYWM .Wearing and fastening of lifejackets an....Maintain a safe distance.To deal with emergencies and safety of..Use the winch.I can find out from sea trials or test.Drain the water into the sloptank QBHO . PYTF . PYKD . QBIM .Mutual agreement between participating. QBVS ..At least one QALV ...5 seconds PXXG . PYHO ....Melting heat.

QFPK .. QHKJ ..Departure and arrival ballast tanks plu.the transmitting antenna has broken dow. QEID .The respiratory organs. QDXJ . QESD . QFUQ . QFBP ...He is to help the other crew members an.received messages which aren't intended..Electrodes QERG ..Switch over to the other pump and infor.Two prolonged blasts followed by one sh.. QFHG .Once every month QEMG .The ship's safety plan. QDUW . QDSH ..7.The person in charge must report the sp... QGEN . QFJV .5 kN QHQI ... QDRM . QGTQ .. QGTO ..SARSAT-COSPAS EPIRBS QFRB .....2 years.Self contained breathing apparatus in a.The sea-trial tests may tell me.. or els.Position A ...In such locations that no point in the.instruction in the use of radio life-sa..SECURITE QHHU .All the answers are good QGPJ .. QGXX . QGIV .ITU QFRG .All pipelines or components which may b.Liquefied gases is mostly a mixture of. QERF .Place sterile dressing over the burn an.. QGPP ...Clogged exhaust gas system...an urgent call QEAU ..Stiffening of the thin metal sheet.All bolts to be in position and tighten.have a sufficient length of non-combust. QGHC ..Start engine QFNX .1 minute QGBC .Make it possible to drain to shore the.. QGER .. QGSA .watertight receptacles containing 3l of..Pressure/vacuum valve. QEAB . QGPL ..Yes QHEK .1 . QGEW ...one waterproof electric torch suitable..Stop bunkering QEMI .QDND ..Pump will overheat QHRY .

. QMYC .Norwegian laws unless explicitly otherw. QIOL .Start engine QKRO .the adjustment of the cam/camshaft of t.Near the entrance to that space QJGW .. MSN's and Statutory Instruments QIVI .For cooling and to maintain correct vis. find cause of le. QMXA .Injection valve opening pressure is too.. QIXR . QJTG . QNVJ .. QJLX ..Plugging the scuppers QJOF . .... QHYQ . QKGW .To check out if the rules of ISGOTT Cha.The deck for the lifeboats.All the mentioned alternatives.. letter F..Horizontal QNGM . QMFV ..By reducing your speed until vessel "D". QIGW .125 pct? QMKY .Absolute pressure is atmospheric pressu.He is worried that oil will run through. QMBL .lifebuoy with line QLFS . QLMO ...either a manual system or a power start.MGN's....Two vessels engaged in pair trawling QIAE .QHUG .......Warm nutritious drinks.operation of davits used for launching.5 QMWE .Raise the feed water temperature.Regulations of the light on the PPI.. QKMN .Insert a blank flange on the line betwe.be able to identify oneself QLTD .... QKVR ..In the main section VI. QMBN . QKHR .release the liferaft at a depth of not.He wants all the lashings tightened and.. QJMW .....Air filter to turbocharger fouled or da.... QLKA .The shore-side of the cargo manifold va...Packages of 500 g each QKCU ..until it is manually turned off or is t.He would inform master that ship was un..Radar transponder QJOH . QMWG . QLRK . QLHH ...Notify Chief Engineer.. QKLW . QKHP . QIFA .All of these mentioned must be provided.Making the complete crane move port and. QKLO .the build-in test facilities in the mod.

.. .. QORA . QOSC .... QQFL .GEC-Marconi QSBU ...To avoid backflow of gas to the engine?. QQCV ...Pump the oil to the incinerator tank.. QSRP . QPMT .a whistle and a light QQEL .. QNXY . QPJL .At three levels for at least two places.highest possible frequency that will be...A QOSA .Every time the machine has been used.Call immediately the person in charge...Inner diameter of impeller is bigger du..Body temperature below 35C / Heat the b.... QSRS .IMO Grain Rules? QPPI .Construction of all internal bulkheads. QOTU .That no solid beam of fuel shall be pre.The methods of retrieval QRUF . QPPH .15 kg/cm? QSXN .1 N/mm2 QQBE .Gas concentration measuring and examina..Keep the floors and decks free from fat.Figure 4 QPYR ..He shall have all the knowledge as list..A heavily leaking starting air valve c.10% of the number of persons the lifera. QOUP .above water escape for its occupants af. QRXO .Line throwing appliance QSXM .The Master QPBC ......must be replaced when the seal is broke.Survival craft portable radio QQFI ..Figure C QPMY ..5m into the.Inform RDR by mail of the sale of the m... QSQU . QPKF . QRBC .At least every three months QOCF .Cold drinks and salt. QRVV . QSRN . QPIQ . QSUB ...Standard Marine Navigational Vocabulary.16 or 22 MHz-band QRKE . QOCD .3 QONU ..98 % QSBA ..3 years. QRAA .Use a rope ladder close to the raft to.QNVP .to jump from a height of 4.

Clearing escape routes QTHR ..10 ampere during 20 hours QVFU .In the meat freezer QUNH ..all the answers are good QUEY . QUUQ ...The ship's fire plan..Wait for a resuscitator to be brought f.Draught is given by D on the figure QTYE . QUQP ....All of the mentioned alternatives.... QUEX .it stops the spreading of smoke and fla.Absorption drier gives the lowest dew p. QXLI .the radiotelephony distress fequency in.F1B QTOF .Normal jacket water temperature after t..Vitamin E QTSJ ..24 houres QWBM .List of Call Signs and Numerical Identi.Because serious structural damage and o.LES QVCN . QUOY .8 QULS .. QSYH . QVFT . QVEY ..QSXP .Increase in condenser pressure.General emergency alarm to be tested da.. QXGH ....Alkalinity of the lubricating oil.. QUUS . cargo o. QTBT .. QWEQ . QULK .has inherent buoyancy of at least 70N QVRB .Dibromomethane. QWFO .. QXFN ..All ships.Embarkation ladder QUNI .reporting to stations and preparing for.Engage the turning gear on the engine...3 White star rockets QVLG ..To assist in dealing with crew. QTFE .The Maritime Act QVSY . QXGL .If the seaman brings a case of unfair d.Heat exchangers that are utilised for c. QWBO . QWJQ ..be prepared and approved by the Adminis. ..Lube oil cooler. QXIB . QXAK .Camshaft QTLR .. QTDK ..One in which the atmosphere may have a. QXMC ..That there is great concern and interes.Extinguishing attempt is started immedi..

To reduce the free surface "sloshing" o.indicate on what frequency communicatio.All the mentioned alternatives ? RCOH .The apparatus shall be capable of being.Must be capable of being stopped from a.Helmet. QYAI .The current and wind are holding the ve.. RCCV .... RCTK . actua.Rescue Co-ordination Centre RALO ..Longer ... RBCW ......Within coverage of the INMARSAT system. RFGW . if this is done the lifetime of the.. QYMA .1000ppm QYRW . RFBU .. RDWQ .Boneless beef entrecote RDBW .. RCXT . RARK ... RAVI .3 RCWR ......Prevent damage to sensitive electronic.Yes RCLB .Secondary means of escape QYNU . gloves and protec… RABL .. RCLC .Rescue boats shall be stowed attached t. RARA ..Report to bridge or duty officer...Renew lub oil in the system. RBDT ..Throttling of delivery valve QYQB .The main diesel generator or shaft gene. RDRP .G3E RFFV ..International Oil Pollution Prevention..F1B RENR ..579.Prevent air accumulation in the cooling... RDFC .The confined space always has six sides..Fully knowledgeable of the content.The master or his qualified representat. RDFA ..The use of helicopter rescue gear QYAM . RAHB .The Chief Engineer RCFG .By a telecom report followed by a repor..Four (4) days. QYOS ..with the exception of the A1 and A2 are.QXXB . RCWF .Line throwing appliance RAHA .White flour RDSP . REOI .30 metres QYBG .. RDPC . RARC .Near the entrance to that space RAKK .smothering and cooling RCLY .Throughput too high.Push button for fire alarm RAGG ..No.Your assistance is no longer required QYUD .Information regarding maximum deck carg.2 kW RDSN .Alkaline.. RAMF . safety shoes.Changing of filter element would not in.

RIGH .While at sea the installation shall be. RGYC ..A described UMS-mode check shall always.. RKIR . RIFO .Within range of VHF coast radio station. RIRG .Arrange ment for rowing RFPA ...The diffuser ring is damaged.. the turning diameter will be increa. RGGR .PAN PAN RKMT .RFHP .. RKHY . RIPO .....+2 bar RIOP .A vessel is aground RHKU ... RKJP ....ensuring that every passenger is provid.Outside the colored zone.. RGQQ ..Report to and discuss with the Master.Waterline corresponding to deepest allo. RFKY .Telephone RHCF . RFJB ..immersion suit RKLD . RKFK ..Overheating of the piston.Vessel steering a few degrees off weath. RGBR . or Oily-.At all times RIUL .13 RJWB .... RGFU .Better linearity and increased accuracy.the use of MF DSC RIWF . .No..child's lifejacket RJHC .. RGVQ .We mean maximum allowed relieve valve s.. RHXD .0 .. working environment.About 10 % RKIX .. RHWK .To the satisfaction of the administrati.the distance travelled by a radio vibra.In a secure and sheltered position and.The difference between maximum and mini. RGCL . RHWP .Once every month.7 RGFD ...B-15 RGCP .The Very High Frequency (VHF) band. RFJD . w..... RIRJ ..Start air supply RHYX . and oil coke.Either Oil fitting equipment .....Means of access. delivery valve clos. RKKC ....Vessel with a high block coefficient RITQ ..Ch.... RGVO . RHFP .the use of MF and/or VHF R/T RGMJ .In all professions you have to learn be..By audible and visual signals at the co.Good radio communication facilities (pr..Suction valve open.send a DSC distress alert relay RHGO . RGEC .Dismantle the rotor and assemble the se..In conjunction with the senior watchkee.The product is both flammable and toxic. RIIT ..Woodward regulator will regulate very s. RIVP . RGAY .C RIHE .Harness with a rope secured to a safe p..

. RNOE .No....Cold drinks and salt. RLMB . RLVD . RLPJ .Fluorine and/or bromine RMTF ..Yes. first..Means shall be available to prevent any.21% oxygen by volume and 0% hydrocarbon.Because you may cut your fingers.Close the valves on both bottles. RLDL .. RKPG .The controller will not react on a proc.NAVTEX and EGC-receiver RKPK .. high-level alarms should be a separ..85 .Fire alarm panel RNOG . RKRA ..Integrator.Verify that the sefarer has been given.. clean dry transfer eq.. RKOI .A surveyor from one of the 6 societies.. Iron..... RNFX .. RMNJ . RMXL ...Scrubber.. RNFT .Instruction for emergency repair of fir.Inform the bridge about the reason for. RPHF ...instructions on how to survive ROVT .Use of dedicated.Cast steel..The anchor to be all way in the hawsepi. 30 mi.No..reporting to stations and preparing for.Not at temperatures used for pre-heatin. RMUI .. RNSP . RNPW .He must instigate an investigation. RNCS .the height RNFB .. RLEI .Fast FWD and AFT in center lead to pull. 2 RNUD . . RKSY . RKPM .1..SEC On tankers over 10 years old RMIN .Class A RLVB .5 litre RLFI . RLPK .50 enclosed spaces ROSD .20 minutes if there is inert gas. RMUY .Foam is the main medium for tank deck f.. RNOD .Put the rudder about half way to port t...All of the mentioned alternatives.Promptly locate the fire and raise the...The method of release from launching ap. RMUB . RONJ .RKMV . RNEG .. RKWT ..All over the world RPBK .90 Centigrades. one if the ship is under 500 brt. RKWU ....100% of the ship's complement on each s... RLAM .child's lifejacket ROML . RMTH . Brass & Bronze. RLYO .. RMHT .. RMPC ....Vapour at low pressure.until all crew members and passengers h..Checking that lifejackets are correctly.. RNTY .. RMXG ... when the speed exceeds 5 knots we h. He..Where possible the master shall provide....No....At room temperature.00 followed by an MID-number and a stat.

Inform the master RUEJ ..ensuring that passengers and crew are m. Hotel... RTQE . RPIG ..To prevent forming a potential flammabl.Sierra.a MF/HF-antenna RQKV . RTOK .Collect rain water RSHB . RREN ... RPUT .50 ?C RQDE ..He should take the padlock inside the r.liferaft RXKT ..Start engine RVHM .Forward is given by C on the figure RVYE .. RQDD ..Extinguishing attempt is started immedi. RPLM ..Put the rudder 10 degrees to starboard RXFR . RVGU .. RXOA .+/... RVAV . ... RWUV ....The vessel is proceeding at 7 knots or.RPIE .To know specificly where to clean every.Plan for safety preparedness RRWD . and 30 m.a 50 Ohm resistance coax cable RQRK . RVED ...per minute or parts of it RWGX . RRRG .At the gangway.When anything unusual happens... they are not compatible.evacuation slide RRLK .Closing must be possible from outside t. Papa RPUA . RTLE ..Stop the engine immediately and keep th...Give a kick ahead RXRM .Yes RSFL .. RWWQ . RQDA .Yes. freon reacts with open flame to a. India.Both master and shipping company.Bowl opens unintentionally during opera.This is firezones which can be divided. RTPF .every week RXRE .No.Making the complete crane move fore and. RSSX .Disposed of in an ashtray and ensuring.. RTTQ . transit passage through US waters.. RUYL .Broken water seal.Inter-ship channel RUTJ . RWKT .Latex? RPSC .After use RTMY . RWGN ..F1B RVBW .....It depends on the installation RXCL ..He is to notify the Chief Officer RPJS .Yes.. RUQY ..First wash and then rinse with fresh wa.Radiation burns.To avoid an explosion in case of oil ha..Abeam is defined as A on the figure RRRD .Check for proper air vent of the exchan.Using sinking agents RRYQ .Ask your superior for advise before att.

Dirty scavenging air cooler on the air. SCXB . if engaged by the owner....Sitting on a chair.Sound the fire alarm signal SDDX ..Because these metals have a very low th. RYNA .. attached to n. RXTW . Breathing.Swing the load in the direction of the. RXRQ ... SAOD .RXRO . wi.The boiler be allowed to cool down by i. SCUT . evacuate the area a. leaning forward.Reduced heat capacity of the heater SDOU ..SOLAS SDPO .. SAMO ..1000 000 000 Hz SCQR .The regulations are a part of the Norwe. RYDF .5 % RYJV .report . ensuring that...5 mtrs...Legs bent.one buoyant rescue quoit.Activate bridge watchkeeping receivers. the two ships will be s. RYMM .Air.on simplex basis SBGQ .13 SCJU . RYOR . SAGQ .The use of all survival equipment RYYY .. SBCM .3.Separation of two insoluble liquids wit. RYOX .only necessary radio conversations are.To avoid liquid coming back to the comp. SDPN .. back straight.. RXWG .Disposed of in an ashtray.The governor SBXY .The ship's safety plan SAHL . SBVS .Increased turbocharger revolutions.The employer.Due to suction.a searchlight which can work continuous.. SBXE ...Stop pumps . Rope.Turbocharger SCPN ..the height of the aerial RYWE ..Wire takes 95 % of the extra load.5 to 4... RYUT ..2 on new-builds only... Old ships have to. SDUS ..Class1 SCCH .Stern line is given by A on the figure SAHM ....STCW deals with minimum recommendation.All of these. SBBT .4... SCBL .20 Nautical Miles SAPX .Activate the alarm..Yes. .50 m SAGM ...Impossible to say SBMI .Figure 1.Every 6 months SCDY .the frequency chosen SAHK . RYML . SDSA . using leg mus. SBCL . SBVR . SAHN ..In J3E mode .clean up? RXTB .Activate the nearest fire alarm button... Circulation..A calculation example showing the use o.. SBXF ..

.Pick up a life jacket SJLS . SKFX ..one waterproof electric torch suitable. SKKP ..Check the position only SIWL . Oscar.Separation of solid contaminants from a. if the valve is wrongly set SGWS . Tango. SELB ... SERD .Change operation to the third generator.SDYS .Sound the fire alarm signal and send th. SGIK ...All of the alternatives SKGN ..lifebuoy with light SJUT .Worn scrapper and piston rings.By carrying out a risk assessment SHNN ...5 kHz SJHN .Central gas extinguishing system and/or. Bravo.Check list for periodic inspections SHSJ .518KHZ SKDI ..None of the alternatives.. SJLU .. SEQK . SIXI ..OR gate SFIO ..Dismantle the rotor and assemble the se.2187. SJTA ... SJOB .To take reasonable care of himself and.perform all duties associated with aban.Public Correspondence Station.Lifeboat SKCL . SFGF .. SEYS ... SINL .Where the sills of the sidescuttles are. SHDI . SHHQ . . within thirty (30) minutes SHEL .Above 200 deg C SIUA . SFGC . SEBC .5 % of the lifeboat len. Hotel.He wants the OS to train as helmsman to...Oil Transfer Procedures Manual SGYJ ..Cause oxidation which increase viscosit. SELD ........Survival craft distress pyrotechnic sig..check that we have an open discharge li.They must be fabricated of non-combusti.The shore-side of the cargo manifold va. SGBB .Lima.Muster station SHFF . SGPK .Yes... SIAX .Survival craft portable radio SIOB .Wrong...Small diameter line.the choice of the inmarsat-region SIIH ..should exceed 1.1 SHRS .Foam.one daylight signalling mirror with ins...100/amplification SGBA . SKHD ..It shall be properly stored and prepare.call the engineer on watch SJIJ . SJOG .to guarantee reception of NAVTEX-report.windows on both sides which can be clos..Lube oil cooler SKFS .. SJKT .. SGYN . India.5 minutes SJIH .

. SNUK .Yes.. SOSQ ... SMSW ...A certificate with information regardin... SQUE . SRAU ... SPLA .The exhaust gas receiver SMBG .Resistance sensor.He is informed by the ship/agent. SOKH .F1B SOKG ..ALC 6 SQJK .the weak link SPBW . SPWU ..evacuation slide SNXR .SKLS . if the message has arrived. SQSQ ...The water level is between the water co. SLGH .Within 200 nm of US waters including G.SES or an EGC receiver SLCC .It is a public record and is admissible. SRBP ... SPAG .Inverter.. SOAH ... relay..Exhaust gas leaking into the oil chambe...Yes..Any ship of 500 gross tonnage and upwar.Both the suction and spill valves are c.Low-pressure switch is jammed closed SLYO . SOMW .Heating coils are to be pressure tested.. SPYJ .. SOON . SMWG .100 dB SPEH .All officers who takes part in the oper.1300210 SLHF .. SPFC .. SLGL .Close them to prevent the spread of fir.send a PDN.. SMUN .. SLHH ... SLKR ...Life saving SMHG ...Code of Safe Working Practice for Merch..Organic chemistry are substances that c.Completely loose its share of the load.11 shackles SPHQ ....a survival manual SKPM .By asking different crew members specif. SMKM .have a floor capable of being sufficien..Acid detergent....The Master SQHQ .. SPVV .21% oxygen by volume and 0% hydrocarbon.Proceed at highest speed to the distres. SMFK . on all ships that comply with MARP..The Norwegian Maritime Directorate. SRCN ...a call for account of the receiver SLGM .To keep the oil protective film between.. the lift force will be dramaticall...use the intercom to inform crew and pas. The Telecommuni.an area within the radiotelephone cover.Maritime investigators. Pt100 SPGA .. SOWV ..Under keel clearance is given by C on t. SQYA ....1 litre . SMUI ..Class A bulkhead SMXY .Grind the valve against the valve seat. SMPN .V(2) = 50 V SRBU .

...5mg/m3 SSPX .Voltmeter and synchroscope SVYO ..Manning of fire parties assigned to dea.not less than 3 metres SUPJ .Right if the immersion depth is smaller. SRTH .All of the mentioned equipment. viscous and solid. SRVV .25 times? STQJ ...Sector System SVBG ..To bring the remaininig oil to the stri.Charge air pressure is too low.....1.Port quarter is given by D on the figur.To minimise oil losses and prevent the. SSOY .A product with flashpoint below 60 ?C.Stern is given by C on the figure SRTC .5 khz SVIW . SVAP .15 June 1987.. SUSU .The ship would be due to sail SSPQ . SRXH . SSHM . SWMR . SWQC .The flue gas plant STBN . SWRP ..Restrictions regarding length and bread..Chief cook and second cook work togethe...All the measurements mentioned must be...Any remaining grinding paste will corro.. SWRV ..2187..He wants the heating coils inspected SWQI .Of low expansion.12..In any country by an MCA Marine Officer.sufficient number of pumps and bailers STMG . SSWK .000 hours. SUFL .4... SUKO ..Conductivity test.2 men SRRN ..SREE .By use of cable stopper backed up by br. SROD .... SSSK ..It keeps the boat alongside the embarka. SSMG ...The pressure control valve will automat.When it is fitted with a guard or simil.Measuring distance from cargo level to.2 digit code telex services STQL ... STYA .Digital Selective Call STRE .Every three months SVSR .Large fenders meant for floating betwee.Posted or available where it can be eas.Foam SRSF .Lower than or equal to 61 ?C SWIT . SWAI . SVEQ .Figure 1 SWRC .. SSOA .A unit which automatically releases the. STUQ ...Start water-spray SUFQ . SUCA .When the lifeboat is flooded . STJU . SRPA .child's lifejacket SWCT .Sidereal hour angle SSGN ... ea...5 bar SVUP .

By control of liquid flow SYXR ..Figure 1.Gate valves. SXRV . TBUY .....Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking.Put on your life jacket.This tank must be inerted if carrying a. SYSO .... SYAD ... TAVB .5 years TAKH .0 kHzRX: 2177.0 kHz TAQH . SXTE . oil outside the top.By audible and visual signals at the co.20 ?C TAGC ..a buoyant bailer and two buckets TBGU .For safety reasons. TALF . TAHA .12 ..10 kN SYWS . ..SOLAS SXHQ .On all short international voyages..To remove solids.. SXRU . mus..The heading will most likely change by.After the separator shell has warmed up.. SWYL .A tankerman certificate TAKJ .To control the tank atmosphere by intro..Fasten seat belts SYPG .SWVX .He should take the padlock inside the r.Put the rudder full starboard.Broken water seal. SXPA . SYAI . SXJJ .. TASR .the testing function of the device SYPY .soot would be swept toward the uptakes SXAJ . globe valves and butterfly.To ensure safe and efficient operation..one (two for a 13 person accommodation)...the use of HF DSC and SARSAT COSPAS Epi. four stern l.Yes SXAI ... TBAY . TCGV ...A period not exceeding 24 months TCFW .The location of the beacon is determine. TAIP .Small changes in temperature can cause. SYIE .16 times per minute TCQW . water and sludge....Greater than the pressure in the lubric..Reject the offer? TAFD ... TBXU .The number of persons should be clearly.Reject it? TAXN .That all vessel's water tight ramps and...Continue with manual operated engine ro.To the master according to his instruct. to ensure that all.TX: 2177. SXTH .. TCQX .... SYIP ...He wants two spring lines.... SYNP .That the Seamen's Act applies in full TBSL . SYYL .. TBVW ...

0 MHz Cospas-Sarsat EPIRB TDJH ..Enclosed Space Entry Permit and Cold Wo.EPIRB THQB . TEIE ....General Mundial Distress and Safety Sys...all the answers are correct TGXW . TGNC .. TGWD ..Close the ventilation system and other.Drill press TEFQ . TIPH .10 minutes TGER .alerting TDWO .The use of onboard communication system. TCYE . TDVP ..TX: 2187...406.Its always possible to put the turning. THXS .Llebuoy with light and smoke TFKV .All of the mentioned alternatives.That the CBA expressly states that it a. TGHE .As stated by shipper? TIQA ..5 kHz TGBK .The side from the wind.one whistle or equivalent TITO .Midships is given by B on the figure TEEY .at the beginning of every watch TFDX .. THBE .Every 5th year..5 kHzRX: 2187. TEJW ..The buoy may not be in its charted posi.in ASCII TIFE .100 Tons.to regulate the light THOS .IX TJCM .Operate valves gradually TEFS . THXV ..The relevant regulations' Section 8.13 TIXV . THAN ...Means shall be available to prevent any.Prior to sailing TDKX .Heating of the feed-water ..Bad management and poorly maintained ol.TCUD . TEDC .always immediately detected by the sate.If we have a sudden drop in pressure af...The confined space always has six sides.. TDPX . TIKJ ...120 mm above the water (in calm water) TIJL . TFGO . TDVR . TIMW .Draught is given by D on the figure TETA ..Same powers as Marine officers in that..

TKBU .Fatty fish TNAU ..Distribution and weight of the containe... TOIX .They are not normally used for pumping... TLDL .Behind one`s back and over one of the s. TLRP . TMMM .an area excluding sea areas A1 and A2 w. TKLD .Within 24 hours.International Maritime Organization (IM. or within 14 days in r.4000m3/h at 120 meter liquid column. TNLK .Increase cylinder oil consumption..It is important that the rotation direc.. TMQK .. TNJV .....Yes if the cargo compartment is designe. TNLM ..In stairways and corridors TKED ..Place the heel of one hand.The ITU List of Coast Stations TLPT ..Fire control plans..for radiotelex-traffic in the MF/HF ban.access hatches capable of being opened...6 TLEF . TNOD . (d. TKGR .. TLRO .It depends on the installation TMFC . TLNN ...Remove any contaminated clothing and fl..Because the Captain expects fog early i. WT2 port.Distress relay call TJQW . two finger.Table 11 and 13.continuously after having been immersed. WT2 starboard..According to the specific eductor`s per...Development of nitrous gases? TNPO ..Once a month TKRN .Discharge to a shore facility only TJJI .Wood TNBS .. TMRE ..... dete.have self-bailing arrangements TJKB .Tins of 850 g each TMSD ..No TNOX .to enhance the safety of lives at sea TKGC .. TLTI . TLKF . TKFX . TKAB .Cut it with the safety knife stowed on. . TOHK . TKTI .CT2..Total weight in tons of cargo. TMEE .Dry extinguishing remedy. TOCE ..TJEO .. equipmen.Blocked condenser. TLPV ..The main supply line to be blanked off....

.200 meters TPLE ....To enhance safety in general TSLV .... TSKB .The master shall notify next of kin/ N. Deck officer on duty. TQCW ..TOPM . TPDV .Notify the Master. TPEO .. TOTU . TSEM .75 candelas (about 0.Zero-point is accurate.. TTBT .Keep the floors and decks free from fat..Close all air ventilators and other ope.. covera.Ensuring that all persons avoid smoking. .Broken water seal. TTGT .The pressure drop across the filter.. TRFB ... TSJG . oil outside the top. TSLU . TUBR .....Weight of the ship including fixed and.It is a gas containing insufficient oxy..Start air supply TPDU .centre. TRAF . gloves.All the mentioned alternatives TUKT .The seaman signs in section b) of the a. Check th.Because the ship is leaving after sunse. but 100% input.Able to effect a complete change of air.6 mile range at. TQTJ . TTQU . TTHL . TPCA ..Checking that lifejackets are correctly..24 hours TSMU .8 TORA .. TPHC . TUBT ...1 to 2% TPGI ...2 men TQLY .Stop the purifier immediately. TPNT .He has disengaged the windlass and put.received messages.Incomplete combustion owing to wrong mi.Excessive heating caused by over tighte....Increase the jacket cooling water tempe.a first-aid outfit in a waterproof case..The Norwegian Consulate TPXQ .. TPLC .Make it possible to drain to shore the..Heat level rises TQWY .... which aren't intende... alternately towards each end TOVL ..Wear protective goggles.... TRAE ..60 minutes TRQA .0... TUEB .All of the alternatives together.Forecastle is given by B on the figure TUFA .One for each person on board who is not... TTGW .. TSKA .

The oxygen content shall be measured to..Toxic substances TYQG .. TVTB ..The main difference is that deep well p...30 litters per nautical mile TWPS .. TYPE .All cargo tanks.. TYHW ..In case of an overfilling.Check that the painter is made fast to. TYRF . TWSG .geostationary TXTT .In main vertical zones TWRI .All these actions are required TVYV .O.six hand flares TWSY ..CT2...1200 litres TXNC .. TVSI ...When the machinery spaces are in the ma. TWOB . TXMD . WT2 port.TUNG .8 minutes TWND . TYXA . TWRH ....Level in the tank to be reduced as much..Tug towing line is given by D on the fi. pump rooms and cofferd. TYEQ .Helps keep accommodation floors clean l. TVWN . TWIY .That they are kept under constant surve.. Ammonia and.. TYDR . TYHB .the day/night situation TVWK ..Keep a low pressure in the tanks at all... TVHI . TXLI .Propeller disengaged and ahead or aster. TYIV .Raise the boom.QI is an authorised individual.to have the correct position in case of.2187.the time of day in relation to propagat... Butane.Stop all F. situate.Disposed of in an ashtray and ensuring.. an. TXKL .1m/s TYFI . transfers immediately. WT2 starboard. Isobutane..9 mtrs TWVL .He wants all the lashings tightened and......Propane..5 khz TXUR ..Risk for pollution TYIT .120 ?C TVXB . TUSK ..Wet pipe system .. TXJY ..to enhance safety TXIB .If the face mask has a leak toxic fumes. TVTC ..a license must be issued TWTQ .

UDMX ....To assist in the efficient and safe wat.On Scene Commander UDLC .A thick rope to tie up the ship UFVT ..Make sure that the compartment has been..Entries regarding the seafarer's servic...1.Any of the listed alternatives..All of the listed alternatives. Charlie..After the separator shell has warmed up. UFUC .Sierra..Transmitter and receiver to be tested w.The Master UCDU .Regularly.Multipurpose powder UCWT ...The Operator should immediately set con...She will most likely sheer to starboard. Alfa. Check th.5 shackle.Same number as beds in the cabin UEAJ . UDYO .. UBQJ .One hose for each 30 meter length of sh.Blocked condenser.0..Measure the specific gravity of the ele... UDOI ..Saturated hydrocarbons are colourless a. UBYW . UDFB . UAXF .. UGEE ...At least two sets UGTA .. when preparing for sea and e.. UBVG ....Rotary positive displacement (mono type. Tango.5 l if the de-salting apparatus is ca. UGSI ..two buoyant smoke signals UDQB ..All prescribed life-saving appliances s. UEMR .Bandpass filter. . UAHF ... UGPX .Do not reply to any questions from outs. UBSU . UFAB ...CO2.operation of davits used for launching..16 and 28 UGEC .Stop the purifier immediately.Crude oil and refined products. UDHS . UDSO . UDAD .lower liferaft to water UFJI ... UGQS . UETJ .Alkanes has only single bond between th...lifebuoy with light and smoke UERN . UAXV . UBKP . UFCO . UACB ....Let go starboard anchor 1 .Machinery and boilers out of operation d.... UANC .. UDJL .UABH .. but approx.Make two round turns fast on the leadin. UDKE . Mi..In Act 3 June 1977 relating to hours of.Salt UADA .The hazards of exposure and the need fo...Use a proper torch UAIF .The master or owner if the master preve.vessels of a certain shipping-company UDSU ...It depends on wear and tear. UFGR . UBHE . UDWT ..Too little gas in the system... UGCS ...handholds or a buoyant lifeline beckete.Dairy products UAGL .. UFBC .. Oscar.

UGTD .The smallest diameter piston is the sta. UHPV . UIHJ .The water can be applied in a fine spra.Vessel should be underway. UJIW .... combustible sup.To keep constant surveillance of machin. UISB . 72..Fuel pump timing changed. UHKQ . UISC . UJMG . UHQT ... i.... UHPX . UJGH .be constructed of inherently buoyant ma....one rustproof graduated drinking vessel.Aft breast line is defined as B on the. UKRC . prevent deposits an. Charlie. smothering.All life-buoys shall be placed in holde.Minimize corrosion..12 miles UGVT .the frequency used UIRD ..There is two types of membrane tank sys. UIOY ...Raise the feed water temperature..1.. UJNW . et 77 ULVF .. UHRI .. ULCC ..Blocking inductive kick from the soleno.by cooling.The bow will be pushed away from the ba. ULXU .. UJDD .a traffic list with the call-sign of th.500 cm UHKS . ULWC ... UIME . UKEV .Indirect cargo cooling plant is utilise.a boarding ladder that can be used at a.No specific word will precede a routine..A ship receiving this call must set wat.. 08.1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver . ULIO .Improve the scaling surface function. UJGM .channels 06.Foam monitor gun UMJJ ...... UIMG .Quebec.The water level UJBJ ..Landing here is highly dangerous UHDH ..Trying to ignite burner from hot brickw.. UKWD ... Kilo UIVO .Reduce the service interval. UHIG ..Maximum volume percent oxygen must not... minimum 7 kn...B UMKH .Secured via a weak link to a secure par.Open...The Master has no obligations to assist. ULLE .the condition and results of tests of t.A command as dirtlx…+ can be given UKAP ..Upper Flammable Level / Lower Flammable.S = (A or B) and C UHLS ...Hysteresis .. UMHW .. ULBE ... India. when pressure in the boiler is in.No welding or hot work on board ships c.All winches be left with the manual bra..500 kHz UJCJ .... UKYM . UHJX .. UKWE . UISD .. UIGQ . UJET ...a buoyant bailer UKQF .To keep the lifeboat steady against the...The exhaust gas receiver. Uniform.

.0 bar UOHS ..Monthly UNHM ..the detonating gas can be discharged UPXL . UNCR ... UNMM ..Identify the hazards.secure all burners UPYX .. UPLP ..2.8 hours a day? UQNI .. UQMH .. UNCQ .All passengers that will require some f.. UPVQ .a frequency UNIK .As shown in figure 1. UPOC .20.To individual employment agreements for. ... UOJH ..SILENCING DISTRESS followed by the sile.Every lifebuoy shall be constructed of. UNWO ...A material that neither burns nor emits.To prove that the vessel has had the of.They may require him to make a safety i.Bunkering of bulk lubricating oil.The Norwegian Maritime Directorate UQXF . maindeck? URMH ..Too much lub oil in one or more cylinde.5 kHzRX: 2177..The transmitting mode is not compatible.TX: 2189.. UOUV . UNIL . URQM .8 minutes UNKG . UNQV . UNNK ..Quadruple UMVC .A large temperature drop across the dri..Start an additional auxiliary engine UQUT ....adjust the noise threshold of the marip.60 ?C UNJE .. UQLK . UQUR .In the Fire and Safety instruction manu... UQYV . UQNE .It adheres to the boiler tubes and redu.Starboard bow is given by A on the figu..You will get harmed by the fumes before.Seagoing service UQGM ..assistance will be given.You are seen . UQAQ ..0 kHz UMWW .Heavy seas from behind URQL ..8414..000 tons URVO .not later than 1 month UMNT . UROS .5 kHz and on at least one of the f. URSV ....Figure 1 UMOO ...The appointed lifeboat commander. quantify the risk.UMMV .when floating in the inverted position.. UNAG .70 UNQS .Exhaust gas leaking into the oil chambe. USQH ..Start air supply UPCJ .5 litres / m2/ min UPAV .the use of SART transponders UQEW ..Capstan is given by A on the figure UPGP .. manifolds.Very High Frequency UPEB ..Forecastle head.which officers are assigned to ensure t.

All bolts to be in position and tighten.USQI .November..Place the injured part under slowly run.Speed governor and voltage regulator UVAC .5 meters UYHP . UVCQ .. all cargo ships of... VAEE . UWLX .Ulsan... UXOB . UUHU .Approximately 85% dry. UTOQ ..International Convention for the Safety. namel. UUAG .Yes.....lifebuoy with light and smoke UXTG ..A certificate issued by the authorities..One control book for special medicines.differs for each country UVBY .. VBNC .. UWDG . UUXR .. VAEJ ..Overhaul the unit to determine faults s.Lower the boom.Sound three blasts in succession. X-.for ship-shore telephone-traffic on the. UWQP . UUBH . UXQJ . Echo. VABS ....L(S) = 18 H. VAVS . UXPU .Segregated ballast tanker....Change in output signal divided by chan..Lower than -18 ?C UVBV . UYNH ...Overhaul the compressor unit.Certain sections of the Act 3 June 1977..The passengers get familiar with emerge.. UWQU . UYGR .. and pulse..closing of watertight doors...No VATI ..The purpose of the priming unit on cent. VATG . UXDK ... and as listed in the Maritime Act.All passenger ships.. VBOE ..Pressure UUYM ..That the wires are just above the water.with weak incoming signals distortion i. UVJL .0 ?C VBHL . .Push shore line content to shore tank o.4...The position ensures that an open airwa. VAFF .It will be discolored and turn pink. UYCL ..the two lifebuoys of the quick-release.. VBNE . UWLS .... UVWR .. UXEF . Korea UXCM . Tango.The person may be very pale.They must wear the protective equipment. Alfa.. raise the load.. UXUE . UUCY .Report to relevant authorities..85 ?C UUAM . Victor.store & forward messages VAKD ...All the mentioned alternatives. UUOJ ...Copy of the fire control plans/folders. fire doors...Ventilate the tank and perform procedur.15 compressions followed by 2 full vent..

..they should prepare survival crafts and...lowering of at least one lifeboat after.The wheels of hatchcover No. 7 came off.be prevented from pressure exceeding tw.30 m VCTS ..J3E VDVM . VCSD .A non-emulsifying agent with self split..2200 ohm VEGG ..The company responsible for the operati.. VEES .They are going to weigh the anchor VBUV . VCEY .. VDEU .VBRJ ..muster station VDDD .Passenger ships carrying more than 36 p.A combined scouring and polishing machi..2500 mm wg? VFDY . VDFX .a rustproof dipper with lanyard VDNH . VDPN . VEMB . the...Multistage centrifugal.Where the fire breaks out.Line-throwing appliance VCJW . VFYT .That people are well trained VFUM .Stern is given by C on the figure VGAF ..... VEDU ..In case of an emergency situation.another channel is chosen VGCO .. VEIR .15 mtr VDQK .a first-aid outfit VEKN .. VCIB .By putting the vessel mooring ropes as..According to the nomograms You select a.highest point of the steam and water dr. it will give the stern a lift forc.Yes.. how many fir.The tug was made fast at the centre lea..6 knots for 24 hours VDCJ .RF-Gain VFFK .A cascade controller. VGAH . VCTT .ALC 1c VEIW . VEVE .All these actions are required. VGBF .. VFAI ... VEYS .802 ohm at 20 ?C VBSE .L2330 VCNH ..Weekly VCWK ....Survival craft portable radio . VDHL .simplex VEON .

which together with the nat.To observe traffic movement in the Engl...5% by volume. VLER ..5 % VHXQ . breadth = 115 mm.liferaft VJLP .a mock search and rescue of passengers. VKXI ..Secure the wire all way aft.. VHHU .8 VGYN .Yes VJYC .Lower the boom..1... dept. launching and clearing of sur. VIGS .For 3 minutes starting on the hour and.Inhibition and smothering VHLB .About same position as the center of gr... VKSG . VIGU ...6 VKRK .Correct flow... VJLS ..04 % VGON .Ensure adequate circulation in all cond....Make a bold alteration to starboard and..... pressure and temperature.... VGTP .Accounting Authority Identification Cod. to prevent. VJBP . VIDL .Construction of all internal divisional. VGSS .When a particular work activity may ca.length = 480 mm. VHNO .He is to check the heater for the hydra.For all vessels...A remedy to which the mooring lines are. . VKUS ....Reduce the RPM to reduce the scavenge a....0.A fixed sprinkler system at the cargo m..In the fire control plans or booklet th.Boarding.A document.VGMS ... VGWV . VLBK .Annually. VIHV .The stripping capacity has to be 25% mo.Air draught is given by C on the figure..use a proper torch VHXP .. VHYL . VHKD .. VIHN ..low-expansion foam VIBR . VGMU . VIWM . VIMQ .8 VJJH .. VJDM . VIRV .. VKNG ..Muster and embarkation stations shall b.by muster lists exhibited in conspicuou..5 l VJHL .. VIGB .To neutralize the acids occurring in th. VISK ....

Every UK ship except fishing vessels an. VNJT . VNEP .is equipped with a pocket for a portabl. VPHS .You inform the NCS that the SES is avai. VPHR . VPMV . VPUB .24 houres VNWE .A deck officer or certificated person s... VLPX .On Scene Commander VPUH .. VMYX .All of the mentioned VLOY .To evacuate air and water out of the sy..Wait three minutes and if no acknowledg.Stainless steel? VPTN ..independent of the destination VMYA ... VLPT .....Cold drinks and salt. Continue to..Power-driven vessel making way on port.... VPRU .To prevent serious damages on the plate.That people are well trained.the length of the ship VORQ ..immersion suit VNNX .As in example 2 VNMW ....the use of MF and/or VHF R/T VNJR ..They are not normally used for pumping.Where the mooring lines lead. VMSE .VLOB .Sprinkler horn VMKT ..Blue VMLM ..climb up and down a vertical ladder of. VMGH ..All SOLAS.All of the mentioned equipment. VNAJ . VNIW ..Start water-spray ...60 % VNDU . VNFK .A bearing is damaged.To gas free a cargo tank means that we. VPSL .By double blank flanges with a drain be.Either of the mentioned elements VMRC .By entering the alarm instruction with.. VLTY .Search for missing persons.The piston clearance is too large. VOFH .The three most common energy forms are.distress VNOO . Worn. VMJP .Immersion suit VNRE .. MARPOL and Loadline conventi. VOMW .... VPSJ ... VPLV ..Stop VNFF .

..must be replaced before the expiry date..Channel 70 DSC..unit which automatically releases the l. t.Only during day time when visibility. VQRP .MAYDAY VRFB .. provokes pan.. VPWQ ..To wash all lines and pumps properly.Generation of carbonic acid causes the.... VTAU . VQQB .. VQKC ..1min VQNJ ..Whenever the gangway is rigged.. VSWN . VTBP . VRJS . VUFP .It reduces the visibility.The use of all survival equipment VTOD ..All the mentioned alternatives VTML .Fire extinguishers equipped for powder.. VSGR ..all entrances fitted with rigid boardin.Solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH) a. VQTJ .Aft of the forecastle secured with the..One month .A cut of veal topside. VTIY ..Put the rudder hard to port to reduce t..Exhaust valve VSJW .The ITU List of Ship Stations VQLA .J3E VSGQ ... Chief Engineer & Chief Officer.Water contamination.safety VSQN . VQHP ..International Maritime Satellite Organi. VRGS . VQGV ...Master. and later.A decrease in strength of 20 % VROD . VPWS .. VRFY ... VSMN .All fully bolted except those actually.VHF channel 16 VUET . VSMF ....9 GHz VQVT ... VRKW ...Use water extinguisher to put out the f.immersion suit VTLR .Dose with coagulent and blow down the b.According to the nomograms You select a.Cut it with the safety knife stowed on.fixed sign on the mast plus signs on ea.The turbine rotor is not balanced VRKX ... VTCO .VPVW . VTAM . VUCY . VPXS ....Transfer it to the sloptank.Seeing that the passengers are suitable. VRGW ..

. in regulations on medical examinat. WAUH .Maintain course and speed with caution.ship's radio log VYXN – Dispersant WACC .C(S) = 18 µF WAYO .The atmosphere in the tank where hot wo. WBBD .Ear muffs WARV ..Warm clothes.Pos. WAUD .Before the tank is entered.. VVRA .An efficient and reliable service VYLW ... . VWJK .Just prior to reaching the water..Every month VVOQ .If the face mask has a leak toxic fumes.. VVDU . lifeline..Diamond shape WAVJ .17 SDR WADV ..Weekly VYJD .All the mentioned alternatives VXXW .Inert gas is utilised on board gas carri.He is worried that oil will run through.. VXQD ......Pressure-reducing regulator. blankets and lifevests.11 times 0.VUUN ..the tanks should be fitted with audible..10 to 11% WAIY .By smothering and also providing some c. WADB .A dedicated set of pages in the Officia.. VXFE . VYEN .. the l.. VVPP . r..Make the pipes capable to move back and. WAVF ..Yes.Beef VYGV ..four rocket parachute flares VYFW .....Pressure surge and liquid pressure. VYBS ... WAPG .not less than half the total number of. VVQI .Sound the General Alarm ..….25 watt VXCB . VVKQ .The secondary controller VXPE . 8 VVCC . VWQC ... VXJJ ..The cargo tanks are to be washed that o.Gas carriers and chemical carriers VWWX . VUUP .All answers WAIW ...Cover the spillage with a layer of foam.carry out eme.two buoyant smoke signals WBCA ..

WCKY . WESJ . WFYY .activating the SART and checking the ef.Inner diameter of impeller is bigger du.All independent tanks are self-supporte.5% extra WCRQ ....because the volume adjustment of the sp. . WBST ..I am manoeuvring with difficulty .Survival craft portable radio WBOG ..... WGRF . engin.watertight lockers or compartments WFTX .. WEXL . WGUM .evacuation slide WGVS ...Simplifies the overview WDBR ..All the mentioned alternatives WGJB .distress WCFC ..Blue WDCV .Low oxygen alarm WDEY .Hotter due to increased current WCIK . WDRO .A noxious liquid with melting points le.5 years WHIT .Weekly WGRL .WBFJ .Two valves segregation. WBLW .Commence sounding the fog signal..Secure hatches WGNA .it lessens the survivor's heat escape WHLC . WELN .duplex WEGM . WEGK ..Strain gauge WCFW . installati.Check for presence of hydrocarbon gas u.All ships... WGLO .Do a 20/20 degrees zig-zag manoeuvre WFUR . WHNY ..Centrifugal force WFAW ...Keep.Central gas extinguishing system and/or.The governor WEOA . WBXU .1 WDFD ..He needed to get acquainted with the of.Interface towards center.Difficult to seal plates above this pre.Lifebuoy with light and smoke WDLY .permission for availability..an omni-directional aerial WDED ..Engine Room WGOY .In the meat locker WFTY ..

.Notify nearest Norwegian Consulate WIQA ..Chapter 30 WIJO . e.the captain/ master WJIU .. WIFK . WJPF .To everyone engaged in work on board..Figure 3.On area A1 this function is based on th.. WIUM ..SOLAS A PACK or SOLAS B PACK according.The appointed lifeboat commander..A signal will sound in the crew accommo.According to the nomograms you select a.Broken water seal. New-builds from February 1992.0 bar WIYL ..+ 1...Adjustable wrench WLEH . WIAN ...Plaice WLVA .is not fine-tuned WIOO ...Radiotelephony .WHPM ... WIEO .prevent excessive furnace heat losses WHRL . WKJJ .Only in conjunction with paper charts WKCR ..A reduction in strength of 10 % to 15 %.Person in charge WLQU . WJCW . . WIYR .5 miles WHWE . WIBF ...Increase..Familiarization..The pump's delivery valve (discharging. WIAM . oil outside the top.3 sets.. WIFG .location of embarkation ladder WIME ..in the event of capsizing it will autom.. WHRB .Plate WKKA . WJOP . WJMV .9 GHz.. WJFH ..Seawater WJYK . WMED .To determine if there is any danger of. how to put...Allow for increase in water volume WJBE .A vessel without ordinary bottom lines..Operational amplifier.reduced heat capacity of the heater WIKE .Cavitation.If packing fails the pump can be kept r.. WJUF .Phase modulation WIKN . WIJM .. WLVX .All the mentioned alternatives. WKSS .. and other drills ident.. WLIK .The route to musterstation.

.I am dragging my anchor WOWG .Mandatory. WPUO .Under the forecastle.5 miles WNLW .....With given density at observed temperat. WOIF . WOTT .AF-Gain WNDB ... there could be a conflict of intere.Wire for pulling burning ships off the. WOXE . WPWE .. WMIK .High delivery pressure WRIS .ARQ-system WQYO .0m? WPSE .. given by or on behalf of the.During navigation between ports WRKF .. WOYY .Seven short blasts followed by one prol.date when last serviced WMOG .Start engine WPER .The master and department heads.... WRBX ..Before being employed WNGV .the use of VHF DSC WNLO ... hold the load. WQEP ...On all areas this function is based on.The maximum possible percentage of oil....call sign WOCH ..be capable of operation from fire stati.raise the water level a couple of inche.Yes WPOW . WRQF ..6 WPQH . WRTO .. WPIT . WQKG .WMEF .To detect oil mist (explosive atmospher.the first digit of the identification WRYM . WOXB ... WQXT ..Charge air temperature is too high.1. WNLU .A license.Position A WQRV .R(S)= 4 ohm WNJV ..Once every month WRUH . WQFO . WOXY .It is easier to damage a centrifugal pu..The tug may be turned across your bow w.Formula 1 WPOY .To avoid high wear down of chain and ch.No.Raise the boom.NOR gate WMMO .The crew members embraced by the Act 3.

Forecastle is given by B on the figure WWME .To reduce danger of fire and the risks.Differential amplifier. WSGV .A publication which contain all informa.. WVNC . WURM .. WUIM .That the strainer needs cleaning.Monthly WUAA .Less than 5 min WVHL .Weekly WWKT ..4 kN WVQO .That the collective wage agreement stat. WUIO .+ 1.Oil Detection Monitoring Equipment.Means of escape . WURR ..He will find a lubricating chart in the..escape routes WSLD .Lowers oxygen content in the tank WUFW .WRYO ..Fasten seat belts WUIH .To take part in public traffic WUVR . WTUD .Gas dangerous areas onboard gas carrier.0 bar WTWR .2 ?C after a period of 6 h immersion in..500 ?C WVKS .Organic peroxides..In the main Section numbered VII WUFC .The same as suction pressure... WWND . WSDQ .. .Damage to piston and liner. WSMA ..Electrodes WTVT . WUUC . WUWN . WWLL .The wind and sea should be from ahead o.. WVMK .the space where the batteries are store. WUWJ .Emergency diesel and batteries WVLQ .... WSEL ....That the pump is stopped in time to avo.The Medium Frequency (MF) band.MF-transmitters WVDH .Makes the meat take on a reddish colour. WVMM ...The use of radio life-saving appliances.2...Approved training WTWV ....SECURITE (3x) WTJH . WWGO .95 Celsius WSBC .a buoyant lifeline bucketed around the.2 kN 0.5 sec WVLL ... WVFS .They have to bunker fuel oil and diesel.

2m XBEW .Grease was blocking the grease pipe XAQS . WYXW ...Putting in auto order when on stand-by..To reduce the general risk of fire in a.MCA only WWTX . as per the General Civil Penal Cod..The secondary controller in a cascade c. WYXA ..Yes.Normally use it.If the hot work is to be carried out at.Diesel oil.. WYWC ..2 XBFO .+ 5 ?C XBQJ . XABR . XAQK . WWYS ..Low differential pressures XAMN ...2 min WXJR . ... XAVI .WWNH .H = .. WYSA . XBQI .Vegetable / Fish Oil WYYU .The alternators are not generating the...The interface moves outwards XAKS .six hand flares WYFH ..Phase modulation WWOX .Public announcement system to be used f.Uncovered manila rope. WYCJ .. XAAV . XBSD ..Centre line is given by A on the figure.1.To prove there is no liquid in the cyli.PAN PAN (3x) WXFR ..All safety surveys except Passenger Cer. XAPT .. WYUO . XBTW .0.F1B/J2B XCFJ . WXCD .....All ships carrying flammable cargoes mus.2 XBIB ..a working channel of the nearest shore-.R(S) = 25 ohm XATX .All alternatives XCAI .the safety certificate (S..) XAAT ... XCFI ..Radiotelephony .emit smoke of a highly visible colour WXDB .The clearance between the rocker arm an.lifebuoy with light and smoke XBSE .This concerns a mobile station XBTP ... and topping up...Not recommended at all XALN ...1 VHF RT + DSC+ DSC watch receiver .C.Register of Shipping and Seamen XBSC . as free or dissolved c.Reduce the rate of flow.Highest point of the steam and water dr.178 XAML .They turn yellow WXFP . XAPL .volt x hours WXEU .

Development of toxic gases? XDIN .no entry with naked light and/or flame XFQV ..Starting achieved within 2 min of comme..Bridge is given by A on the figure XIAY .Open and closed circuit apparatus ..Frequency in an Alternating Current (AC. XFUD .This call will normally be followed by.E. XJEW .The ship's management team must organis..Overhaul the compressor unit.Figure 2. XEAC . XDGC .The percentage of the L.. XECW . XEFB . XEUD ..The rags may be caught by a revolving s..MERSAR XGHQ . XIVI . XFYK .We are not allowed to load ammonia on i....Frequency modulation XDAR ...Life buoy with line XDIW . XJCC .Lower than 23 ?C XHJG . XJIB .Mooring buoy is given by B on the figur..L..Every four months XGHL ...The control valve for the cooling wate... XHDE .....CBTs cargo tanks are also used for ball. XGIJ .Discharge the slop tank completely firs.Reduce the sea water flow through the c..From the system pipeline. XFHP . XIYA ..All mentioned..Radiotelephony ...Scharnow Turn XHCJ . XFIN ..a license XCNV ..When he is properly relieved.this message is stored in the memory un... XHGT . XIPW .XCHD . XIWJ . in the amb.Generator overload due to many motors s. XHJI ... XIHN .8 % XDYT .. XDGE . XFMY ...Mooring buoy is given by B on the figur.this message is the 6th message in the..Use large quantities of water as soon a..listen on the radio-telephone distress. XJGJ .To disconnect the power source XDPI .a AAIC XHJF .Rocket line XHEB .davit launched liferaft XEEG ... XETN .Treat and reassure the casualty and sta.In ICS Tanker safety guide XESU .In the Captain's office XIEB . XJQK ..The floor of the raft has a second laye...every month XFOH .Capacitor.9 XFOI .. XIWI .DSC has fully taken over watch-keeping.35 kg XFRU .

. XLYN .IMDG XJVM .Resistance temperature sensor. XNMW ....About 20% XLOO .To persons in certificated positions as..Height of liquid in the tank XNFD .personal call XOJI .... XOCQ .The International Maritime Organization. XNYM .A part of the Norwegian Maritime Direct. oxygen. XNWV .To avoid cold cargo to came in contact.... XMKJ .. provided that he has a Certificate.. XPNH .Rescuing of life .Radar transponder XMHR . XKXS ..two hatchets XJYW .combustible. XNAH .Insufficient air supply XLSX ..Only licensed officers XNBA .Be constructed of inherently buoyant ma. XMKL .yes....Resistance sensors XOBX .0 mm? XOTD . XKPN .9 GHz XMPH . blankets and lifevests..The recognized classification society.Correct water level is obtained by refi..Products with users instructions tellin.Nothing for the first 24 hours.Liferafts shall be stowed with its pain..ASCII XLBJ .13. XMCY .. then 1/. XOWT .Request lower loading rate? XKNB ..the seasons XOVR ..lowering all lifeboats XPNC . XKOO .Flag state XNIP .seeing that passengers are suitably cla.you must wait 3 minutes minimum before.10 bar..Life buoy with line.One year.Clogged air inlet filter XKQI . XNRP .+ XOFD . XMIP ..... XLDW . XJXU . XKYT .F1B XLIT .Outside the ship itself XJVO .use of communication equipment XMPL .Gauge pressure XMFE .. XPDF .. heat and chain rea..a solid (cardboard or wood…) XOKD .XJVL .tlx.He has disengaged the windlass and put.Making use of Risk Assessment as a mean.Level control XNGY ..the use of VHF R/T XOYF ....Not less than 10000 kJ XNPG .Warm clothes. XPLR .

XPNI - Take separation of the two vessels into... XPOJ - On Scene Commander XPPV - All of the mentioned must be performed XPPY - Natural bends at intervals? XPRJ - compensate the movements of the vessel XPUU - one set of fishing tackle XPXH - Checking that life-jackets are correctl... XPYA - at least 24 distributed on both sides o... XQCL - CO2 plant. XQJH - Leave the engine room as quickly as pos... XQJW - The patient placed in a "face -to-the-f... XQKQ - Sudden crushing, vice-like pain in the... XQKW - Call an hospital for professional medic... XQMM - The heart. XQNF - Fixed CO2 fire-extinguisher system XQNI - handholds on the underside of the hull XQQM - one whistle or equivalent XRAV - A series of tests run by the computer a... XRBP - Its readiness to perform as specified. XRGG - f o = 1 / (2 sqrt (L/C) ) XRGN - Oil Record Book. XRKU - the use of VHF DSC XROP - Operate the engine room on manual mode... XRRF - the DSC-watch receiver XRRH - J2B / F1B XRVK - Prevent contamination if leaks are deve... XSBN - They are economical to operate XSCY - The release mechanism shall be of an au... XSES - It is possible to predict the control m... XSGK - inversely proportional to the frequency... XSIX - sky wave XSOW - Constant flow, clean probes and tempera... XSPO - When the provisions and /or water is un... XSPR - The ITU List of Coast Stations XSRF - Authorised radio surveyors employed by... XSVL - Notify the US Coast Guard XTEQ - an area excluding sea area A1 within th... XTGI - No XTHE - The acidity (ph) of the cargo should b... XTLK - Difficult to seal plates above this pre... XTMX - Start water-spray XTTR - 4 m XTUM - All mentioned. XTVH - To keep constant surveillance of machin... XUFH - Only cargoes included in one of the cat... XUOI - that need not meet any of the requireme... XUON - Intermittent signals on the ship's alar... XUOR - If it is decided that work shall be car...

XUWB - be taken by the crew to the rescue-boat... XUXV - on the date of replacing the battery XUYL - All the other mentioned alternatives ac... XVAJ - A system that's displaying the way to t... XVBW - All of these cargoes are incompatible. XVIM - Stand behind the casualty. Clench your... XVJN - When Under Keel Clearance is 50% or les... XVMA - It will be much shorter XVMY - only be given receipt, if the master ha... XVPE - telephone country codes XVTJ - The hours of work Act and the NIS Act. XVXP - We find 5 annexes in MARPOL 73/78 and a... XWEN - Coordinated Crab XWMR - Visual and radar observations XWNM - Daily cleaning in cabins, messrooms, ga... XWSI - Over time we got more experience with p... XWWU - Inhibitor is used to prevent polymerisa... XXBP - Notify Ch.Eng., find cause of leakage,... XXBT - alkaline. XXCN - Go to your lifeboat station XXCO - On the navigation bridge XXYE - Electrically isolated by special isolat... XYFU - davit launched liferaft XYFY - The Norwegian Maritime Directorate XYGW - Manoeuvring levers/wheels for mechanial... XYPU - 8 % XYPY - Remote level controller with indicator XYQS - In 440 V section: Two lamps bright. In... XYXF - name of the ship in distress YADO - The entry is left as it is. An additiona... YAHQ - Merchant Shipping Notices (MSNs), Marin... YAJD - Under keel clearance is given by C on t... YAKE - The ship's officer in charge of the oil... YAPA - The slave controller with the master co... YAPE - two sponges YARM - will conduct electricity with very high... YATK - all vessels in the Ocean Region concern... YAVX - Turn the rudder towards midship, but no... YAWR - He should be aware of the steel thickne... YBEA - increase YBGW - Centrifugal pump. YBHU - ICE-method. YBJC - They are to let go of the stern lines YBRQ - 300 - 3000 kHz YBTF - Maximum allowable working pressure YCAS - Both in a conspicuous place in each mac... YCDB - The tug may be sucked into your stern w... YCDF - 96 hours

YCEY - At any time, provided he is confident t... YCIJ - Neutral to Alkaline solution. YCKT - Radiotelephony - Phase modulation YCLM - If at sea, the master shall immediately... YCLR - pressed in constantly to work duplex YCRJ - the oxidising agent in the presence of... YCRN - It would be determined by risk assessme... YDAV - Chapter II-2 YDTC - 95 ?C YDUN - Tell the person to sit down and lean fo... YDVL - During crossing, ports on the car deck... YDWL - Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhe... YEDY - To comply with MARPOL requirements YEIA - Class C fire YESY - Change the lube oil. YEYS - Piracy is increasing YFBB - A liquid change to gas. YFBK - Development of toxic gases? YFKM - From the condenser. YFKP - 4 YFPM - Printed Circuit Board YFQI - Telephone YFXS - Neutral. YFYM - Soot would be swept toward the uptakes YGGF - Water can be removed in the separator b... YGJV - swim through the water at least 25m and... YGMX - Has to contain a work-frequency YGNT - lifejacket YGVH - Yes. YHAK - Total pressure head YHDN - Green YHFJ - can be unpacked and donned without assi... YHJP - 2 min YHQE - That the separation may cause sparks th... YIEH - 300.000 kilometres per second YIHT - the frequency actually used by transmit... YIIO - In stairways and corridors YIKG - Yes, you must attend to a course held b... YIPI - Ensure the valves are of the correct di... YISM - 25 % YITG - Give the coating time to "weather out"... YIVB - In % of full scale YIXM - received messages, which aren't intende... YJCM - amplitude is variable and frequency of... YJGQ - O2: 21% N2: 78% H2O: traces CO2: tra... YJIM - The heat given to or given up from a su... YJMJ - Yes, must be cooled to 25 Degr. C. YJNK - Every day.

. YKQR ...Alert ..That no solid beam of fuel shall be pre.Fouled cooling water system...A Norwegian Consulate has already dutie.. YJTI .call-signs of ships for which a radio-t.. YNYU ...Sprinkler section valve YOOK ..Seelonce mayday YNBN .Feed-check valve YMYA .Increase in condenser pressure.5 knots YNET .To prevent oil spills in US waters? YNVI . blankets and lifevests... YKIE . o.Fasten seat belts YKDF . consideri. YLQT .a telephone conversation with a person.YJOA .Put the plates in water with qualified. YMFJ ..Not less than 10000 kJ YKKX ... YOAM .time (in UTC) whereupon the telex for t..All of the other alternatives. YNDY . YLLJ ..The Stevedore company? YJRK .on simplex basis YKVP .To prevent the circulating oil in the c.8 hours a day? YNPN .Emergency fire pump YNRH .Warm clothes.Open steam valve very slowly.Message concerning an important navigat.One short blast..only the master YLNC .Large fenders meant for floating betwee.. one prolonged blast.Fuel tanks should be topped off with no.every 4 months YNUN . YJUB ..Water with less than 15 ppm vitiation o.the number of persons the liferaft is p. YKNC ..Use the intercom to inform crew and pas...10 to 11% YLLL ......Portable foam applicator YLEB .Distress YMCC . YNUO .to suppress noise YLDC ... YLFV .Spherical cargo tanks are used on all t.. YKMK .Forward breast line is given by C on th.an indication of aerial problems YMBN . .Bow/stem is given by B on the figure YMKS .. YLKO .In a clarifier solids are removed from. YNXB . YNEO .. YOPO ..A ship which carries more than 12 passe.A wheel with which the ship is steered.In G3E mode .You set watch on channel 16 YNDB ..All alternatives YNKQ ..Fully-refrigerated gas carrier can be d... YNRG .Release falls YLPV . YLII .LAPQ4 YLRD ...Uncertainty .. YONW .. YKKV . YLNB . YNKS .

Annex. YSUD .. YQGU .All the mentioned alternatives? YPPE . YPAH ..J3E YSSE .. .Any of the below.To be briefed about what to expect and. YSUB .. oxygen first.automatically send a non-delivery notif.automatic self-righting abilities when.. YQGV .3.. 180 A..3. YUYX ..YORY ..Circle the vessel. YQTK .Midwinter YQIL . YOYO .. YUNY . YUVL . YTQK .Vegetables YRRM .Length overall is given by B on the fig. the quick closing devices shall be.. C. YQPX . Trip.5 ?C ET? YUNF .. YQHS ...5 sec YOSR ..Line currents: 0 A..+/-`6.the use of VHF DSC YUVN ... 180 A.Enclosed Space Entry Permit and Cold Wo.Water leaking into the combustion chamb..Yes.5 . YPCX .30.. YTYS ..At a place easily accessible from the s.9% YUOW ..30 months before the expiry date....Put on the life jacket YRFW ..the name of each inoccupants (passenger.Aft of the manifold. YQIM . YTTD .If a sudden drop in pressure appears af...One year. YSYG .is marked that it must be worn in conju. YSJC ..The welder shall have been instructed i. YUTT .The GPS system gives information about....General cargo holds YQOD ..10 Degr... YOWU ..At least one member of the crew shall h.5 ...An observed situation where objective e.Close the valves.. YTSF . YQFW ..EPIRB YSVQ ..Ships can use their own boats if they c.. YUKR .1.5 litre YSYB . YSGL ..Mixing of : Incompatible cargoes. YRFX .. YSTY .A whistle and a light YPCU . YSUS .Blue YRRO .The flash point for an oil or liquefied.an area excluding sea areas A1 and A2 w.Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR). YOUP .the use of MF and/or VHF R/T YPSO .three tin-openers YTQQ ...To prevent too much shrinkage.neither for … YQPA .This call is an all station call YTKY .Roller fairlead is given by B on the fi.

..All the mentioned alternatives .One on each side of the ship YYRO . YYRT .At about 1/6 of the ship's length from. YXWW .Maritime investigators.... YXDO ..A Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Pla... YVGL .The manoeuvring vessel presents her por.. YXWV ..The point where the sideways motion of..Returned to the Ship Control via a Norw.YVFL . YYFY ..Rescuing of life.2 PSI above / 0.. ZXSD ..the use of VHF R/T YXEN ... YVTS .He is to notify the Chief Officer YYXR ..The Seaworthiness Act YWEO ...5 PSI below? YVJW .. YYBW ....Absolute pressure YYNQ .At least two jets of water not emanatin.one drain valve fitted near the lowest....A converter that converts an analogue s..the way radio waves are propagated YXCS .. YYSM .Check that the painter is made fast to.Sea water YYSQ .. YWEP .. YXYL .By using rubber gloves. YYMW ..... YVXD .At least one portable foam applicator u. YWNV .30 miles YXVD . YWMB .. YVGK ..0 YYNS ..Dilute the remains by 10 times with wat. YWBF .To prevent serious damages to the plate. YVJT .The asphalt unlike sulfur is a viscous. The ship Contro.The lower speed the higher ratio of oil.He is steering the ship. li..if they are more than 25% of the total. YVNV .Anchor ball.pressed in during transmitting only to.Electrostatic hazards? YWIY . YWFH . YYPD .Measure oxygen contents in the atmosphe..to swim a short distance through the wa. YVQI . fighting the fire..

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