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In the beginning of creation

The stories of earth’s cycles of star Constellations and man.

Noah’s descendant: Nimrod’s belt with stars of Orion

Draco Dragon star group

Dagon - Sirius stars

Sumerian god

Water gods/priests giving the Water and Bread of Life A Sumerian god with wings (messenger of the heavens) giving Holy Communion

Priests↓ having control of life and death Holy↓ Spirit ↓ Fish ↓ ↓ Hat Venus star ↓ Pillar of Life Water gods

The Fish hat priests are giving holy communion↑ ↑ Fish Hat Priests composed many ethnic, as well as socio-

economic establishments and organizations around the world.

The Mother goddess’ and gods known by many names is still
culturally honored as seen in the world’s coins, statues on top and in front of Court Houses, places of worship, even the Statue of Liberty as Goddess Diana/Venus. Hermes god of merchants, medicine, money. (Venus) Goddess of the Sun

Goddess Themis

God Zues/ Theus

Blind Justice

As in ‘Theologian’: the study of god.

She has 13 stars (tribes) of David

Ancient caduceus

Doctors Symbol God (Dr.) Hermes was symbolized

Egyptian god
by the staff of the two snakes

Found in an Egyptian Pyramid:
The Hawk face Horus, son of god of the sun, with the Serpent of Life encircling it. He is holding the Cross of Venus. He has the spirit/pupil of Venus. He is of the ‘all seeing eye’.

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