TOP CHEF Drinking Game


By Hanna Raskin

Pea puree, poached scallops, sous-vide duck, and bacon foam*. Each ingredient should be packaged in its own Rubbermaid container. Drinks are not required, but may be added at your discretion. There’s no dessert, because Top Chefs can’t make pastry.

What you’ll need to play :

. . . uses a boxed, canned or frozen ingredient when he or she could have made the same from scratch, eat a spoonful of foam. . . . curses after a burn or knife cut, eat two bites of duck. . . . cites his or her fidelity to “Asian influences,” eat a poached scallop. . . . identifies as a “single mom” or “single dad,” eat a single bite of your choosing. . . . uses the phrase “comfort food,” eat one of everything. . . . describes him or herself as “tough,” eat a spoonful of pea puree. . . . sweats so profusely you wouldn’t eat what he or she is preparing, eat one bite of duck. . . . references a longstanding dispute with a fellow cheftestant, eat two scallops. . . . uses the phrase “I stand by my dish,” stand by your dishes.

If a

. . . named Padma says “mmmm,” eat half of the remaining pea puree. . . . finds an eggshell in his or her dish, eat the remaining duck. . . . calls a dish “too salty,” eat one spoonful of foam.

Camera ...
. . . settles on the Space Needle, eat two bites of duck. . . . zooms in on a cheftestant’s foodrelated tattoo, eat two spoonfuls of foam. . . . shows a Toyota crossing a Lake Washington bridge, eat a poached scallop.

If the

* If you have difficulty obtaining the above foods, feel free to substitute Mediterranean vegetables, grilled chicken pesto, roasted chicken marsala and barbecued seasoned steak from the Top Chef line of Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers.

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