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Geneses Family Tree of Living Beings, Living Yah and Man.
u 200,000 years ago ^ 35,000 years
Brown Skinned chai Neanderthal Cro- Magnon
Mated with ×Cha Yah×
Neanderthal Giants Anu Yah/Ea/Io
+ Anunaki Titans
Raphiam + Adam’s daughters
gentiles of Galilee mated with Niflhiem
became the Acadians(Gen.6:4) VSumerian
Phoenician Arians ↑
is Part of is Part of * is = 4 & not +
Kings Ashkenazi Orthodox
Includes 4 and is not (4+)Democratic Republics

Conclusion: Is not all +, (4+) is not Ashkenazi 4
Today, the Burgher System claim the Israeli is Orthodox
4+ DNA>“J” >now includes“1Rb” but Jacob named Israel
descendants are4 from “H”DNA> “1R” > “1Ra” DNA.}

The Cro-Magnon man seems to be of a different species
that had mixed their breed with the Neanderthal and some
Brown Skinned Earth people. Adam’s race seem to have
blended in with the Cro-Magnon (Sumerian) including the
Neanderthal and Brown Race {Akkadian} . A 6,000 year
World History displays the conflicts between the Adam’s
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seed (man) and the Sumerian burgers. See Elah’im, Vol. 2 .

Genesis 3:15

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