If you look for superlatives, The Beatles get the most: The Beatles are the most influential

, best selling, most popular, etc. John and Paul were great singers, George was very good and although Ringo has a limited range, he has great delivery. Harmonies: Thre's a main line in the lead vocal, then, there's the chord struct ure which John would usually carry, then Paul plays melodic bass lines, George a ddes florishes with his guitar, Ringo fills in with great drumming, and there's usually two more vocals with different tones or melodies. I think that Paul may the the only one to be branded as a prodigy, even though G eorge climbes higher on the greatest guitar players every year. However, I think The Beatles get the most "mosts" due to this virtues: Songwriting: The structure of many songs is verse/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/solo &middle eight or bridge/chorus/chorus. The beginning of the song had to be catch y and sometimes so did the end of it. Some may be inclined to favor Led Zeppelin or Queen based on technical interpret ation competence, because, as John said, when in Hamburg and back in Liverpool, in those early days, there was nobody to touch them. Lyrics: Personal or universal love was usually the subject, and one everyone can relate to somehow.

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