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Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

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Published by: sajid_barca on Nov 05, 2012
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Name: Sajid Ahmed ID: 111 0602 030 Sec: 2

 Their valuable time is wasted sitting ideally in the roads of Dhaka city due to traffic jam.Traffic jam is one of the major problems of Dhaka city.  People in the city has to fight every day to reach their desired destinations.  It has increased at such a higher rate that it has become really intolerable.  It is not only affecting the general people but also affecting country’s economy negatively as it is badly affecting trade and commerce of the country.  .


Number of cars has increased a lot which is also contributing a lot to the daily traffic jam. Illegal parking is another reason for traffic jam.Reasons for the increase of traffic jam  Most part of Dhaka is badly affected by the population growth which is obviously a cause of traffic jam in the city. Huge number of illegal rickshaws is creating traffic jam.    .

Overtaking tendency of drivers create pro-longed traffic congestions. VIP protocol maintaining is another reason for frequent traffic jams in the streets. Narrow road spaces is also one of the reasons for the increase of traffic jam.   . Divider problem in the city’s different important roads also causes congestion.   Bus terminals not authorized by the traffic department also causes traffic jam.

Drivers doesn’t follow traffic rules which is the another cause for traffic jam. Lack of automatic traffic signals and rail crossings are also causing serious traffic jam.Reasons for the increase of traffic jam Unplanned road excavating by WASA and DESA telephone and telegraph agencies is responsible for intolerable traffic jams. Makeshift shops on footpaths and street sidelines are also a reason for the increase of traffic jam. . Damaged roads also causes traffic jam.

Measures that should be taken  Traffic rules should be strictly enforced and the people who will break the rules must be punished. Rickshaws must be banned from the main roads of Dhaka city. People should use zebra crossing and foot over bridge to cross the roads. Illegal car parking must not be allowed.      . The authorities need to remove unregistered vehicles. Bus terminals must be authorized by traffic department.

Otherwise they should be punished as well. Roads must be spacious. . Out of dated bus. Damaged roads must be repaired. Makeshift shops on footpaths and street sidelines must be removed. Traffic must do their duties properly. telephone and telegraph agencies must be planned perfectly.       Road excavating by WASA and DESA. tempo and cars must be removed. Drivers must avoid overtaking tendency otherwise they should be punished.

. But the government alone cannot change the situation. Traffic jam has become a serious problem in the city and preventive measures must be taken by the government to control the situation. The people of the city must become aware and come forward in helping the government to make things right.

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