Clarity: on the Spiritual Path

by Brother Amfri Umi-Uchechi ©11-05-2012 To realize that all humanity (body, mind, and soul) is inextricably linked is to earn the right to progress on the spiritual path. Some teach that the body is corrupt. This is a false teaching. It implies that the Omnipresent Intelligence in back of all things is corruptible. To explain this, consider the echo. It is a perfect replication of the sound uttered, but it exists within an environment that is designed to reduce it back to the nothingness from which it came. The process of coming into being and returning to non-being is not opposed to the Omnipresent. It takes place within the Mind of the Omnipresent. The process of existence (for all things) seems to be nothing more than a "stretching" of something within the Omnipresent, and that thing returning to Its natural form. I believe this something is thought, and it is important for us to recognize how thought works. Thus, like the echo that began as a thought of the sound within the mind of the Thinker, all we create begins as a thought. Our creative thought is only as strong as the mental environment in which it exists. Like the echo, all thoughts dissipate within their mental environment...unless the thought is accepted by another Thinker and "kept" alive through them. But, this is another essay. As long as there are babies being born, the fulfillment of heaven and/or hell will be right here on earth. It is up to all of us to create the heaven or hell we desire. Our mind MUST obey the Thinker. Therefore, know the mind. Master it. Only then, can the omnipresent aspect of the Divine...our True Self, create and fulfill the proverbial "kingdom of heaven" on earth. This new Herusalem, or City of God's Peace, is our haven (heaven)...waiting for us to build. In the words of the Ancients, "In You (the true knowledge of self) is my Refuge, in You is my Peace." Finding this place of peace is finding the spiritual or thought path.

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