Mise en scène Film Review: Secret Lairs

You Only Live Twice
‘James Bond: You only live Twice’ was made in 1967 and was directed by Lewis Gilbert. It is the fifth film in the Bond Series, and also the Fifth film which stars Sean Connery as Bond. The screenplay was written by Ronald Duahl, which was influenced by the novel ‘You only live Twice’ written by Ian flemming in 1964. In the film, Bond fakes his own death in order to help with an investigation in Tokyo due to a mysterious incident that involved a spacecraft being hijacked by an unknown source. However the unidentified spacecraft had landed in the sea Japan and had been spotted which drove Bond to investigate further. One of the most famous aspects of this film is the set designs, particularly the design of the Volcanic Figure 1 Lair which was designed by Ken Adams. ‘Blofeld’s volcano hideout is one of the most impressive of Ken Adam’s sets for the franchise’ (Goldsmith, 2005) As shown in figure 1 and 2, Adam’s initial concepts reflected on the spy genre in this movie from his creation of the hidden, cave-like structure, and large scale which creates an atmospheric essence of the secret environment. He reflected the composition of his design upon the character of Blofeld, who was in charge of the mischievous operation of hijacking the spacecraft. His characteristics suggest his secretive, hidden nature, which is expressed through this secret Lair that Adam had designed.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Mise en scène Film Review: Secret Lairs

As a Bond film You Only live twice does have its cliché qualities which involve gadgets and beautiful women however as Ebert points out, the movie lacks involvement in the characters ‘The girls (breathtaking Japanese lovelies) are beautiful and sexy as always, but they don't really emerge as characters the way Pussy Galore did’ (Ebert, 1967) Ebert also uses comparison to other characters in his quote, to suggest that perhaps this film is weakest in plot among the James series.

Figure 4

Figure 5 (Pussy Galore)

However due to its unforgettable scenery, costumes, adventure and action this film draw the audience’s attention. ‘You Only Live Twice" is a very memorable film due to its ridiculous amount of moments. Little Nellie, the submarines, the volcano, and the Japanese setting make this film a little hard to forget’ (Reifschneider, M, 2010)

Mise en scène Film Review: Secret Lairs

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Mise en scène Film Review: Secret Lairs

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