Amended CORE and Leases Agreement Issues at 11/2/2012

Primary Issues 1. Kitchen goes over to the 50 year Conference Center Lease 2. If the kitchen doesn’t serve the Hotels, then the reference to the contrary needs to be eliminated.
Page by Page Primary and Secondary Issues Page 1 The Tee Center CORE agreement never was approved by the Augusta commission and the Mayor never executed it as required by the 12/7/2009 motion that passed the commission. Per Marriott/ARLLC's Darryl Leach, the Hotels won't use the kitchen. Deletion of the extraneous reference to the Hotels is needed. Page 2 This moves the kitchen into the 50 year Conference Center agreement after it was built under the 15 year Tee Center Agreement. Page 3 Deed Book Page Reference is wrong. Should be Page 771 Page 4 Kitchen within Conference Center CORE extended to 50 years

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