CRT Television Repair Course

By Humphrey Kimathi

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By Humphrey Kimathi
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Preface CRT Television repair course 2011 Edition is an E book covering all the major building blocks in CRT television with emphasis given to real life scenario from the technician work bench and therefore provide a good source of reference for practicing technicians. The book is divided into two parts: Part one: is composed of 18 chapters of the major circuit blocks in CRT TV and explains basic functions and common problems associated with these blocks. Part Two: is composed of 10 chapters of pure real life repair histories from the technician work bench. The book is illustrated with numerous color photos to make the reader learn faster and get the concept pretty fast. To navigate the book just click on the Chapter reference on the list of contents and it will jump straight to the very topic and to go back to the first page just click on your keyboard (Ctrl + Home) key.

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T getting shorted after replacement Chapter 13: Understanding and troubleshooting Colour problems Chapter 14: Understanding and troubleshooting Vertical circuit Chapter 15: Understanding and troubleshooting the Audio circuit Chapter 16: Understanding and troubleshooting the Tuner circuit Chapter 17: Understanding and troubleshooting the micro processor Chapter 18: Understanding and troubleshooting the remote control Chapter 19:LG Television NO PICTURE. Chapter 6: Understanding the Secondary power supplies Chapter 7: Main power fuse keep on blowing Chapter 8: Do it yourself series lamp current limiter Chapter 9: Using the series bulb for find shorted component on the primary supply Chapter 10: Understanding the Horizontal circuits Chapter 11: understanding fly back transformer Chapter 12: H. channel Number.e.M.AUDIO OK blue background Chapter 20: PANASONIC TV MODEL TC-14E1T with intermittent single horizontal line (blue) Chapter 21:Gold star TV vertical partially closed Chapter 22: Samsung Television dead Chapter 23: JVC 14'' DEAD AFTER A VOLTAGE SURGE FROM A GENERATOR Chapter 24: GLD TV FIELD COLLAPSE WITH A SINGLE HORIZOTAL LINE Chapter 25: JVC Television Dead 21” Chapter 26 :Chanwong TV-china with No Power symptoms Chapter 27: Sony TV 1902 GE.S sub units Chapter 4: Solving power supply problems(smps) using control ic. Page 4 ..NO PICTURE NO SOUND only screen display i.P.O.S) Chapter 3:Understanding S.P. Chapter 5:Solving power supply problem for Television using transistor instead of control ic.M. Chapter 28 : Conclusion CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview.List of Content Chapter 1:Introduction to Television Repair Career Chapter 2:Component found in the Power supply(S.

If you are already in the field of repairs you would agree with me that most of the electronics books and colleges teach about the theory of operation and how components works. Tools of trade Every trade have his own tools of trade. for Television repairs the minimum you should have include:-- Page 5. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview .is my equipment working? So the only way to make your customers believe you are up to the challenge is by quick diagnosing of the problem and repair…Period! This book is written to address the above issues comprehensively as most of the materials in this course will be practical real life experiences from the technician workbench. the customer is not interested with your papers but…. The moment you step out of that class and join the field is when you realize that things are getting tough.Chapter 1:Introduction to Television Repair Career This course is intended for people who are already in the field of Television repair and have basic knowledge in electronics and therefore understand safety precaution when working on electronics devices.

Page 6. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview .

P. on the same note I believe you have understood why you should never replace a fuse with a Jumper wire. Page 7 .Chapter 2:Component found in the Power supply(S. but they do not conduct unless the AC voltages increases above normal like during power surge caused by Lightening or using outlet which is not well regulated like using generators. So if there a power surge the varistor will conduct and because it is connected across the AC power line it will create a short circuit across the power line and hence force the fuse to blow and hence disconnect the equipment from further damages. so whenever you see a fuse has failed don't blame it because that why it there to do-that is to blow if there is a problem with the power supply like a shot.M. Fuse When you switch on the Television via power switch. Power supply section of all electronics equipment is one area where there is a lot of stress for the equipment as far as components are concerned due to high currents and voltage involved and therefore most of the electronics problems will be power supply related and also the horizontal circuit which we will study latter in this course For now let us concentrate on the switch mode power supply components and what they do and the effect they have on the supply when they fail. see picture below Symbol in circuit board Varistor This is also a safety component and is always connected on across the AC power line.always think safety first to you and also to your customers. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. Fuse often fail by being open and you can easily confirm that with a meter set to low ohm resistance.S) Most of the electronics equipment nowadays use switch mode power supply(smps) to generate various voltages to feed other circuit. the fuse will cut off the power to the equipment to avoid further damage to the equipment. And also preventing the equipment from catching fire! So next time you see a fuse has blown you need to appreciate it for job well done. the power passes through a fuse which is used for safety purposes. Varistor Another components found in the smps in some of the good design is the Varistor.

Page 8 .P.S sub units Hot ground/Cold ground Component side Bottom side CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview .M.Chapter 3:Understanding S.

This is because powers supplies run under considerable stress due to high voltages and currents involved around these circuits. then look for the fuse and see if it is blown. If these two components are ok then most likely there is no short on the primary side of the power supply note: Short in the primary side of the power supply usually cause the surge limiter or the fuse to blow.Chapter 4: Solving power supply problems(smps) using control ic. In order to understand how to solve smps problem I am going to show you how to analyze common failure mode in CRT television. If the voltage is reaching the circuit board. 1 Television is Dead Here dead I mean the set does not show any sign of life. So if you are using your two hands and incidentally touch the live and the ground then current will flow through your body and this can be fatal. First confirm the television cable is not broken inside. But if you are using one hand it is not possible. you can use this principle in repairing CRT monitor too. I have modified my meter ground probe with a crocodile clip so that I can attach it to ground point of the equipment I am repairing and therefore I use only one hand to probe the circuit. This is a safety precaution because as you know for there to have a potential difference there must be a connection between the live and the ground. From now on we shall be using the main capacitor negative as the Ground for all the measurement of Voltages on the primary side of the power supply. if the fuse is okay check also the surge limiter is open or not. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. you can check this by measuring the voltage across the AC power input connector on the circuit board. Most problems with equipment using smps like television and monitors are power related. Page 9 . power ON LED is not lighted and nothing happens even after power is switched on.

a broken component which you can see with your own eyes without using the meter) Then if there was no power at all check with your meter the state of the fuse or the surge limiter and see if they are broken. On the above picture you can see the main component that you would find on the primary power supply when you open up the Television. If any of them is broken don’t replace it first before you check the state of the Chopper transistor(in our case D1710) CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. The First thing you should do when a customer bring in this type of television as usual is to confirm what the complain was…I mean if he or she said no power or no audio please confirm the same before even opening the set. Page 10 . Then open the set and scan around the primary power component both the top and underside and see if there is catastrophic failure on any component(e.Chapter 5:Solving power supply problem for Television using transistor instead of control ic. These types of the television are also very common in the market and therefore I would like to highlight how to go about them when troubleshooting their power supply. Please take some time to locate these component on the actual board if you have one near you.g. These television are mostly imported from china and if you have been working on them you will notice that they all have the same circuit diagram but different faces and Names and therefore in this lesson I am going to use an Akira Television as our case study.

AUCMA. etc.s) is okay and working the way it should then it will produce several outputs on the secondary side to supply different blocks in the television set. the only different is the external cover and the model name but the moment you open one you will find that the circuit board is the same with very little variation and the moment you master one model there you go. Please note that by analyzing this television secondary supplies we will have covered all the china made televisions because from my experience these set are using the same circuit diagram.p. To start with let analyze the secondary supply of the Akira TV made in china.Chapter 6: Understanding the Secondary power supplies If the switch mode power supply (s. FLAMINGO.m. Usually the number of output from the secondary side of the chopper transformer varies from model to model but basically the minimum is two outputs. Page 11 . CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. Also to check the output voltage from the chopper transformer you have to measure Voltage at the cathode Of the secondary diode. Below you can see the diagram of the Akira television made in china and if you look at the circuit below you notice that it has several secondary output and we will analyze them one by one. Before you analyze them first let me point out that all measurement on the secondary side of the power supply we shall be using the cold ground has we learn t in earlier chapter..these television include include GLD.

To check the switching transistor set analogue meter to X1 and measure between leg marked C and E 1)with the red probe on the middle leg C and black probe on leg marked E. So the rule of the thumb is that whenever you find a fuse or surge limiter is gone never replace it until you have checked the condition of the switching transistor or control ic in that power supply. The main safety components in the television power supply is the fuse and the surge limiter I mean triggered by fault elsewhere because rarely does a fuse or surge limiter blows alone. it is usually very important to check the health of the power supply. You can quickly check for obvious safety components to see if they have been triggered on due to fault elsewhere or not. there must a cause why it has blown.Chapter 7: Main power fuse keep on blowing When you receive a television in your repair shop. This is because there is a fault(short) somewhere else and what the fuse is doing is a safety measure to cut of the supply otherwise fire can even break out from the equipment. 2)with the black probe on the middle leg C and the red probe on the leg marked E. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. Page 12 . Whenever you find any of these component is open and you replace it most of the time you will find that the same component open again.

Chapter 8: Do it yourself series lamp current limiter In this lesson we are going to learn how to make yourself a series bulb current limiter Materials required 1 Bulb holder 2 Socket(with switch) 3 Main Plug 4 Power Cable 5 Piece plywood 6 screws 7 Surface box 8 Bulbs 2 1 1 1 1 6 1 75W/100W/150W The internal picture of the circuit after being assembled CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. Page 13 .

I mean primary because short on the secondary side rarely causes the fuse to blow but only causes the power supply to appear dead. Page 14 . Therefore a component which is shorted and the reading is higher than 30 ohms the meter will assume that it is okay but when you subject that component to the power source then it will manifest as short This is where this gadget comes in to help locate the component which is presenting short under load Using the above diagram/circuit you can disconnect the component highlighted with an arrow one at a time and the moment you disconnect the culprit you will notice that the brightness will go down. Sometimes component can develop semi short and very hard to test them with a meter like one time I came across a transistor which was shorted base-emitter junction which was around 82 ohms and as you know most meter recognize a short if it reads less than 30 ohms.Chapter 9: Using the series bulb for find shorted component on the primary supply In chapter seven we discussed some of the causes that can cause the fuse or the surge limiter to blow In this lesson we are going to learn how you can use the series bulb to find hard to find short in the primary power supply.. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview.

can be either a bipolar or MOSFET transistor. Page 15 .Filter Capacitor-Filter and boost the current to the driver stage by charging and discharging through the drive transformer primary.Chapter 10: Understanding the Horizontal circuits Horizontal circuit is another area which operates under a lot of stress in crt television and monitors and therefore you will find more problems on this block more than any other on the secondary circuit The main source of the secondary circuit in terms of high current which supplies the main load in crt television and monitor is the B+ to protect the drive transistor from induces voltages from the drive transformer 2. 4. 5.Drive transistor-act as on/off switch. 1 Horizontal drive circuit 2 Horizontal output circuit From the diagram above the circuit on your left of the blue vertical line is the horizontal drive circuit Basically this circuit is composed of five important component which includes.RC. Horizontal circuit can be divided into two sections. 1. This is the supply which supply the fly back transformer to get other voltage which are generated by the fly back transformer just like the voltage which we saw in our previous lesson being generated by the switch mode power supply.Current resistor-Set the current and voltage to the driver stage 3.Drive transformer-this is basically used for impedance matching between the horizontal drive circuit and horizontal output circuit CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview .

but before you change these first change the CRT neck socket and see if the focus improves. the focus Voltage between 5 kV to 8 kV and the screen voltage which is around 200 to 800 vdc On the body of the fly back transformer it has two adjustable Potentiometers. The fly back transformer is feed with the main supply from the power supply called the B+ which is a direct current(dc) and in return generates other voltages like the eht which is over 24 kV volts Dc for the EHT cap . Page 16 . Also in some model the RGB amplifiers supply comes from the fly back transformer(usually around 180 Vdc) This Voltage if it is missing or low usually causes the screen to be very bright and with lines across the screen but when this voltage is high causes the screen to appear dark(blank). If you adjust the focus and still not change to the picture then perhaps the CRT is faulty or the fly back itself is bad.Chapter 11: understanding fly back transformer Fly back transformer is probably the biggest component on the television motherboard and in this lesson we are going to familiarize yourself with this component. The focus knob is used to focus the picture and therefore if you find again after replacing the fly back the picture is dis focused then you also try to adjust the focus knob a little. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. The screen voltage behaves as brightness control and therefore whenever you find the screen is dark especially after replacing the fly back and the screen is still dark even after using the remote brightness control button then consider adjusting this knob little and see if the brightness increases. the upper one adjust the focus voltage and the lower one adjust the screen Voltage.

O.T getting shorted after replacement This is a common phenomena with HOT whereby a customer bring in a Television and after checking it find out the Horizontal output transistor(H.O.O.O.O. This problem of H. Page 17 .T getting shorted after replacement.T) you find alas it is shorted again. Naturally you replace the shorted transistor with a new one and you power on the Television and it come up beautifully and before you begin to celebrate the television goes down again(stop working) You open the set and after checking the health of the same component (H.Chapter 12: H.T) is shorted.T getting shorted immediately or after some times of replacement has given many technician sleep less night trying to figure out what is happening here!! In the lesson I am going to give you some tips on what to do to prevent the H. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview.

If the color keep on changing or you see some splashes on the screen expect dry joints around this board and therefore you should re solder it thoroughly. But first you need to have a rough estimate of the actual voltages expected on those test points in order to analyze the information correctly. Now that there is something on the screen it means the HV is present and therefore the fly back is okay and the heater circuit is okay and therefore not considered for troubleshooting. Page 18 . You can invest on a mirror(medium size) and be watching the screen from the mirror when you are working behind the television and you want to see the screen without straining yourself. Usually color problems are easy to solve if you do some preparation to analyze failure on this circuit And the best way to analyze this faults is to do voltage testing on the critical test point of this circuit and by so doing you will narrow down to the actual fault section pretty fast.Chapter 13: Understanding and troubleshooting Color problems When you receive a television in your shop with color problems but audio is OK the best place to start your troubleshooting this kind of problem is the small CRT neck circuit attached to the back of the CRT tube. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview . Below I have reproduced a chart of estimated voltages at those points but may vary from set to set but not too far from the figures below. First check for dry joints around this circuit by tapping this small board with the back of your screw driver and see if the color changes every time you tap this circuit softly.

symptoms like lines on top of the screen or no image at the bottom points to a faulty Capacitor around the vertical ic. Others you can see an horizontal line across the screen but there is picture at the top and below that line but the picture is somehow distorted/squashed but the sound is okay in all those scenarios. others may have some write line at the top or bottom part of the screen.Chapter 14: Understanding and troubleshooting Vertical circuit Another block where there is potential of problems in CRT television and monitor is the vertical circuit. Also black stripe above and below the screen is common. Page 19 . Vertical circuit problems can be manifested in many ways and therefore one has to be keen when getting clues associated with the vertical circuit because some of them do not point directly to the vertical circuit has a problem but if one is keen you can always tell if its the vertical problem causing the symptoms or not From my experience whenever you see the television screen height is narrow(does not occupy the whole area from the top to the bottom of the screen) Then suspect some problem on the vertical circuit. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview.

If it is no audio and no picture this is a different case and should be handed on another topic Below you can see an audio circuit of a television using ic LA4266. Page 20 . things to look for here includes. Set your meter to low ohm and test between the two pins of the speaker.Chapter 15: Understanding and troubleshooting the Audio circuit Some times on your line of repair you will encounter a case where a television is brought in for repair with NO audio PICTURE OK symptoms. Please note that I mean the picture is present and very clear but there is no sound from the speaker. If okay it should have low reading between 4 ohms and 16 ohms. a) b) First be sure the television is not muted via remote control. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview.

Usually for the tuner to function it will require the Vcc-in the above model is 9 volts and if this voltage is missing then the tuner will not work and hence no picture and no audio. Page 21 . CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview.Chapter 16: Understanding and troubleshooting the Tuner circuit If you receive a set with the symptoms no AUDIO and No PICTURE then the best place to is troubleshoot is the Tuner circuit.

Chapter 17: Understanding and troubleshooting the micro processor Just like computers television set have micro processor which control the functions of the Television. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. 1 Micro power supply.usually 5 volts 3 Crystal oscillator is okay. Most of the time if you suspect the problem is as a result of bad micro you should first be sure that the following is okay because if any of the following is missing then the micro will not work. Microprocessor are quite reliable and highly protected from static discharge and power surges.usually 5 volts 2 Micro reset supply. Page 22 .

Inside the remote control there is a circuit which emit pulses(signal) and in the TV circuit board we have another circuit which receiver signal and these pulses are send to the microprocessor for interpretations and action. usually if you receiver a case where the remote is not working it is important to isolate if indeed it’s the remote having the problem or the receiver inside the television.Chapter 18: Understanding and troubleshooting the remote control The remote control circuit in television works like the transmitter and receiver in radio circuit. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. To isolate the problem you need to confirm if the television front buttons are working and the remote is not working. Page 23 . If the front buttons are working then only can we suspect the remote control unit.

Chapter 19:LG Television NO PICTURE. So I opened the set and went straight to the small CRT circuit (RGB) CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. In this case from the symptoms given by the owner via the phone I was very sure the problem was likely to be on the CRT circuit board. Page 24 . So I went down to his residence to check on it…remember most of my repairs are done on the site and therefore I normally do some preparation for the task ahead of the time. In this assignment I had prepared myself with the basic equipment plus a circuit diagram of the LG television (any) because mostly TV circuit diagram for a particular model are very similar in terms of major circuit modules. For me I was very happy with this technician because he was honest with himself and never attempted to repair it because he could have done even more mess. I mean if your doctor tell you that your leg need to be amputated (God forbid) please ask him/her for some times and get another doctor to hear his opinion. Asking him about the television he told me that there was another technician there and I wanted to know how far he went into the television even before I opened it and he confided with me the technician came and after a keen observation on the screen for about ten minutes without his eyes blinking he told them that the problem is new in the world and therefore he sees no hope on the television and therefore the best place for it is in the dustbin or make it a toy for his children. so I went down to his place and found he was not around but the houseboy was around to assists me with what I wanted.AUDIO OK blue background This is a LG television made in Egypt (or is it made or assembled in Egypt) and the customer complain was No picture but audio is okay. My friend that is why it is very important always to get a second opinion even in the medical world.

C from the factory is as good as a bad one if the V CC supply is missing. I mean this Television has all sort of weird symptoms. I mean if any of the three supplies is missing the vertical I. channel number is visible but blurred) Intermittent problems are mostly caused by dry joints. The Television was using I.C will not work and therefore if you find any of the supply missing be sure to do the voltage testing from that pin backward and find out what is blocking the voltage. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. Usually if capacitor has high ESR causes the supply for that line to drop. Page 25 .C will not work.e. So from the data sheet I was able to see that for this particular I.C LA7837 for the vertical Drive so I decided to Google for the datasheet of this IC and I bumped on this shown in the diagram below. main supply 24volts both sides of the diode.C and they seem okay according to my meter. Look for open fusible resistor or filter capacitor for that line has developed high ESR. pin 8 and 13 is feed with 24 volts each. This I did and confirmed there were many dry joint because the screen kept on changing. sometimes screen is lit but no picture. Very important is the supply (v cc pin) which is very important because a new working I. Pin 1 is feed with 12 Volt DC. it’s like trying to drive a new car without gasoline.e. and 12 volts for pin 1. The voltages were also okay to me. you can confirm this by hitting the Television gently with bare hand on the sides. I. One thing I was sure about is that there was a problem with the vertical circuit.Chapter 20: PANASONIC TV MODEL TC-14E1T with intermittent single horizontal line (blue).C LA7837 it is feed by three Voltage sources. That is why it is very important to make sure the supply voltage to any I. You know sometimes if you fail to get the circuit diagram of the exact model you are working on you can go round this problem by getting only the data sheet of the suspect I. Please note that the 12 volts is from the secondary of the power supply and the 24 Volts is from the secondary of the fly back transformer and therefore one can fail and the other remain but still the vertical I. Sometimes I even managed to get a picture.C and this can go a long way in assisting you to know which pin is which for proper diagnosis. which was reddish purple in color. sound ok. Also the osd(i. I measured all the components around the vertical I.C is present and is correct value.

2. Or he calls the police. Page 26 . you know how much it cost in your local currency.. Checking on the power outlet it working well and therefore you decide to open the set to see if the fuse is gone and when you finally open the television you notice the fuse is okay but a lot of the circuit has been tampered with and components even missing including the microprocessor. No color symptoms you have figured it is not a big deal and therefore you will hold it a bit to attend more serious repairs. These things happen and if they have not happened to you yet please take my advice otherwise history does repeat two days later you decide to work on that set with no color.. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. The set came up beautifully and I noticed the picture was partially closed with a black slip below and on top of the screen. So you apply power with your eyes fixed on the screen to confirm what the customer told you two days ago. And was just returned to the box and brought to technician B who in this case happens to be you.Chapter 21:Gold star TV vertical partially closed This Gold star television came in with the customer complains the picture has a problem…so I powered the television to confirm his report. So I applied the rule above and I switched on the Gold star television and I observed the following:1. Pressed POWER ON button and nothing happens. Just when you have confirmed the above here comes the customer coming to see the progress of the set and as you begin to thank him for coming your way so that you can show him how his set was abused by the previous repairers he tells you that he only knows you and if you are not able to fix his set just bring it back the way it was with” NO COLOR SYMPTOMS’. Sound was okay. As a technician it is very important to confirm what the customer has said in his presence otherwise the set might have gone to another technician with no color symptoms and when the customer picked it from technician A he/she didn’t bother to check the condition after staying at this technician A for six months with the usual excuse of lack of spares.. As a technician you can make a lot of conclusion just by watching the screen if you have a good knowledge on how that equipment circuit works.

Page 27 . Yes! I noted one capacitor with the top part swollen. I didn’t intend to confirm that by powering it on again and therefore I opened the set and started scanning around the power supply looking for a component with catastrophic failure because I figured that since there was smoke. The set was brought to me and I asked a brief history of the set especially the last moment before it died. no smoke so I concluded that whoever said that he switched off after seeing the smoke did it a little too late. I was told there was some smoke seen coming out of the set before they switched of quickly. for example usually when designing circuit the rule of the thumb is that the working voltage of the filter capacitor should be double the expected voltage on that line. there must have some fire also and where there is fire there must be a heat mark or component swollen or broken to pieces. I applied power and to my surprise nothing happened. usually in television this capacitor with the 160Volts rating supply the B+ voltage to the fly back and therefore it is the main source on the secondary side of the power supply output. in electronics sometimes if you don’t have the schematic you can have an idea of the voltage expected on any line by using the working voltage of the main filter capacitor of that line. so I decided to apply power and do some voltage testing. So I started my voltage testing. I mean you can’t see electricity (voltage) with your own eyes but the meter can see and tell you if there is voltage or not and a screwdriver to open up the set. Therefore a capacitor rated 160 volts like the one above expect around 90 volts to 120 volts on that line. So I walked to his residence for that mission with a few tools: a multi meter which in electronics world is actually the eyes of the technician. with my meter negative probe on the main capacitor negative pin. Next I decided to check the state of the fuse and it passed the meter test with flying colors.Chapter 22: Samsung Television dead I received a phone call from a customer who wanted me to go and check his television which has developed a problem and was not working. usually a short causes voltage to go low and pulsating(at least there must be some funny reading on the meter) CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. the capacitor was rated 100uF/160V. I started to test the voltage at the actual main capacitor and there were zero Volts …Nothing! Hint: when you get zero volt on a circuit means there must be an open circuit or component but not a short.

CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. I opened the set and scanned around the primary side of the power supply and found the main filter capacitor was bulging out. I hit the set softly with my bare hands and the color came on but intermittent. Page 28 . After replacing the two components the set came up but no color (Picture was black and while) with some very thin lines across the screen.Chapter 23: JVC 14'' DEAD AFTER A VOLTAGE SURGE FROM A GENERATOR The customer complains was that the TV was blown by high voltage from a generator. I replaced it together with the control chip (str-G6653) which almost always goes when there is power surge.

Fortunately for doctors they have added advantage because at least with human being they can speak out how they are feeling. the information on the headline of the article is what I was able to observe on the screen. There is also blank part above and below the screen. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. we deal with symptoms(facts) analyze them and figure out from the data at hand the most likely cause of those symptoms. If the machine (Television or Monitor) has something on the screen. you can get a lot of clues on the screen behavior even before opening the machine. This part is very critical.Chapter 24: GLD TV FIELD COLLAPSE WITH A SINGLE HORIZOTAL LINE GLD TV FIELD COLLAPSE WITH A SINGLE HORIZOTAL LINE across the picture (clear picture below the line but distorted picture above the line. 4. 2. Clear picture below the line but distorted picture above the line. This was enough evidence that these two capacitors are faulty. In my opinion a technician and a medical doctor have a lot in common. some history from the owner on how the problem started etc to be able to figure out the actual circuit causing the problem (symptoms) at hand. am I right? NOW LET OPEN THE TELEVISION AND TEST OUR ANALYSIS After opening this particular set I noticed two capacitors 1000uf/35v which had their top silver part swollen. Screen height is narrow. Also lines across the upper part of the screen. add some additional test and there you go. testing critical test point. A SINGLE HORIZOTAL LINE across the picture 3. I put my finger on them and they were also getting hot. I have tried to reproduce the symptoms on the picture below 1. Also white lines across the upper part of the screen. therefore we rely heavily on keen observations. These are 5 strong facts all pointing to Vertical Circuit. Ok? Now for technician’s machines don’t speak. 5. There is also blank part above and below the screen. the more information you gather the more likely you are going to narrow down to the actual circuit which is causing the problem. Let take this GLD TV as a case study. Page 29 . Drug prescription is done.

when I pressed the power ON button.what was it doing there in the first place(anyway in most set its written optional but in this case it was there) I never had a chance to know its actual value to date.Chapter 25: JVC Television Dead 21” I was brought a dead JVC TV to repair. No voltage was found-absolutely zero volts. I opened the set and I measured the voltage across the main capacitor. It was also very hot and broke into pieces. Alas what is the problem now? All over a sudden I heard a loud crack sound and noticed a resistor has broken down—see resistor R904 above across the degaussing coil. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. Page 30 . I could hear the degaussing coil engage as usual on power on.

Fuse blown. 2.T (v513)is sorted base-emitter because its taking the voltage to the ground.o. ).Chapter 26 :Chanwong TV-china with No Power symptoms This TV has no power symptoms-first I checked the fuse and it was blown but not blacked inside meaning there was no heavy shot in the supply. Or capacitor c517 across the collector emitter of v512(c3807) is shorted to the ground. But from the above voltage measurement you find the Zero volts at the base of the s. I measured the S. Page 31 . CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview.T base voltage and it was 0. The voltage was also reaching the switching transistor collector same voltage. Then I checked the voltage at the main capacitor and it was 320 v dc which is okay.Means the fuse might have died through natural dead. I measured the output voltages and there was none: absolutely zero volts.t to the ground. Please be sure to use the light serious Lamp to bring up the machine after replacing the fuse. Or V512(c3807) is shorted collector-emitter because it’s also taking the base of the s.o. clear inside.O.Means the machine died due to heavy shot.O. Remember a fuse can tell you a lot about the last moment of any equipment before it died (in medical terms postmortem) 1. Either the S. I followed the start up circuit divider and the voltage was ok and no resistor was open. Fuse blown. dark inside .02 volts.t is suspect. After I replaced the fuse it didn’t blow again confirming to me that there was no serious shorted component (I mean component shorted which is taking the supply directly to the ground.

the 9 v.. channel Number. its like the RGB TRANSISTOR ARE OPEN BECAUSE THERE IS NO BIAS VOLTAGE. All the three cathode. I suspected the ic could be faulty…but before I embark on that mission I was to be very sure it is that ic because it is quite expensive to change. I followed that circuit up the main Jungle ic and the voltage was the same.e.Chapter 27: Sony TV 1902 GE. The customer complains was that the machine has intermittent picture on and off. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview.76 Volts in all three. I did esr test around the processor ic and changed whatever capacitor I was not happy with but still no change. 200 Volts before and after the 15 k resistor. I measured the RGB BIAS VOLTAGE and I found 0. By the way all other low signal voltage were ok.. Also the TV used to have a drift on the channel when off (every time they put off the TV they must tune again because they find the channel is not clear). Hence the reason why the collector voltage was not dropping. Then when fixing the Ariel into its sockets I noticed that it has some effect like if there is some disconnection inside the turner. i. Usually if the picture misses they would tap slightly at the back of the TV at the RF inputs. Page 32 .. This is quite old machine over 10 years.e. i.NO PICTURE NO SOUND only screen display i. First suspect – dry joint. 12 volts were ok meaning the ic and the turner is getting powered.e.. I did a thorough check for dry joint and I did all that I could but to no avail. Next is voltage checking around the CRT circuit and I noticed that the RGB collector voltage is high.

I believe if you can follow that simple principle when studying this course then I will be looking for you at the top.Conclusion My dear friends and fellow technicians we have come to the end this course on CRT Television troubleshooting and repair. Page 33 . he was known for his brilliant mind and gentle spirit. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors Humphrey Kimathi Author of CRT Television repair course. who believed he was just one small part of the world. trying to figure things out. CRT TV repair course by Humphrey-Preview. the most famous physicist of all time. And my final word I can give to you is a quote by Albert Einstein. He said…… Anyone with a functional brain can soon become an expert in any field if he or she would simply study the subject only fifteen minutes a day.

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