“Coping is defined as all the cognitive and behavior efforts to master, reduce, or tolerate demands” (Rice, 1999).

There are three coping strategies that I am going to speak about in this DB. Solution-Focused Coping Strategies, emotion-focused coping strategies, and last but not least there is the calming coping strategies. I think that you should try to utilize all three in order to minimize your stress levels. First, the calming coping involves reversing your stress response. “When your stress response is triggered, you process information differently, you can feel physically and emotionally taxed, and if you don’t reverse your stress response, after a while you become susceptible to the effects of chronic stress” (Scott, 2009). One way of doing this is to maybe take a walk, take a mental break, or a deep breath. These coping strategies are a very quick, tongue and cheek emotion-focused coping strategy; nevertheless, there are more detailed emotion-focused coping strategies out there; such as, changing your perception of the situation by keeping a sense of humor, and cultivating optimism. Then there is the solution-focuses coping strategy, which involves seeking out opportunities to take action and actually change the circumstances you face. Keeping in mind that one change can lead to other changes, so that a chain reaction of positive change is created, opportunities are opened up, and life changes significantly. Also, once action is taken, the sense of being trapped with no options—which is a recipe for stress—can dissolve quickly. It’s important to be thoughtful about which actions to take, as each situation may call for a unique solution, but a less-stressed mind can more easily choose the most beneficial course of action (Scott, 2009). Another factor I think should be added is the support system. I know for one that I do have a great support system; my issue is letting them help me when I am stresses. Nevertheless, sometime just having someone to talk too helps me greatly. Therefore, I feel that all of these strategies can be effective tools used to minimize your stress. References: Rice, Phillip L. (1999). Stress and health. (3 ed., pp. 308). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning. Scott, Elizabeth MS. (2009) “What Coping Strategies Are Effective.” Retrieved from: http://stress.about.com/od/frequentlyaskedquestions/f/coping_strategies.htm

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